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Cloth diapers causing rash

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I need cloth diaper help!  (which is strange for me since I'm usually the one telling people about cloth diapers :)  Ever since we moved, our kids (3 and 1) have both been getting rashes whenever they wear them.  The only thing different is that we went from city-softened water to a house with a water softener.  Could that be causing rashes?   I have cloth-diapered most of both of their lives and not had this problem until now.  I have been using Charlie's soap for the past year or more, and just bought some Rockin' Green made for soft water, so maybe that will help?

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Maybe a little stripping might help. The different water with the same detergent may give a different result so trying a different brand may help. I would run an extra wash cycle at the end with no detergent at all to see if all that extra rinsing might help. I'm not an expert on buildup or stripping but extra rinsing can't hurt and is easy enough to try. I hope you get more advice and that you can resolve the issue. My DD is getting a mild rash too and I just grabbed a sample size of cloth diaper safe rash balm to see if it helps.the conventional cream works nicely but I have a squiggly toddler so a liner is next to impossible and it's a big pain to put on underwear under her diaper lol.
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Rockin Green gave my kids a rash but I do know a lot of people love it. You might need less detergent if you have soft water. I'd do a hot water strip and try RLR. Good luck!

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A lot of companies are saying not to use RG soap because it kills your diapers. I am ashamed to say but we use tide and never have issues.... gasp. Its my one non-crunchy thing in the house. 

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RnG was horrible for us tried different versions uppped the amount lowered it ect but it cleans ziltch and gave my DD some horendous rashes. I prefer mainstream detergnts. I'll reccomend tide over like RnG any day.

Currently we are using targets up&up biodegradable clean pristine Free N clear. LOVe LOVE LOVE it even more than tide so far.



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I also use tide and just give lots of rinsing!

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We also use Charlie's and it works great, but this could be because we have very soft water.  Have you actually tested the water you are using to see how soft it's getting from your softener?  It may be because your water is actually somewhat hard now, and I've heard that Charlie's doesn't always work well with hard water.

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