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Facebook, anyone?

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Since I'm almost 15 weeks, I decided to bite the bullet and post the big news on Facebook.


Here's how we did it:


Guess who's pregnant?





It seems most people have "gotten it" so far (a couple questions), although there were more "likes" than comments, so I think a few were hedging their bets.  Unfortunately for my artistic vision, DH has been doing his crunches, so even with him sticking his belly out as far as it would go, this required quite a bit of Photoshop.


Anyone else made the big electronic announcement?  What did you do, or what are you planning?

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Oh! What an adorable idea, buko!


I did! I waited until I hear the heartbeat at 12 weeks and then posted a pic of me round belly and all with a caption that read "You're seeing that right! We're expecting!"


Nothing as cute as your idea! :D

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I think I'm going to like this thread!  Strangely enough I've been fantisizing what I'm going to say on facebook.


One of my favs was my friend who posted; "Look at the cool T-shirt my husband made me!" With a pic of her wearing a shirt with a download bar over her belly that said "Baby Loading"

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Oh, that's cute!
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that is so cute, buko!! we announced last week with this picture of DS: 

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Love the annoucements we posted ours a couple days ago...a few days shy of 12 weeks I was going to wait till 14 weeks but we didn't...here's ours:



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I made an announcement via photo, too!




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I just asked about this is the 2nd trimester thread! So glad there is a whole new thread about it! We have not announced yet, but I want to do something like the shoes like you Sara! The only problem is that every time I get a moment to think about it I realize that the shoes are locked in a room with a napping kid!

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We posted this video of my kids listening/commenting to the baby's heartbeat on doppler: 


(https://vimeo.com/48886039 in case the video didn't embed properly)

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Oh gosh that's so cute!!!!!



Originally Posted by withlittlelungs View Post

that is so cute, buko!! we announced last week with this picture of DS: 

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We're STILL stuck waiting.  I can't stand that awful woman.  By the time we get to announce my last pregnancy will be half over!  ARGH!  So, in the meantime, I'm fantasizing about cute stuff we can do to announce on FB.  Lol, at this point my belly will be big enough that I can take a picture of wearing a maternity shirt with something clever on the belly with DP and maybe all our children.  We may do the math one if we include the kiddos.

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Chapsie- Such a cute video!!! :D

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Update on us:  DP finally got tired of his mother's run around and told her off and about the baby this afternoon on the phone.  We're giving her until next Friday to either come visit us or let us come visit her before we officially announce.  We'll be 16 weeks then.  DP wants to give her a chance to come get to know me before ex finds out (if Mom doesn't tell her) and starts the trash talking.  Next Saturday we're making a family excursion to the Scottish Games in St. Louis.  My mother is coming up as well and she's going to take a family photo of us with both his children and mine (so a real family shot!  YAY!).  Then we're going to upload it to FB with this caption: 

"Tickets and Gas to Scottish Games: $75

Kilt to represent Scottish heritage: $175
Vasectomy: $2,000
Realizing there are really six people in this picture (and that we may be entitled to a refund)? PRICELESS."


DP and I's ancestry is heavily Scottish so he owns a kilt and will be wearing it for said photo and we may be getting some clothes for baby unicorn there.  It's also the day we're going to tell his kids.  Lol, well both our toddlers already know but as they don't speak terribly well yet they weren't really a 'danger' for spilling the beans.  It's more his 8 year old we want to talk to about it and explain things before his mother does.  Maybe we'll get REALLY lucky and the divorce will finalize this week before then so she won't be able to do anything nasty.

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GranolaMama09- I am glad the drama is (sorta) under control and you can finally announce your happy news!!! :D  BTW, LOVE the fb announcement!  Such a cute one!!! :D

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Jodieanneanton - I know!  One more week.  I can do this.  Just one more week.  I'm sure the drama with her will never completely end but DP's mom being on our side (where she should be because IT'S HER SON) and a finalized divorce will help take most of the wind out of her sails for the drama.  We've not gotten any insane calls yet and DP actually spoke to ex on the phone this morning about DSS's school so it would seem Mom has actually NOT told her.  (Long story short on that one - Ex told me all kinds of things Mom 'said' that weren't true.  When DP relayed those to his mother she got very angry.  We're pretty sure Mom is now done supporting Ex.)  I'm FINALLY starting to get excited!

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That is too funny!


I wish we had videoed telling our 2 kids. My daughter was convinced her becoming a big sister meant we were getting a dog. That would have been funny to post on FB.

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All the photo announcements are so cute!!


Mine was boring. I just posted a status updated after we went to our first midwife appointment. My partner was really insistent that I include something about his gyro, so it ended up saying "Now that we've been to the midwife and heard a heartbeat, I'm making the official announcement... Seth is getting a super lamb gyro. Also, we're expecting a baby in April."


(For the record, I AM due in late March, but I'm telling people April because that's when I'm expecting baby to arrive.)

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A friend of mine posted a photo of herself in a bikini with a VERY pregnant belly. The caption under the photo was "Does this swim suit make me look fat?" It was very cute and VERY obvious she is pregnant. I might steal her line, but I'm not going to put on a bikini on my 3rd-baby belly, haha!

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I love all of these clever announcements, mine is pretty standard but I was so excited to tell our kids I didn't really try to come up with a clever way of Facebooking it, but I thinks it's cute nevertheless! LOL

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