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Please tell me this is normal...

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Edited in case of perverts. 

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My kids never have(though my youngest has always been immensely interested in his penis and still is at 4), I have heard it is VERY common!

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My kids didn't either, but I believe it is common. I had a friend whose daughter would masturbate against the banister to the point of getting completely sweaty. I would not worry! Exploring and masturbation is normal and appropriate in the sense that it feels good. For my 2yo it's not very frequent, but just wanting to put things in, and I mostly try to make sure it's just her clean hands! 

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Plenty normal!  I had a daughter was always 'at it'   - and a son who was not interested in his penis at all!   I have a 2yr old son now ....we'll see how he does....

My daughter probably started later on - i remember when she was 5 and first rode a horse, she came home and rode the furniture for weeks!   I do remember confiding in a friend and she said her daughter - at like 18 months was humping things - especially the little bath ring (this is more than 15 years ago) that had a piece that came up between her legs. 

i definitely think its normal....much as i cringed when it happened....gotta say its normal.  Everyone expects it from the boys, turn about's fair play!

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OK, I came on to try to see if anybody else had posted about this. THANK YOU for sharing! DD is just under 14 months, and she's been doing this for a while. It seems like many times we put her in her stroller, car seat, high chair...anything with a strap between the legs, she does a full body workout rubbing against it. She gets all faraway and sweaty. I just don't really know what to do in those moments. Do I give her some privacy or what? I'm actually glad that she's exploring and I mostly want to make sure I don't do anything do make her feel ashamed of it.
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My son does this from time to time too! Totally normal! 

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Normal! When my DD was 4 I used to have to discreetly pull her off of other people's sofa arms when we were visiting friends smile.gif
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My DD2 is 2 yrs old and is doing this too. So what do you do in this situation?

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Same question as Fly Girl... I certainly don't want to introduce the element of shame (i got enough of that when i was a kid) but are there suggestions that have been grntle and successful when out in public? At home, do you distract them after a certain amount of time or just let them go at it? Lol...
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Totally normal! I know you are supposed to tell them it is okay if they want to touch themselves there but it is something that you do in private so they are free to go to their bedrooms if they want. But there really isn't any way to explain that to a 2 year old! in that case, I would just distract them! Pretend you don't notice (so as not to shame them) and offer them something fun to do (besides that lol!). If they are home, I guess just let them be but in public, distract. redface.gif
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