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OP - I don't mean to pry but did something terrible happen with your pregnancy? You seem to be almost traumatized by it. Obviously everything turned out okay but I was just wondering why you never want to try again. I have an aunt who had two miscarriages & then she simply couldn't handle the idea of being pregnant again so she had permanent messures taken and her older sister (obviously also my aunt) had over a dozen miscarriages with her one baby making it all the way to 6 months along before she had enough.

So I guess my point is something that would keep one person from ttc again might be bearable for another. That's why I was curious about your reasoning for not wanting to get pregnant again.

*On a side note have you considered using a seraget to have another baby? IDK if it is legal in OR (it isn't here in MI) but I was just thinking if your DH doesn't want to adopt he might be more open to that.