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Blue - thanks. I am going to tell DS. I just didn't want him to see all the blood and guts in the coop. I haven't told him yet. I am waiting until DH gets home tomorrow so that we can bury her in the backyard. Our ground is red clay and it is really hard, so I don't want to have to dig the hole.  I am going to tell DS before we bury her. Since he is always around my mom, and knows that she is dieing, and we have lost our dog last year, he knows about death, and I try to be pretty open to him. Although I am not comfortable with showing him the actual chicken body because it is half eaten and really scary looking.


Laura - 112 is excellent!!

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Aura -- Yay!!! I am so happy for you! Congratulations!!!
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Aura - joy.gif  joy.gif  joy.gif  broc1.gif  carrot.gif  banana.gif  You just freaking made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can't wait to hear your beta number!  Did you call or email Dr. T yet to let them know?


Vireoes -Sending lots of  hug2.gif your way!!!!


rcr - hope the burial goes okay!!!  You are right, it is a good life lesson for kids to learn.


Shesaidboom - so sorry to hear about your reaction! That really sucks and make sure you don't mess around w/ swelling.  Do you have an epi-pen??? 

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first off, viroes, sorry to hear it didn't work out.  it's always hard to hear, but i'm glad you are going in to discuss the next cycle.


second, yay!  ladies i don't know what to think.  the line came up pretty quickly this morning, and wasn't a squinter either.  it's a real line.  medium darkness, i'd say?  DH was kind of shocked, and while i wanted to throw myself a ticker tape parade and march down the street while holding the test over my head, he gave a tentative "yay" and hasn't said much since.  i think he's scared until we get back both betas.  he's also preoccupied with our cat being sick, which i get (went to the vet to visit and totally cried my eyes out).  HOWEVER.  this is the first time we have ever had a positive pregnancy test and i feel like he is not giving it the attention it deserves.  i bought more tests because i wanted to test again, so after arguing with DH about his lack of enthusiasm (hormonal, maybe?) i ran upstairs to take a test.  i used a FRER this morning, but also bought some cvs cheapies for extras.  i peed on a cvs test, and waited, and of course, no control line.  the thing malfunctioned! of course.  and i'm all out of pee.  so now i'm feeling down and anxious to wake up tomorrow to test again.  it never gets easier.


thank you ladies for all the cheers! it made my day.  i can't tell anyone else really, so it felt good to be able to say it here.  also rcr, you know damn well i'm not going anywhere until you get your bfp too, so the support will not stop.  we've made it so far together! we have done the SIRM journey! I really think that they will be able to get you the baby you want.  


i emailed dr t to see if i could move up my beta, but his opinion is that we should wait.  he said "what will be, will be, so let's just wait and see what happens".  he's so mellow! but he's right.  

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AURA- OMG OMG OMG I am soooooooo thrilled and love Dr T soooooo much, he's the best. And I swear DH didn't believe I was pregnant until the twins were actually born. We had one chemical so he was like well we will see, MEN ughhhh. Congrats.

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Aura, congratulations!!! joy.gif
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Aura, yay!!!!!! I'm so excited for you! DH is just protecting himself after such an emotional journey. He'll come around. Can't wait to see today's line! joy.gif
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i think it's weird that the control line is not as dark on today's test (bottom) but the pregnancy line is darker!

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Aura, Yeah!  So happy for you!  After all of your ups and downs, you have a BFP!  Looking forward to the little one on the other end of your journey!

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Aura - Go on and celebrate, and don't worry about DH. Men are weird like that. The first time I called to tell DH about our negative Beta. He said "oh" like it didn't matter. When I had a miscarriage I cried in my bed for weeks and he didn't seem to have much of a reaction. Then a few weeks later I found him crying on the phone with his mom about it. I will never understand men. I sometimes wish I was a lesbian because women are so much easier to understand. You should go out and throw yourself a ticker tape parade. I had a good feeling about this FET. I think your beta will be awesome. And thanks for saying that you are going to stick around.


I forgot to reply about your kitty after I read the good news. Sorry she is sick. I have a make cat who blocked twice. It was a pretty bad situation but he made it through. Is your cat a male? Blocking is apparently kinda common for make cats who were neutered young.

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Oh, forgot my AFM  -  DS has ringworm. I don't even know what to do about that. I need to figure out today if this is something that a doctor needs to see him for or if there is just an antifungal lotion that I can get. I was kind freaked out last night when I saw it, but I looked online, and apparently it is just a fungal infection and not really a worm, and not really a big deal.

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AURA- I'll be the first to bet twins redface.gif
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Aura I am so happy to hear that this time took! Congrats!energy.gifjoy.gif


Laura another big congratulations!  joy.gif


Here's hoping every ones numbers keep climbing!

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vieroes - I'm so sorry, please take care of yourself.


AURA!!  OMG, YEAH!!!  AhHHHHHH I am SO freaking excited for you!  I can't wait to hear the beta numbers!  Those lines are definately getting darker!  I agree,throw yourself the parade, your DH will come around once he's ready and then he'll be jumping for joy along with you!!!!


laura - when do you get your 2nd beta?

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Aura, that is one fantastic pregnancy line!!!!!  What a wonderful thing to see!!!!!  joy.gif  I've been rooting for you ever since I joined this thread-- have seen you perservere through all the ups and downs-- and I'm doing a happy dance right now!

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Thanks all! My second beta was today -- 245! I am finally starting to believe it. rcr, you can go ahead and move me to graduates! My EDD is June 5, 2013.

Aura -- Yay!!! My husband is also surprisingly un-excited. I think that it isn't real at all for him yet--maybe after the ultrasound it will click more for him.

AFM -- My ultrasound is October 15. I continue with the PIO shots and the estradiol pills for at least another 4 weeks. Back to waiting smile.gif
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Wanted to pop in again and say to you, Laura, that is wonderful news--so happy for you!


Thinking of the rest of you wonderful ladies on here and hoping more good news is on the way!

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RCR- Yay for cycle buddies! Everyone else- I'll try to catch up on persies with you all soon. AFM- Tired and have a midterm due Sunday, so I might be disappearing a lot. Also, my temp gig starts at the end of October, so that with IVF treatments is going to be pretty tough.

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Congrats Aura.  What exciting news.


Laura-wow two great betas.  I hope you have a smooth 9 months.


rcr-sorry about your chicken.  We had chickens and ducks when I was growing up and the coons or dogs would occasionally get in there.  It was sad, but we had many life lessons from those chickens between chicks and burials.  I hope the ringworm clears up quickly for DS.


shesaidboom-Welcome, great that you got a schedule and are getting started soon.


Hopefully I will get a schedule for my fresh cycle next week when I see the RE.  I think I just need to get it scheduled and move forward so I don't have time to dwell on the BFN.  DH was pretty disappointed, since we got lucky with our BFP on our first IVF attempt, I don't think he was prepared mentally that the second time might take longer. I had to explain multiple times to him that a negative beta means it didn't work even if AF hasn't come yet, since it can get delayed from the progesterone.  Not really a conversation I wanted to have at the time.  AF came this morning, so I think it should set in for him now and especially once we have a new schedule to work around.  It a took a while for it to sink in for him when we got our BFP this first time.  I think the whole thing is a little less real for men since their bodies are not going through the work over that ours are in this process.  I am sure yours will come around soon Aura once he has fully processes  it.

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