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carrier for a size 4X man

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I'm looking for a comfy baby carrier for my fantastic wonderful size 4X baby daddy. Our baby isn't due until the end of November, so it's not a rush. I'm sure he'd do better with a front carrier that allows the weight to be distributed across both shoulders.

I've got a Moby wrap, but not sure it works for that size and not sure he'd get used to the tying.
any ideas?
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I did look on the Moby wrap site and see that I can order and extra long wrap if necessary. Maybe we'll practice with a doll and see if we need it.
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My experience with the regular moby on DH who's an XL was that it didn't have much fabric after it was tied.  You might look into getting a length of comfy fabric and make your own.  Then you can go wild with stretchy or a more rigid material based on what feels best.  I briefly thought about this but it's so rare for DH to baby wear I just bought a variety of carriers for me instead!


PS - if the tying is an issue (it was for mine!) ring slings are much more user friendly :-)

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Or you could always custom make one. Babywearer.com has forums to talk about making them and some threads with links to make them.

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My DH is a size 3x and he is able to use the Boba 2g, he had no interest in the Moby. I had him try on a few carriers b4 we bought the Boba, I'm not sure if the 3g which can accomodate a newborn is the same size belts. Try renting a few from paxbaby. Or maybe a custom Mei Tai.

Good Luck. Hope this helps.

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Hi! I'm bigger and so is my husband and so far the best we've found is the Ergo (the regular version, not the Organic or any of the other fancy ones) with an Ergo carrier belt-extender for the belt that goes around your waist. It works really, really well! And you can use 2 extenders attached to each other if you need more length. I tried to Moby with our little one a few times but we both got wayyyy too hot for it to be of much use. Anyways, good luck! And way to go, Dad!

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My DH  is a 'generous' size, as am I, and we both wore our last bub in a standard Moby no problem. I've got a Manduca for our newest arrival, I haven't let him test drive it yet but it has plenty of room for adjustment in the straps.

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Didymos woven wraps can be ordered in size 8. Hoppediz also offers a size that is longer than Maxi. 

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Thanks for so much input! I'm going to check some of these out right now.
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That Ergo looks perfect for him, in looks and function.
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Sleepy wrap made by Boba http://store.bobafamily.com/baby-wrap/ is a great "moby-like" wrap and is better suited for plus size people...IMO. I'm  plus size gal and LOVED our sleepy wrap from when DD was a tiny baby. Stretchy wraps are only really good until they hit 15lbs though, despite the manufacturer saying they go until 30lbs. They aren't supportive enough.


You could have a sling made for him from a woven wrap and basically have it made in any size you want. I've seen slings made up to XXXXL from a woven wrap.


Good luck!

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If you can sew in a straight line this carrier takes about 4 to 5 hours to make and can be made to fit anyone.


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the Ergo was really just the best we could find for bigger bodies. Plus size friends all suggested the same thing to us and we've never looked back. Happy baby-wearing! :-)

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Beco butterfly. They list strap size online so you can check. My husband is a big guy and preferred this because it has buckles. You will get more use than the moby since it goes up to 45 pounds and you can back carry too.

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I'm plus size, and I think the easiest, most affordable one my husband likes that fits me is the Kozy. 

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