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Fall IVF: beautiful fall leaves bringing beautiful summer babies!!

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Anytime is a great time to get a BFP, but fall is here, and with the cool weather, beautiful leaves, and the holidays approaching, now is a perfect time to get pregnant!  shamrocksmile.gif


As we all know too well, though, the journey can be long and frustrating which is why this forum exists. Come here to share the experience with other women who can actually empathize with all the ups and downs.



If you would like your name added or removed from the list, let me know!


STALKERS are welcome on this thread!!! We also love it when grads stop by to cheer us on.


Good luck! Bon chance! Buona fortuna! Buena suerte! Viel Glück!


Here is the link to our graduates thread. We love it when people leave us, but we hope that you all stick around and join the graduates thread so that we can stalk you and cheer you on through your pregnancies and babymoons.

Fall IVF Members* dust.gif


*After long and painful journeys, all of our members are at various stages of IVF and IF. Some people are in waiting, some are in the middle of a cycle, some have finally gotten their BFP and are just waiting around here until they feel comfortable enough to move to the grads thread, some are trying to figure out their next steps, and some of us are trying to figure out how to move past IF when treatments have failed. Some people come and stay for a few weeks, and others have been here for years. All are welcome here.


Kewpie80 Me:PCOS Him:Vericocele, low motility, low morphology.  Currently gathering information and funds for next fresh cycle. 2 Embies currently on ice.


BucketofRain (33) DH (34) TTC #2 for 2 years:( "Diagnosed" with unexplained infertility. Clear HSG, HSN, and all blood work looks good. One failed clomid, iui cycle. IVF with 1/2 icxi Nov 2012!!


toothfairy2be TTC for 2.5 years, 12 failed medicated cycles, 4 IUIs. Diagnosis: Endometriosis. Repeating CD3 testing Oct 28th then startng BCPs. First IVF Egg Retrieval expected at the start of December.


devilish (32, possible PCOS, IF issue not Ovulating), DH (34), DD (2). Trying to conceive #2 for one year. Starting clomid next cycle. Currently waiting to O. Hoping to not have another 60 day cycle.




Sourire TTC for 2 years, diagnosed with endometriosis, 5 failed IUIs


Lilacvioletiris (36, DX hypothyroid 10/11) and DH (40), (zero sperm on 3/23/12, 25 sperm on 5/18/12, 5 motile sperm and 3 non-motile sperm for cryopreservation on 6/29/12 & 8/3/12, 3 motile, 2 shaking, and 3 non-motile sperm for cryopreservation on 8/17/12) TTC #1 since April 2011. Got confirmation (8/23/12) from fertility Dr. that we have enough sperm frozen for IVF cycle. Currently saving money for IVF.




Silverbird- Two failed IVF and now waiting to see what life holds for me.



In our thoughts:

Deborahbgkelly - candle.gifcandle.gif

Alphahen candle.gif

Laggie 6/3/11 candle.gif

Silverbird's DH candle.gif


Our Fearless Predecessors*







Blueyezz4 (expensive free baby!!)

PrayingHard due 11/26/12




Belly - TWINS!

Kinza - TWINS!

Montessortof - TWINS!

Mole (Free baby!!)

Vegan Princess

GaleTX - 10/12/12

TenzinsMama- FREE baby!!!

Renavoo- TWINS!

Inwaiting - 8-3-11

Keria - 6-13-11 TWINS

Bungalowmama - 8-5-11


graf214 - 8-19-11

CassnBeth 2-6-12

Missme 3-21-11

primipara 3-30-11

Kewpie80 1/4/12 - TWINS!

FtMPapa 1/26/10
Paytonsmommy 3/3/10
New Mama 3/19/10
KellyTTC#1 3/27/10
Samkris123 9/21
Slylives 10/4
Ratgrl - 10/16
Maurine - 11/23
Tear - Thanksgiving Day - 11/25

Sarahcecile 1-13-11

KristinaMarie 1-24-11

Sweetdynasty 2-14-11

DaisyMae08 1-11-11


Free baby refers to somebody who conceived naturally after moving toward IVF, or doing IVF (sometimes many times). Most "free babies" are not exactly "free" - they came after years of infertility struggles and treatments, and nine months of pregnancy while worrying about losses.

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Blue - I didn't want to presume where to put you... so I left you off.  So, are you joining the fearless predecessors?


All - I changed the format a little. Hope you don't mind. I had a really hard time keeping up with dates and moving people, so I thought if people would just tell me whatever blurb they want I will just paste it in. I like the dates, so I am going to put in my dates when I finally am doing my cycle. If anybody hates the new list, I will change back to the old one, just let me know.


Aura - sorry you are feeling blue. Onward and upward, as my English friend says.. :)

New members - please send me your names and blurbs.

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Oh crap. I just noticed I didn't finish the title. I was trying to think of something positive and I meant to go back and edit it.


Does anybody know how to edit a title?

ETA - ok, I figured it out. There is an edit thread option at the top of the page.

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rcr - yes, I'll join the other side, but i'll be stalking and cheering you all on over here!!!!  I want all of you to get your BFP's!!  Not sure what you mean by editing the title.  It looks like it is finished.  What was it suppose to say? I think it is perfect!!!


Aura - hug2.gif  deep breath!!!!  You can do this!!!  Try to stay positive!  I know it gets hard but you are doing everything right and all you can do is follow your protocol and keep your head up!  I'm rooting for you and sending you lots of positive vibes...goodvibes.gif

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Hey, everyone! Well I did it - I read the entire 44 pages of the last IVF thread and it was great, and so informative. DH and I are considering IVF after 3 months of natural cycles, 3 months of acupuncture, 3 months of Clomid, 4 months of Femara and now back to acupuncture. I might try an injectable/IUI cycle since it seems that so many of you needed a cycle for your REs to figure out the right stims for you, so perhaps that's a smart way to start this process. Just thinking aloud. :) Wishing you all much luck and baby dust!

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privateeyes.gif Nice job, rcr! Sending you all lots of love! goodvibes.gif
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rcr, i love the new intro area!  i'll come up with some sort of blurb for you later.  thanks for doing this!


blue, i have never been so happy to see someone leave us :)  


bebelove, welcome!! sorry we have to meet here, but this is an incredible bunch of women and you'll get all the support you're looking for here.  just out of curiosity, does your insurance cover your iui with injectables? does it draw from a lifetime max?  i did two cycles with shots and it wound up draining all of my insurance benefits.  i regret it immensely.  i should have just spent that money on ivf!  however if you're covered, go for it! maybe that will be what does the trick. 


thanks for the pep talk rcr and blue.  i know there's nowhere to go but up, right?  

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I think I'll be joining this thread.  I'm a secondary infertility gal after primary infertility.  I do have a son who is 20 months old.  It took 7 IUIs, 2 fresh IVF cycles, 3 FETs and 1 more fresh IVF cycle with microarray cgh testing to get him.  I'm hoping this go around does not take as long!  We got derailed in our fresh IVF cycle this summer so ended up with 5 frozen embryos all of which have passed the microarray cgh testing.  And I just found out yesterday that my BFP with an hcg level of 26 is turning into a BFN.  A chemical pregnancy.  So, I will be gearing up for another frozen embryo transfer.


DaisyMae - Meeting with the RE on 9/10 to discuss a second FET after chemical pregnancy.

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Blue - I had fixed the title before you saw it. It was only half a word before I fixed it. I added you to the free baby, although that term is not really accurate (free?)


Daisy - nice to meet  you. I added  you. I am sorry about the chemical pregnancy. Are you are SIRM? I know they are big into cgh testing. Both aura and I are at their clinics, but I am not doing cgh testing.


bebe - wow! you read the entire thread!! That is a lot. I have gone back and read threads from years ago, and it kinda depressed me, so I don't do it anymore.  Anyway, welcome. I hope you find a lot of support and friendship here. As for doing IUIs - I did seven injectable IUIs, since insurance covered them and it did not count against IVFs. I guess I kinda regret doing them, since they didn't work, but If they had worked, I would be happy that I did them. the thing about the meds for me was that the IUIs were a lot lower doses than IVF anyway, since they don't want you getting like 20 eggs for an IUI. So I don't think it was very helpful for IVF, other than to know that they didn't work. Do you have sperm issues too? Also, being 35 is a factor too - the main reason I regret doing so many IUIs is that I wasted almost 2 years, and now my eggs are even older (I am 38 now). I added you to the list at the top.

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I'm at Boston IVF.  I LOVE my RE, so I'm looking forward to my appt. on Monday.  Somehow he always makes me feel better and hopeful about things. 

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Hi there guys. I have been mostly in stalking mode but will be doing my best to get caught up during the next week. I am just trying to stay positive as we get started on the path toward transferring our frosty. I meet with our RE in a few hours to see what her recommendations are and then will be back to up date everyone.

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Hi all apologies for my long absence, hoping as it's a new thread prehapse I can be forgiven for not catching up with everyone!


rcr: thanks for the new thread.  Hope you get your shedual soon, when abouts are you thinking of heading out?


blue: I second aura I've never been so happy to see someone graduate and I hope all is going well.  I hope you enjoyed your trip to London, what did you get up to? did you catch the heatwave?


bebelove and maseymae: welcome and good luck!


Aura: I can't remember if I was about for your last cycle but I'm sorry it didn't work out and good luck for this one!


Keli: good luck for your frostie.


Debourha (sp? sorry): I hope your doing well, what are your next steps now yo've seen the re?


Hi to Tear, Belly, Renavoo and all the other graduate who so good as to look in on us.


AFM: I've had a very busy summer and enjoyed seeing my sister.  I've enjoyed myself but also had some periods of feeling quiet blue with everything.  Been having a big Jane Austen fest to escape.  Not much going on fertility wise.  My doc ran a load of test to rule out some issue that might be contributing: thyriod, liver, vit d, iron (I'll check if it was anymore) and they all came out fine so thats good.  I see my 2nd clinic on 10 sept to talk about what went wrong with my last cycle and my 1st clinic on 11 sept to talk about donor eggs.  Got to get back in the head space to go again!


I guess my blurb would be: meeting re on 10 and 11 sept.  Thinking of double donnor after two failed IVF.

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Silver - glad to hear that your tests came back fine but in some ways it would be nice for them to find something to treat and get preg easily.  Thanks for you kind words about my graduation.. we are literally still in shock.  We had a nice time in London but didn't get to do as much as we wanted but that is okay.  My brother lives right by the Tower Bridge so almost every night we would walk down there after dinner just to go for a little walk.  We did the double decker bus tour one and went through the Tower  of London I think it where the Beefeaters give you the tours.  We also went to that open air market one day to get stuff for dinner that my brother was making us.  We saw a Hot Spurs soccer game and afterwards hung out w/ DH's friend that is their goalie which was fun.  Such a great guy. He and my DH pretty much spent everyday of their lives together from like birth to 18 so it was fun to met him and his wife and family.  Oh and we went to a show close to Picadille (sp?) square called 39 steps i think it was. Trying to remember what else we did?  Loved the city, so clean and nice and easy to get around w/ the Tube and cabs and all!!!  Glad you had a nice time w/ your sister.  Keep us posted on how your appts go w/ your RE.


KeliG - i hope your appt w/ your RE about your Frosties went well!!!!!!  Good to see your name pop back up again.  Fingers crossed for your next cycle.


DaisyMae - Welcome!!!!  Glad you made the plunge to join in over here.  It is a great support group!!!  Hope your FET goes well and you get your true BFP this next time!!!


Aura - Awww.... thanks for your kind words.  hug.gif  Yes, no where else to go but up.... going back down will only negatively affect your eggs I think so try to stay positive.  I know it is hard but I know the rocky road of IVF and been down that road myself and being positive always has its benefits even though some days are harder than others. 


Bebe- Welcome!!!!!!  I hope you will get your BFP from a injectable iui and maybe won't even have to go down the ivf route, but if you do, this is a great group of ladies and such an awesome support system too.  Fingers crossed for you!!!!


rcr - I said it on the other side but maybe you didn't see it... you could put it as "an expensive free baby".  Sometimes i wonder why we couldn't have gotten it way before we spent all of our life savings & more on Fertility, but you can't cry over spilled milk, as they say and every experience makes you a better person I believe.  Fingers crossed for your next cycle.  Oh, just a stupid petty note... my name on the first page has been spelled wrong for the last couple threads.  It's Blueyezz4.... some how 2 "e's" got thrown in there and it has just continued.  Like I said, no big deal.



Okay back to lurking and cheering for you all.....hide.gif   joy.gif

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I think I belong here. I have been lurking this thread (ok, technically the predecessor thread) for about a month now and decided to actually post. We are in the middle of our second IVF cycle (2 and a half years after the first, still TTC #1). I was pretty active in the infertility threads three or four years ago when we were doing all of the figuring out what was going on (they have no idea, really) and with the IUIs and the first IVF. For my sanity and our finances (no insurance coverage for IVF), we ended up taking an extended break. We decided to look into IVF again late this summer and hit the timing and the clinic's schedule just right--I started BCP the same day as our consult appointment. It has been a bit of a whirlwind.

I am currently on day 6 of stims on a microdose protocol. My ultrasound yesterday showed about 20 follies between 9 and 11 mm. My ovaries are unhappy and I am retaining huge amounts of water. I am hoping these are good signs. I have another ultrasound tomorrow.
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Keli - hope the appointment went well today. I added you to the top. Do you want me to add a blurb?


Blue - that is strange about the name. I deleted the e. I also added expensive free baby for you. Like Carlyle said on the other side, I love seeing your little ticker move across the bottom! The fact that you were here for so long and finally made it to the other side gives me hope that maybe I will too. :)


laura - welcome! What a whirlwind. I would need some time to get into the thought of doing IVF. I couldn't imagine starting so fast. Good luck on the u/s tomorrow. btw - I added you to the list at the top, if you want a blurb, let me know what it should say.


Silver - I won't start BCP until AF in October, and I imagine I will get my calendar after that. I have to be there on Dec. 5, so DS and I will leave the day before, and DH will meet us a few days later. So have you started loking at donors or are you just thinking about it all now? I was lurking at the parents via egg donation forum, and there was a lot of good info there. I learned a lot, and it made me more comfortable with the whole idea of donation. if I were paying for IF treatments, I would totally go that route and not look back.


AFM - I need to think of a good excuse to tell people about who we are going to vegas again. Last time it was to visit a cousin. I think I may tell people that she is getting married. I am not a vegas type of person, so it would be weird to tell people we are going back for another vacation.


All - if you  want a blurb, let me know.

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Thanks for the welcome, Silverbird and Blue!!!


Aura: Thanks much for your insights and you helped to channel what I was already thinking. Since we have a lifetime max (5,000 meds and 5,000 treatment), our remaining allowance (not much, maybe $3000 each now which includes oral meds, injectables, IUI, etc.), I have been hesitant to potentially waste it on an injectable/IUI cycle. At the same time, I would be able to do a couple of those cycles with the allowance we have left, opposed to putting it all on IVF. It feels a lot like going to Vegas and putting it all on red! Scary! But you are so right -- if I do the injectable/IUI cycles and use all our money with no result then of course I will wish I put it towards IVF. Man, what a decision, huh? I'm so sorry you are feeling blue. I can tell though from all your posts that you are a kind and positive spirit, and I know that you will get your baby! Really! You have PCOS, right? I was sort of diagnosed . . . they can't quite decide. I definitely have PCO, but maybe not PCOS. Clomid and Femara definitely gave me nice follies, but still BFN every time. Perhaps just unlucky sperm meets egg timing but that's a lot of bad timing!


rcr: Yes, the entire thread! :) I hear you . . . hearing stories that are so relatable and sometimes so sad can be hard but I definitely feel a connection with everyone and am just so happy we've all come together for support. Wow, I wish my injectable IUI cycles wouldn't count against our lifetime maximum. But like you said, perhaps not that helpful. I appreciate your insights. My DH does not have sperm issues, thankfully. So with being 35, I definitely don't want to wait too long to get going. I so wish we had started so. much. earlier. Hindsight! Thanks for adding me to the list!


AFM: Thinking, praying, hoping. I have acupuncture this Saturday. So wanting my body to calm down and start doing what I know it can do naturally, but don't want to hold on to that thought so long that in the meantime I go crazy wanting a baby. Really, really may just pull the trigger and do IVF! It would be so amazing if it worked. Twins, even triplets - I'm on board. ;) Good luck, everyone!

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I'm just subbing this thread.  I'll be joining the winter thread officially after the first of the year as we get ready for our next fresh cycle (no blurb needed yet.. just letting you all know where I'm at) 


Good luck to all those currently cycling!!!!!

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RCR- My appointment was on the 30th. Testing begins in a couple of weeks.

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Okay, now that I know we get proper blurbs here. DeborahBGKelly- Deborah, 30, DH, 30. Fertility challenges: Endometriosis, Diminished Ovarian Reserves, and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (anti-thyroid antibodies). Potentially in Perimenopause. Had consult with RE August 30 following loss of 22 week old identical twin boys. Was tested for clotting factors and MTFHR gene mutation. Waiting on results. Testing for egg quality and hormone levels will begin on day 3 of my next cycle. 


Also, RCR- will you please put a second candle by my name?

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rcr, I could also be added to the fearless predecessors list.  I posted on the IVF board here a couple of years ago when I was going through this with primary infertility.  It might give people some extra hope to see that list growing longer.  I had my son on 1/11/11.  And, unbelievably it was at 1:11pm.  :)

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