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Baby wipes

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I posted a question on a different part of this forum but I believe this is more appropriate, so sorry for the double.



I am considering making my own baby wipes after reading about all the harsh ingredients they put in the commercial ones (especially the Kirkland brand!! which I used to love!).


I have different recipes for baby wipes my only issue is that I don't want to use Lavender or Tea Tree oil which is recommended to avoid mold growths on the wipes (and also give a little good smell). The reason I don't want to use them is that I read that they have estrogenic properties which I don't feel comfortable using on my baby boy.


Do you know of any other essential oils that can be used to avoid mold and don't have estrogenic effects?
I would like to use an oil because I would like to give the wipes some sort of a scent ... I think I read lemon might help as well, any other suggestions?



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I have avoided the moldy wipes problem by keeping a pile of dry cloth wipes at the changing table and a spray bottle (filled with plain water, mild soap and water or any other recipe that appeals).  I just spray the wipes as I need them.  Sometimes, I even spray the bum to be cleaned, if needs be.  I've found that the spray bottle also come in handy for cleaning little faces and hands and even to get sticky out of toddler hair between hair washes.  I've tried making wet wipes but it's never worked as well for us as a spray bottle and dry wipes.  An added bonus to the spray bottle, particularly if it contains a soap solution, is you can spray soak a stain left behind on the cloth nappy before putting it in the pail, which helps keep the stain from setting quite as much, if you use the dry pail method.

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I've been using cloth wipes since my boy was born more than two years ago. I also recently started keeping only dry wipes on the changing table and I run into the bathroom and wet down a couple when I need them, before I change my son. I just use plain water. A friend of mine keeps one of those big thermos pump containers  (usually used for coffee) filled with warm water on her changing table, which also works great. I use tea tree oil in the water for wet storage of the dirty wipes, but just plain water for the wipes. If you google it, there is a blog out there that has a ton of recipes for wipes solutions.

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I also have been using cloth wipes since we got home from the hospital and usually just use plain water.  We keep the dry wipes in a basket by the sink and I wet them down before use.  In the diaper bag I keep a spray bottle of plain water and one of something with a little more oomph (it's some commercial brand of organic wipe spray with essential oils and such), but honestly I usually just use plain water unless DD's had a huge dirty diaper. I spray down the wipe or her bottom when needed.


A lot of my mom friends have little packets of wet wipes that they make up (every day?).  They swear by water with a little bit of soap and some olive oil, but also put in the tea tree oil (and I agree with you, I'd want to avoid it). 

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We also use dry wipes and wet them as needed.

We use plain water, or water with a drop of soap if really messy.


To go out, we just wet a few wipes in a dish with water and a drop of soap. They squeeze out the excess water and put the wipes into a zip-lock. They will stay moist for as long as needed. Just remember to take them out of the diaper bag and unfold or use up after gwtting home. They will mold if left in the zip-lock for a couple of days!

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I was all stressed about the wipes and diaper issues before having my first....like most new moms I think ;)


I found what worked best for me was also dry wipes (I kept them in the bottom drawer of my entertainment center since I changed my babies on the livingroom floor. it's what my mom always did....and you never have to worry about a baby rolling away!) and I bought a few bottles to use to wet them, but what worked THE BEST for me was to use my peri bottle. very squeezy, held enough for awhile...and had a spray action and didn't come out too fast or dribbly.


when I had #2 I begged my midwife for a few extras so I could keep one in diaperbag :)


sometimes if I was not in a rush i'd throw a drop or two of babywash in the bottle....can't use very much or it gets all foamy....otherwise plain water worked good too. lay out a few wipes and hose em down quickly and start changing.


I also found with cloth wipes that having a variety (altho it made my OCD self anxious!) of materials and types to choose from worked better. little baby watery poo needed a different kind of wipe than toddler solid poo. Flannel worked great for a last swipe cleanup wipe after a big job, my thick hemp and OBV wipes were great for heavy messes. Sherpa is awesome for most poo types.


if I were to CD another kid, i'd probably go with OBV/flannel and sherpa/flannel wipes.

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We also use dry wipes and keep a peri bottle with plain water on the diaper table. For bigger poops I keep a roll of TP on the table since the poop has to be flushed.

Oh, we also keep a pack of "regular" wipes on the table in case anybody else wants to change her. I figure if someone else wants to deal with her poo then I'll make it easier on them!
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