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Just wanted to stalk by to say congrats, Aura!!! And hopefully you can be less worried as the pregnancy moves further along. I think I finally (mostly) stopped worrying about 34 weeks or so, when I figured baby would probably make it!


And count me in for Team RCR... you are the reason I still stalk this thread. (Though having several of my IF ONE sisters move on to IVF is giving me new reasons!) Glad things are looking better today, but UGH for all of that piling on your head at once!

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Thought I'd share this site ... it's always help me when i was concerned about my numbers :)

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Thanks tenk! I think I'm solidly in singleton territory!

Thanks monkey, hopefully it will feel real soon!

Rcr, how are you today?

Afm, had ten hours of sleep other than a break to sleep eat a granola bar. I feel good today!
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HI All:


Thanks for the support. I am feeling pretty good now. DH is sick, so he is not coming home this weekend. Mom should be getting out of the hospital either today or Monday. I haven't been to work in a week, but I did catch up a little last night while DS was sleeping. Oh, and I think that I have BCP waiting for me, so when AF starts I begin!


Aura - Ah, 10 hours of sleep. Enjoy it!


Monkey - hi!


shesiad - how was the u/s?


Vieros - glad you are moving forward.

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rcr - glad to hear that you are doing better and hopefully things are starting to go your way now!!!!


vireoes - glad you had your appt and are getting things rolling.  Hope all your blood work comes back good!!


aura - Great number!!!!!!  Truly awesome!!  I'd say my guess now is probably one since it was just a little over doubled and not crazy high which you would think it would be w/ 2, but you never know.  Are you still spotting???  I know i had a friend that spotted all through her first trimester.


Shesaid - how'd the bloodwork and u/s go?? 

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Today we are putting our cat to sleep, same reason as rcr's cat. What a sad week for kittens.
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Sorry to hear about your cat Aura.

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Aura -- hug.gif That sucks immensely. I'm so sorry. greensad.gif

rcr -- Glad things seem to be doing a bit better. It is exciting that you are starting soon!

shesaidboom -- Glad things are back on track.

vireoes -- I never actually wanted nearly as much practice in patience as I got. hug.gif Pretty sure you could have lived without it as well.
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Sorry Aura. That is sad.

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Rcr and Aura, I'm so sorry about your cats :o( I know that these animals really become part of the family so I'm so sorry. Sending you virtual hugs! (And Rcr, sorry about your chicken too.. :o( sniff.) Hope you're feeling much better!


Aura, I'm adding to the list of people who spotted during the first few weeks. I spotted on and off. My nurse said it was completely normal. Great beta number!! would you be like twins? haha I personally think it's great to have twins :o)


Everyone else, hoping that the baby dust hits everyone and there are many more BFPs in the near future!!



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Aura: I'm so sorry about your cat.


Rcr: I'm so sorry about your awful week.  I hope you and your mum are doing a little better and I'm sorry about the pets.


Vierous: Hope your doing OK.


Blue: hope your well.  I'm taking the vits based on my hair analysis but obiously I'll talk about with my clinic when I get that far.  Hopefully I can get my mineral levels up before then.


AFM: Just wating for news on my donnor.  Just feeling really low at the moment.  Seen a couple of people from uni one chatting about being back from her second maternity leave and the other very pregant.  Then had to hang out with my heavily pregant SIL and all the talk about the new baby. Just wondering if I should except that this isn't going to happen and just except my lonley life.  I'm trying to plan as if it's not going to happen and stop waiting for it.  But I don't know what I'd do with my life if I can't have a child.

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OH silver, I am sorry. I can't imagine how you feel. I think that there is a baby out there for you, and that this donor cycle will be just the ticket. Donor cycles have such a high success rate, I don't see how you could not take home a baby, especially since you have backup with the other clinic. Sorry you are feeling low. You will make it through IF with a baby that is just meant for you.

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Drive-by AFM- Feels like AF is on her way and I can redo the testing!

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Thanks rcr thats what I was needing to hear.  I hope your doing OK hug2.gif

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Good to hear, deborah! I think AF is on the way for me too!

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RCR- She's currently conspicuously absent, but I guessed she'd be here between the 10th and the 16th. I'm guessing closer to the 10th.

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FET tomorrow for me. I'm terrified of having another miscarriage, but might almost feel worse about another negative. I'm worrying way in advance, I know, but it's hard not to.
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Silver, I wish I could give you a hug! Things get better. Try to stay positive, there is a baby for you out there!

Daisy, good luck tomorrow! Each embryo is a fresh chance, don't stress yourself out too much. I've got my fingers crossed that this will be your time!

Rcr, how are you feeling? Once af comes do you start Bcp? I can't wait for your cycle to start!
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Daisy - good luck tomorrow!


Aura - I am fine. I went to pick up my BCP today, and the nurse forgot to call them in. So, I called her and they should be there now, so I will pick them up tomorrow. I picked up my cat's ashes yesterday, and it was kinda weird because I was not expecting whole bones. Last time I had my dog cremated, they crushed up the bones I guess. But this time there are whole bones in the contained mixed in with the ash. Strange. How are you?

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Hi all! I just signed for a massive box of drugs so I figured I should stop by and say HI! This is our first shot at IVF and I started out posting on the IF board when we were doing IUI with Clomid. We did three rounds of that then took the summer off to recoup and get ready for IVF. I am on day 5 of bcp and kind of had a slight WHOA moment when I unpacked the box from the mail order pharmacy. All of THAT is going to end up inside of me, huh? Fun times. So far I am doing 15 days of bcp, baseline US and labs on 10/22, protocol: 40mcg lupron, 450 follistim, 150 menopur, and progesterone in oil.
Knowing how my mind works (there could be 10,000 BFPs on here but my mind would focus on the BFN's and cancelled cycles/unfertilized eggs) I will likely lurk more than actually post but there here we go, hopefully for the better!
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