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Last minute DP nixed the idea so we announced at our church's Mabon celebration to our friends then I changed profile pic to a belly shot and added the 'life event' on facebook.  Lol, we weren't really fooling anyone at that point but they figured we'd tell them when we were ready.

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I announced it today on Facebook (copied HopefulJo - thx for the great idea!!)



I'm not very computer/photo-editing savey, so I'm happy with how it turned out.

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It looks fabulous!!
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looks good, scruffy!  I am certain that I would not have been able to do that.  lol.  

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Thank you both.

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Too cute scruffy!

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Cute ideas!! I finally changed my cover photo on facebook and my blog to this a couple weeks ago. Now everyone knows!


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We weren't too creative in the initial announcement, but we did post this pic for the gender reveal announcement. I just put "Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice..." in my status box:

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I was SO un-creative. I just updated my profiles to an ultrasound picture. :)


BUT, I did crop out the due date since we are "fibbing" a bit to avoid the phone calls at the end.

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