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Home made baby wipes

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I am considering making my own baby wipes after reading about all the harsh ingredients they put in the commercial ones (especially the Kirkland brand!! which I used to love!).


I have different recipes for baby wipes my only issue is that I don't want to use Lavender or Tea Tree oil which is recommended to avoid molding of the wipes (and also give a little good smell). The reason I don't want to use them is that I read that they have estrogenic properties which I don't feel comfortable using on my baby boy.


Do you know of any other essential oils that can be used to avoid mold and don't have estrogenic effects?



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Just make them in smaller batches without the oils.  

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Hi, I thought of that, but I also wanted to add some sort of a scent to the wipes .... maybe a drop of lemon?

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I use home made wipes and I just keep them in a dry stack by my changing table. Whenever it's time to use one I spray it wet with plain water that I keep in a simple spray bottle. No fear of anything molding! Our wipes are made either from an old soft t-shirt that my husband cut into squares, or some that my mom stitched for me out of bamboo terry. I personally don't find the need to use any scents on my baby's bottom!

Good luck. You will save lots of money!

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I use coconut oil. Smells yummy and also helps for rash. SO many uses for it. I also use it to make makeup remover wipes and to tame my hair =)
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It's a cool idea, but I'll be frank that I wonder why more people don't just make the solution and then use washable cloths instead of paper towels.


As for the essential oil, I hadn't realized that about lavender or tea tree oil.  I'll need to keep up with this thread to see what other suggestions there are.

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I never heard about estrogenic properties to any essential oils. I'll be sure to look into that closer.

I agree with an earlier poster -- have the wipes ready dry, and wet them right before using. It is simple when you get used to it.

For going out, fold and put into a plastic freezer bag, and add water from a bottle of water right into the bag. Squeeze out extra water before using. (I know there's going to be comments about the plastic bag, but I never thought of anything better, and didn't know about mothering magazine, then.)

Essential oils are usually irritating to sensitive skin, and I'm betting baby's skin would be sensitive. I'd err on the side of no oil, and use plain water. That's what I did, in fact.
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I just used plain water. I wet my wipes right before using.
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I've been making homemade wipes and the last couple of times, my wipes went moldy greensad.gif The last batch I used tea tree and lavender in hopes of stopping the mold growth, but it didn't help at all. Perhaps I did not use enough of the essential oils, but I didn't want to use much, as babies have sensitive skin. I'm not sure what I'll do next. I guess I don't use them fast enough. I would do the dry wipes but we don't have a washer in our apartment, so I'm back to seventh generation for now.
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I have been using Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion on  cloth wipes, and this works great.  I don't soak the wipes in it, I just use a spray bottle and spritz the wipes before cleaning up my neice. 


I have never heard of estrogenic properties in essential oils.  Hmmm.., I guess I will have to look into that more.  I use tea tree oil for medicinal purposes, like first aid and althletes foot, and granulation sores around my feeding tube site.

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I use cotton washcloths as wipes, I just wet them with water before I use them, if we go out, I just use my water bottle to get them wet if we are nowhere close to a washroom. I then wash them with the diapers
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We just use baby washclothes and water.

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