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Are inactive accounts deleted?

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Hi, I recently tried to log in to my account but could not find it anywhere.  A year may have elapsed since I last logged in--if even that--but no longer.  I've had to to set up a new account and have used the same login and password info, both of which were accepted, which indicates that my old account has indeed been deleted.  How long must an account sit inactive before it is deleted?  Is there any way I can retrieve my old account?

Thanks in advance for any help or insight!



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No, we don't delete accounts. What is the username of the other account?

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It was either guen or guenhwyvar.  (Neither worked for me.)


Was just looking through my inbox for e-mails from Mothering and noticed that they stopped coming in July 2011, though I had not unsubscribed.

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Is this it?




That account is open. If you have the password you should be able to login. If you have forgotten the password then you'll need to click the Forgot Password link that comes up when you enter the wrong password. That will let you reset it. But you will need access to the email account that the account was registered under. 

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Yes, thank you!  This is my old acount. :-)  Now, what to do with my new account and the threads I've posted to....

Thank you so much for your help!

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I will close the other account but I cannot merge the posts with this one. Let me know which account you wish to keep. 

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Thank you.  If you could close my new account, guenhwyvar, I would really appreciate that!

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Done. :)

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Can you delete my account too? Thanks
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I can close it for you.  We don't delete accounts.

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