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Updated User Agreement

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To provide the community with more specific guidelines and rules to uphold forum integrity and a comfortable atmosphere that respects the diversity of our members yet preserves the intent of Mothering's purpose on the web, we have a new User Agreement. Please read it feel free to raise any questions you have. This new UA will be posted to our Rules and Guidelines section today.



Mothering’s Mission
Mothering is a community for exploring and celebrating the philosophy of natural
family living. This philosophy includes the ideas of instinctual and responsive
parenting, sustainable living, and parental autonomy. Mothering was founded by
mothers on the premise that parents are experts in regards to their own families. In
the spirit of informed consent, we examine unexplored sides of an issue, including
controversial subjects, in an effort to give mothers all the possible information
available. Ultimately, natural family living is about finding what is natural for a
parent when unimpeded by social pressure. Mothering's vision is to provide parents
with the information and inspiration to make the best choices for their families and
empower them to claim their personal authority as a parent.
General Conduct
Mothering aims to be a welcoming environment to discuss subjects pertaining to
and surrounding natural family living. We appreciate that members come to our
community at different places in their parenting journey and one of our goals is to
welcome and educate new members. With that in mind, we expect our members
to keep conversations civil and on topic, and uphold the integrity and diversity of
the community. We value the honest and supportive exchange of ideas and opinions,
and we ask that members avoid negative characterizations and generalizations
about others. Examples and calm explanation are more useful than condemnation of
ideas that differ from Mothering's philosophies.
Posting Rules
Attacking or Name Calling
Hate posts and personal attacks will not be tolerated. Treat others as you would want to be
treated. Attacking someone to provoke a negative response is not allowed.
Hate Speech
We do not tolerate hate speech in any form. This includes but is not limited to racist
slang terms, hateful comments based on skin color or background, religious bashing or
intolerance, gay or trans bashing, sexist material, sizeism, ableism, faith-based prejudicial
statements, derogatory remarks, and all jokes in poor taste.
We are all entitled to our opinions, including those that are negative about a topic. But if you
are knowingly or purposely posting to incite negativity and anger from the community, you will be banned.
Offensive language is unacceptable and your post will be removed.
Purposely spamming with senseless, vacuous, or off-topic messages is not tolerated.
Advertising & Solicitation
We don’t welcome people posting their wares in discussion threads. There are proper channels for advertising (contact advertise@mothering.com).
Pornography & Sexually Explicit Content
Posting of pornographic images or sexually suggestive content is not allowed. Discussions of
sexual issues are hosted in the Sex Talk forum.
We don’t allow linking to or giving information about any site that distributes illegal
software or media or otherwise encouraging software or media piracy.
Questionable Content
The Mothering community stands strongly against pro-spanking advocacy, abortion debate,
and harsh sleep training, including “crying it out”. Please keep this in mind when you post.
A few other things we don’t allow: material that is knowingly false, defamatory, abusive,
vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, racist, sexist, homophobic. profane, sexually oriented, threatening,
or invasive of a person's privacy. While we do host discussion of some topics that are a
criminal offense in some locations, we permit these discussions for the sake of debate and
exchange of opinion and information. We reserve the right to remove any posts that are a
legal liability for Mothering.com
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I'm not seeing anything about not allowing advocacy of RIC on there. Is that just assumed because it's stated in the Circ Forum, or is something changing?

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In the interests of keeping it short, we only mentioned the topics that we see come up the most in moderating. Nothing is changing with RIC. We will not host advocacy of RIC but we will host respectful discussion to try to educate and inform members who come to the forum to discuss their opinions in favor of it. If we find someone bent on pushing it as an advocacy we'll step in to draw a line and if necessary remove the individual from the discussion. 

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I have posted links to articles, etc. in TCAC.  I wondered if I could post the text of such articles in the posts as well (so people don't have to click to read, if they don't want to, are on mobile, etc.) but thought I remembered reading in the vax'ing area that only a certain amount of an article can be included.  There's nothing in the UA.  It's not a big deal, but I am not sure what's okay & what's not.  WOuld you please tell me?



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Hi Sus, There's a lot of helpful information here about what can and can't be posted in terms of copyrighted materials here. I hope that helps!

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Yes, that was helpful.  Maybe a link to that could be put in/near the UA so it's not a part of it but easy to find since it's not a part of it?  Maybe a link to other links of common things like it?  I don't know...just thinking of ways to find this kind of thing that may have been covered in the UA at some point (or is logical to be a part of the UA) for others. winky.gif




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I placed it at the bottom of the UA page: http://www.mothering.com/community/a/user-agreement  


Thanks! thumb.gif

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Glad I suggested it then! biggrinbounce.gif I didn't think you'd take the suggestion.



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We always try to incorporate what suggestions we can, especially the ones that make good sense and are easy to implement. smile.gif

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I clicked through to the Copyright Concerns, and I have two questions about that:



You may post:

  • A link directing readers to a discussion or article instead of the actual content itself.


If I wrote the article myself and it is on my own site, am I allowed to link to it?  Several years ago this was not allowed; I never understood why.


Content posted on the MotheringDotCommunity by us is owned by us or used with permission. You may not copy, use, or retransmit anything from or for our site without our permission.


Am I correct in believing that the text of my own posts to MDC is owned by me, not you?  That's not content posted "by us".  So is it okay to copy one of my own posts here and use it for another purpose?  If I copy something I wrote on my own site and paste it here, does it become your property?  I'm thinking not, but I would like clarification.

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You can post links to your own articles - within reason.  If they are topical to the conversation, then yeah, share them.  But be mindful of the line of spamming the forum with your own stuff. :)


I believe you own your own words. :) We own our words. :)  I will double check for clarification.

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