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How do you handle X-mas presents in a family with lots of kids? - Page 2

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1, 3, and 5: Play-Doh. Not even necessarily one of those goofy fancy sets, but a basic cutter set w/ a giant pack of dough containers. Buy from Amazon so that shipping is cheap or free. My kiddos LOVE Play-Doh and go thru cans of it like it's water. Or art supplies. Not kits, just general supplies. Again, order it all together for better shipping. Highlights magazine publishes High Five, which is for the preschool set. My girls love this magazine.


I am partial to giving and receiving gifts of food. I don't want candles or soap or lotion. I don't use mainstream versions of these items anyway. Even candy or food that you don't really care for can be given away or shared with others. Food is consumed and doesn't need to be displayed for all eternity. We have an excellent chocolate shop here & it makes great gifts. Especially fancy or silly stuff that people are not likely to buy for themselves or their own kids.

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We now have the cousins draw names for each other.   I didn't necessarily mind buying for all of my nieces/nephews, BUT I hated getting so many presents back for my kids that we had no place to put them.  

ITA, it would be ridiculous if my ds got a gift from each aunt/uncle and grandparent couple. 11 gifts plus what dh and I would like to give him, at least 3 more. I think it's hard for kids to even appreciate that many things all at once.

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Oh, I can. Most kids I know get SO many gifts that they don't really need more being sent from relatives. Those relatives are often making wild guesses as to what is appropriate for a child they don't know very well. And many adults don't even exchange gifts because of financial concerns. Giving preference to adults usually is just evening things out. I think it sends an odd message to children that holidays are all about them. I don't want my son growing up thinking moms and dads don't get birthday or Christmas presents. I think it would be a bit of a disservice to his future mate!

I should mention that on my side of the family, there are nine cousins total and five aunts and uncle and the grandparents. My sister and I buy gifts and my brother doesn't (not philosophical, just overwhelmed). Dh has one brother who is unmarried and has no children. So really, they get at most gifts from two aunts/uncles and two grandparents. No santa gifts. Everyone maintains wishlists for the kids and/or often do things like zoo memberships, etc.We also open gifts over several days sometimes weeks so it won't be overwhelming.

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