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Aura!!!! -- That is great! My doubling number wasn't that high. joy.gif

Blue -- Now I wait. My ultrasound is on Oct 15 -- two whole weeks from now. PIO shots are still not my favorite, I'm always tired, and I think the nausea is kicking in. So far so good smile.gif. Really, I should come over to the Graduates thread instead of updating here.

rcr -- Sucks that you're sick greensad.gif. hug.gif
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rcr - I hope you're feeling better!  And count me into the rcr cheer team!!!


Aura - that's a GREAT number!  I'm on the twins boat :-)


Laura - excited for the 15th and to hear all about the beautiful heartbeat!

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Aura, I'm so so happy and excited for you and I'm actually waiting on pins and needles for your next beta ... I'm going with twins.


Sorry to jump in here, just following along :)


LauraBelle ... you too mama, this sounds so exciting for both of you and I can't wait to follow your journey for the next 9 months :)

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hahah thanks ladies!!! i have no idea what 264 means.  i know it's high for some singleton pregnancies, but not as high as some of my friends' twin pregnancies.  i will be going for my second beta tomorrow and i'm nervous.  so nervous! 

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Well, my first beta with my singleton son (he's almost two now) was 37 or 39. So...I'm voting twins for you as well. redface.gif
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Been stalking along again, Aura- my vote is twins too! Can't wait for your second beta!
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Praying - thanks. It means so much to have all you grads sticking around to root me on.


Aura - Yippee!!! I can't wait to find out how many!!! When is your first scan? How are you feeling? Are you exausted yet? How is DH doing? I hope he is getting more excited.


Hope - thanks for being part of my "team" I love that!


AFM - gah!! what a crappy day. Last week my chicken was killed. Then I got sick. So last night I could not breathe and went to the ER (and It was really bad -I am totally not an ER kind of person). Turns out I have pneumonia . They gave me a breathing treatment and I feel so much better and able to breathe. Then this morning DH calls (he is about 2 1/2 hours away for work) and says that our cat (who lives in his apartment to keep him company) was sick and he was taking him to the vet. We have a very good friend who is our vet in our town, and she is amazing. So I met DH halfway and took the cat back to our own vet. He had kidney failure and was no able to pee (blocked). She wanted to keep him there. On the way home from the vet my mom's assisted living faculity called and told me that mom was on the way to the hospital. She was admitted for a few days. It is not too serious - just a UTI and dehydration. Then as soon as I got home the vet called and said that my cat died. I went up to see him, and just got back.  So hopefully I am getting all of my bad news out of the way so that I can have some good news in December. Thanks for listening to all my totally off topic stuff.

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rcr, doesn't it just seem that sometimes when it rains it pours, especially with bad news.  This summer many people that I knew passed away and the trend continues into the fall with fairly young people dying for what appears no apparent reason.  Hopefully good news starts coming your way soon.

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Rcr, oh honey what a rough run! hug2.gif. I hope you're right and you're lining up for good news in December.

Aura and Laura, great news! joy.gif
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rcr -- That is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week. hug.gif I hope this is the end of it. Take it easy, even "mild" pneumonia can knock you on your ass for months if you do too much while you are supposed to be recovering (ask me how I know eyesroll.gif). I really hope things look up for you soon.
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rcr- laura-belle said it perfectly, it is a terrible, horrible, no good, bad week. So sorry about your chicken and cat and everything with your mom & your health. Too much for one person really. Take it easy and I hope they are giving you something good to get better fast.

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rcr - I'm so sorry for all of the awful things you've been having to deal with. Much love to you.

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rcr - OMG... you have been through the ringer and back in this past week it sounds!!!  Wow!!  Praying for you that things will start to get better and you feel better soon too.  I guess if life was easy it would be boring, right?  Sure sounds like you have had your fair share and deserve a huge break!  Take it easy and drink lots of water.  Are you able to still teach or are you off for a bit?  Hope they have you on some good antibiotics and you start feeling better quick!!  Oh and I'm on the RCR cheer team as well this Dec!!! joy.gif


Aura - still over the moon excited for you!!!!  My twins first beta was actually 70 and 2nd was 700 and then w/ this natural one the first was 1300 but I know IVF they will be lower.  Can't wait to hear your 2nd number!!  ON pins and needles!!!!


Laura - 12 more days until your appt or somewhere close there!!!  Yay!!!  Yes, come on over to the "other side" it will be good to have a few more "newbies" pregos there w/ all the "grads" (already had babes) I think "grads" out numbers the newbies so it would be nice.

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Rcr, I am so sorry about your cat. Our cat was blocked last Wednesday and was at the vet until Monday when we broke him free and had to take him to a second vet. He is in bad shape and we are hoping he makes it. My heart goes out to you, I wish I could give you a hug! And to have pneumonia on top of it... And your mom! I'm just so sorry. When It rains, it pours. Now you're only allowed to receive good news!!

Afm, I spent the day freaking out. I had some spotting, it was darker than pink, and I was convinced my journey was over. I cried, I called the dr, and the nurse basically told me there was nothing I can do and to wait for the beta.

My beta was 537.

Sooooo, I got my calendar of meds for the next month, and my due date is June 10th. My first ultrasound is also 10/15 (big day Laura!) and on that day ill be 6w1d. I think. It was a lot of info and I may have missed something!
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Aura: Yay!! Remind me how many dpo you were for your first beta? Mine was 171 at 13 dpo and it was definitely one. I also had a definite amount of spotting starting on the day of my first beta. But it all turned out fine. I think it seems to be SOOO common in IVF! Especially if you are on any blood thinners/baby aspirin. Sounds like nice solid betas! 



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Cindy you just made me feel SO much better! I even read this to my husband. I am on baby aspirin because of the mthfr and didn't think about it. That would possibly explain things? Phew! I hope that's the case.

My 10dp5dt was 263, and 12dp5dt is 537. I'd be happy with one healthy baby!
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Aura - sorry about the spotting. I know how horrible it is. IF never ends - you just move on to different stages. Now you get to experience pregnancy full of worry and fear, unfortunatelly. It is just not fair. I remember how carefree I was with DS (before IF) and how I would be different - it is just so unfair. Try to relax.


All - thanks for the kind words about my horrible day - the cat, mom, and being sick. Today was a better day. I am feeling really guilty about the cat. Had DH known that he was blocked before it got bad, he would not have died. He has blocked before and I always caught it early enough before it backed up into his kidneys. But DH says that he didn't notice anything different about kitty, so when he finally did see that something was wrong it was too late - the urine has backed up into his kidneys and they stopped functioning. I feel horrible about it. He was a great cat - very sweet and cuddly. Not the brightest guy in the world, but he has tons of great qualities and we loved him. AS for my mom, I hired some babysitters to sit with her at the hospital. I just couldn't do the 24-hour watch myself again. I am also feeling better - so things are looking up.

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AURA- so excited for you. My beta was 130 ,10dp3dt and 615, 14dp3dt and I had lots of on and off spotting and bleeding for about 2 weeks straight and all was fine. Hope that helps a little.

RCR- Sorry your having such a rough week, I'm also in ur December fan club.
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rcr-glad to hear things are looking up.  What an awful week for you.


Aura-Great second beta, sorry to hear about the spotting.  Everything went smoothly with my pregnancy for DD but it took the longest time for me to calm down and really believe everything would be okay.  My friends who never went to IF never seemed to worry half as much as I did.  It did get real with each milestone cleared.  Hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here on out.


AFM-met with the RE who ordered some baseline bloodwork to see where everything is at.  He seemed okay with going ahead for a Nov cycle if everything looks okay on the bloodwork.  I go back mid-Oct to review the results and get the plan.  More waiting, IF sure teaches us about patience.

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Aura - So exciting!! I'm glad everything ended up being fine.


rcr - Cats are amazing at hiding anything that's wrong. Please don't feel guilty. I know it doesn't make it any easier, but I'm sure he had a very happy life with you. I'm glad things are looking up.



AFM - I was nervous yesterday/the day before after leaving messages with the nurse, but I finally had a breakthrough bleed yesterday and today the nurse told me that tomorrow will be my new day 3. I'm frustrated that we lost a couple weeks with all of this, but glad that it won't push us back another month. So tomorrow I go in for my new day 3 bloodwork/ultrasound.

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