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5 1/2 year old wants to nurse again

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He weaned just before his 4th birthday. he misses it. I've let him have some a couple of times, and he keeps asking. would you say yes? I'm not against in principle, but it kind of feels weird. I feel bad for him...... :-/ he has a baby brother who is one and still feeding. how would you deal with it?

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I would say, "sure" and keep it light. DD weaned at 5.5, and wanted to nurse again at 6. Its amazing how quickly they forget how. She tried, giggled, and gave it up. But it seemed to be important to her that she would of course be allowed to, if she wanted.

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Nope, no bottles, pacies, sippy cups, thumb sucking or nursing since he has been weaned. I would explain that your milk is for the baby, and since he is a big boy he does not need your milk anymore......unless there is a medical reason why he would.

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I would definitely let him. Enjoy your nursey snuggles. :)

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aww poor guy. he misses the whole specialness.


first i would explore your own feelings a bit. see where its coming from. and if you can handle it - then say yes. 


i would not say yes if i am going to feel all yucky if he nurses. and he's old enough to understand that. i would be honest with him.


however if you can allow him that i guess would be great for him.


asking to renurse - whether baby or not, is pretty normal. as is nipple play for a few months if not a year after nursing is done is also pretty common too.

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I might be dealing with this soon! My older son weaned right before I gave birth to his brother and when I offered again (had more milk) he was like... you crazy. I weaned my younger son around 2 due to health issues and he was chill about it. But something tells me he'll want to get on again once this babe is born! I'm going to play it by ear. Just follow your instincts. He's old enough that he doesn't really "need" it (this may be arguable) and would understand if you're just not into nursing him anymore.

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If (and when) my child asked, I would put some in a cup and let him have it that way.

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I weaned two of my sons right after they turned four. If they had started asking to nurse a yaer later, I would say "Sorry buddy, you're weaned."

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I think I would try to create that closeness in another way first. Just some one on one time with a special book or even his baby book might give him the comfort and closeness he is craving. I personally wouldn't want to start again and it sounds like you aren't really into it either. Try talking with him about it some more. He may just want to remember what it was like.

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Over the last several months, my 5 year old has occasionally asked to nurse again. She only asks about it when her little sister (who's almost 2) is nursing, so I think she feels a little jealous and wants my time like her sister gets in those moments. I've defrosted frozen milk I'd pumped and she didn't like it, saying she wanted warm milk from me. Usually I just distract her with something else and she forgets but just yesterday I decided that she had asked enough times that I'd let her try. She's been weaned for just about exactly 3 years and I was pretty sure she wouldn't remember how to nurse. We talked about how she might not remember how to latch so she closely watched her sister nursing and was confident that she could do it. I lifted up my shirt and she got close to my boob and then started giggling. She decided it was pretty funny and didn't even try nursing. I think she was surprised that I was actually going to let her try and it seemed to mean a lot to her that I'd give her a chance, that she wasn't being left out. I felt good that ultimately it was her decision to not try and it wasn't me saying no.


Unless your 5 year old weaned recently, it's likely he won't remember how to latch and it might give him some closure to be offered the chance and to decide for himself if he really wants to/can do it.

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I'd respond "You liked nursing, didn't you? But you're done nursing. We can cuddle together instead."

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My four-year-old asks fairly often to nurse when his 19-month-old brother is nursing. I've told him that it's been a long time since he nursed and he might forget how but he's welcome to have a snuggle and some of my pumped milk in a cup. He's taken me up on the offer of milk only once or twice. The fact that I didn't say no seems to satisfy him. I do wonder when he'll stop sticking his hand down my shirt, though eyesroll.gif
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