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hello ladies!!


blue, belly, hope, mom, vegan!  thanks for rooting me on! it feels good to have a fan club!!!joy.gif


viroes, so exciting! i can't wait to hear the results!

daisy, glad the biopsy went so smoothly!  the 9th is just around the corner.


laura, i agree with blue, i have purchased many a dollar store test and everyone on the internet swears by them.  i am feeling good though about your beta! it showed up nice and early! do the lines seem to be getting darker?


afm, today is yom kippur (a very holy jewish holiday) and traditionally i have always fasted.  no food, no water, from sundown last night to sundown tonight.  dr t recommended i didn't fast, and of course judaism allows for people that are ill or pregnant to not fast.  however part of me feels a little guilty.  i'm not especially religious, but this was something that was always really important to my dad, and since he's passed away i have always treated it as a honor to him.  i have decided to at least spend some time today thinking about all the craziness i've been through this year, focusing my energy on being positive and focusing on this baby that i am hoping is inside me.  


i woke up again soaking wet.  the night sweats are not pretty!  i feel good today, calm, happy,  i promised myself i wouldn't poas since it is a very important holiday and i didn't want to possibly see a negative and spend the day depressed about that.  even though it's still a bit early.  today is 5dp5dt.  i may poas tomorrow, or maybe i'll try to hold out until at least friday or saturday.  i just want it to work so badly this time that i don't want to even entertain a possibility that it didn't.  

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Shesaid - we have had the chickens for about two years now.  Are y ou sure that the pharmacy is going to have luveris? When I was on it I was told that they are not making it anymore so there are shortages, so I went ahead and got mine for mt Dec. cycle already just to make sure it is available.


Laura - can't wait to hear about your beta today. Let me know when you want to be moved to the grads section.


Vieros - excited to hear about your beta today too.


Aura - I am sure  your dad would be happier that you stayed healthy instead of fasting :) Glad you feel calm today. Happy Yom Kippur!


AFM - we lost a chicken this morning. Something ate her last night. It was really gross - blood and guts all over the place. I am pretty sad about it. I didn't know what to do with her because I had to clean her up, go to work, and try to avoid DS seeing all the blood and guts. So I scooped her into a plastic bag and stuck her in the garbage can, but I am going to bury her when I get home. I am not even sure who she was. We have two that look exactly alike, and can only tell them apart from their personalities (one is shy and one is really people-friendly). The other was just hanging out in the coop so I couldn't tell which one it was. I hardly ever go out there in the morning to check on them but thank goodness I did today because the other three girls were in the coop still (they always come out at first light), so they must have been afraid or something. Once I cleaned the dead one up the other three came out. We have a little river in the back so there is the possibility it was a raccoon, but it also may have been a cat (though they are pretty big chickens to be killed by a cat).

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rcr, i'm so sorry!!!  after all this talk of chickens, i am so sorry that this happened.  that is the last thing you should have to wake up to.  


today is a bad day for animals, i guess.  last night my littlest cat starting leaking drips of urine.  i spent the morning at the vet and they couldn't find anything wrong with him.  they think it could possibly be a uti, or maybe some sort of blockage.  they didn't see any issues on the ultrasound though.  now i've got to keep him isolated so we can monitor his urine output.  my poor baby!  he's thrown up a few times because of the sedatives they gave him, which i cleaned up, but he pooped on the floor in the basement and that i'm leaving for lucky DH because i'm not messing with litterbox things.  

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Laura-Belle: congratulations! broc1.gifcarrot.gif What a great start to our thread! Lets hope aura, vireoes and shesiadboom can follow it up soon!


Aura: Sorry about all the sucky progesterone symptoms.  it is a pain that they are so simmilar to pregancy.  1st time around I kept reading such and such is an early pregancy symptom caused by progestrone.  Not much use to me then! Am not looking forward to a bigger progestrone does next time, I can be really revanous when I'm premenstural anyway let alone with added hormones! I think you did the right thing with the fasting you would want to risk it. I hope you cat gets better how rotten greensad.gifGood luck for whe you test!


Shesaidboom: Glad you got yuour dates it helps to plan doesn't it.  Mine got changed around about three times last time it was getting pretty arwqrd with work.


Vireoes: good luck!


Rcr: I'm so sorry about your chickens.


Hello to Blue, Belly, Vegan and anyone I've missed!


AFM: Well I just sepnd £120 on vitamins! Guess I'm getting back into the minset again.  Hope I don't have to wait too long.

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aura, sorry to hear about your little kitty.  Hope everything goes well.  May your day be a special one as you remember you father and focus on the little one that is hopefully growing inside of you.


laura, looking forward to good news from you once you have your beta results.

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Thanks All! My beta was good -- 112. joy.gif My nurse was pleased. Back on Friday to see if it has doubled. I am more optimistic today smile.gif.

Daisy -- Good luck!

Blue -- I actually didn't end up buying any tests because that would have required actually leaving the house. eyesroll.gif I am lazy sometimes.

Cindy -- Yup! I am in the South Bay. smile.gif

Vireoes -- Thinking sticky thoughts for you. *crossing fingers*

Aura -- Oh no, your poor cat. Awful timing too -- on an important holiday. I hope you managed to have a meaningful holiday despite yet more craziness. Thinking sticky thoughts for you too smile.gif

rcr -- greensad.gif I'd bet on raccoons personally. I don't think a housecat would do well taking on a chicken. I think I might be more confident about moving to graduates after the second beta; it still feels like jinxing it, yk?

Silver -- Isn't it amazing that vitamins can be so expensive?
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Yay!!!! 112 is fabulous! Congratulations!joy.gif
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Congrats Laura so happy for u
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Laura, sounds like excellent news! Congrats again!redface.gif
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rcr - so sorry to hear about your one chicken!! That is sad!!!  So what do you tell DS b/c i'm sure that he will notice and wonder what happened.


aura - sorry to hear about your kitty!!  Wow, all this animal drama going on today!  I sure hope that he is doing better tomorrow.  How old is he?


Laura - great numbers!!!!  Can't wait to hear your next beta number!!!


Silver - does your RE know that you are taking all of those vitamins?  Someone very smart once told me not to over do the vitamin w/ a cycle, so I made sure to just take only the few that i absolutely needed.  You don't have to follow that info, but i just wanted to pass it along.  Not that I got preg w/ an IVF, but i really want this for you!!!  hug.gif


vireoes - good luck!!!!!  Fingers crossed!!

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laura-belle - I've already gotten the calendar filled out!
Hurray for the good beta! I'm so excited for you.


DaisyMae - I'm glad the biopsy went well.


blueyezz - the schedule makes me feel better forsure. I really felt like I had no idea what was going on before.


vireoes - good luck on the beta!


auraleigh - I think the thinking and focusing on positive energy rather than fasting is a good thing this holiday. Definitely take care of you! I'm glad that you are feeling good despite the night sweats.
I'm sorry your sweet kitty is sick. I'm thinking of you and hope he heals up quickly.s


rcr - thanks for the heads up about the luveris! I'm pretty sure I'm getting it from the clinic, but I will ask about it tomorrow when I phone.
I'm so sorry you lost a chicken. I hope the rest recover quickly and aren't scared anymore.


silverbird - I'm sure my dates will change a bit, but at least I have any idea of what is going on now. I can definitely see how it would be awkward with work though. Hopefully mine won't mind too much.



AFM, well it seems like this IVF process doesn't want to make things easy for me. We've hit a lot of road blocks so far and I thought we'd be through once we got started, but it looks like I am allergic to the BCPs they gave me (Marvelon). This was my third day taking them. The first two days I felt a little itchy and flushed but didn't really think much of it. An hour after I took my pill tonight I broke out into hives and my lips and eyes started swelling up. After an anaphalactic reaction I had several years ago, I do not deal well with allergy related things. I'm going to call the RE first thing tomorrow to see what to do about this. I can't keep taking the pills, but I wonder if they'd be able to switch me at this point.

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:(  Go back to see RE next week and discuss fresh cycle.

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Sorry vireos, hope your discussions go well with your RE.


Laura - exciting, exciting!  I can't remember how many embryos you had transferred back so I hope that there are one or maybe 2 little ones growing inside of you.

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Thanks All! I am so excited. joy.gif

Shesaidboom -- Oh no! Hopefully it won't be a huge deal, but that is no fun at all. greensad.gif

Vireoes -- greensad.gif *hugs*

Lilac -- We transferred two, so I could be having twins. I think we will find that out at the six week scan.

AFM -- Not much new. Back to waiting. There seems to be a lot of that in this process.
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B! F! P!

And now I wait for Monday's beta.
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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Aura, SOOOOO happy for you!!!!!! :-) What wonderful news!!! May Monday bring a nice high number and may you have a healthy uneventful 9 months ahead of you!!!!!!



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vireoes - so sorry. I hope your RE appointment goes well. hug2.gif


laura-belle - I spoke to the clinic today and we have a plan without using the BCP so hopefully it won't change too much!
I really hate all the waiting! Hopefully the end of the wait brings good news.


auraleigh - HOLY SHIT!!! YAY!!!!!! Congrats! Now let's get you that happy number on Monday and prepare for a happy 9 months ahead of you.



AFM - so itchy!!! I just took some more benedryl and am hoping it helps my hives go down again. Ack. I just spoke with my fertility clinic and they're adjusting my plan. We're not going to include the BCP so I stop taking that right away, of course. They told me I should experience a withdrawl bleed within 4 days (although I'm skeptical because I've only taken it three times) and they will determine a new day 21 for me based on that. On Day 21 I go in for blood test/ultrasound. All my dates will change based on that, but at least I won't have to go to the hospital from an allergic reaction! 

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Vieros - I am so sorry. hug2.gif

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Aura: broc1.gifcarrot.gif Congratulations enjoy thoes two lines!


Vitreos: so sorry that sucks.

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Aura!!!! YAY!!! I am so happy for you. You deserve this so much after all that you have been through. joy.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifjoy.gif I am really going to miss having you around here. You have been such a source of support for me.


shesiad - so you are itchy from the BCP? That is strange. I have never heard of that. Glad you found out after only taking three - so hopefully this does not set you back too much.

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