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Still no sign of AF. Figures, when I want her she doesn't show. When I don't want her, she's right on time.

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Nieve - Welcome. Do you want to be added to the front page? If so, let me know what you would like your blurb to say. I hear ya on the box of meds. It is overwhelming.


Deborah - sorry AF is not cooperating. She never does.


AFM - Finally moving forward!! I got a call today about scheduling my calendar review meeting, so we are doing it on Thursday at 1 (11 their time). YAY! After that I am going to call the pharmacy and schedule my meds to be ordered (they already called them in a month or so ago), and start travel arrangements. Today my boss scheduled a meeting for Dec 9th (I will already be in Vegas). And I tole her that I had to go to a wedding. So I guess the lies are beginning too.

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deborah - my body is on the same track as yours right now. I'm waiting for AF to start so I can begin my pre-IVF cycle. She's due today but there is no sign of her!
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Aura: So sorry about your cat.

RCR: So sorry about the everything.

deborah and sourire: There's nothing like impatiently for an AF that takes forever to show up.

AFM, got a call yesterday from the fertility clinic and we're going to start clomid on the next cycle. They want me to call in my day 1 so I can have a battery of tests done and to be closely monitored. So even though I haven't 'O'ed (and I use that term loosely), I want my AF to show so we can get started on that.


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Hi everyone! I have commented a few times because I've been lurking since moving over to the infertility side 14 months ago. We had our first IVF consult today so I am taking the plunge to introduce myself.


We have been off contraceptives since Nov 2009 and didn't prevent at all but started actively TTC in September 2010. After almost a year of acupuncture and herbs we moved to an RE and did 3 rounds of clomid (2 IUI), 2 letrazole (1 IUI) and 1 Gonal-F (IUI) all failed cycles. Switched to NaPro Technology and had a LAP in March, diagnosed with Stage 2 Endometriosis with an endometrioma on the left ovary- everything was removed. My cycles have gotten better but the pulling/tugging pain started back about 2 months ago along with pain during intercourse so we are finally (hesitantly) moving on to IVF with a new RE. I say hesitantly because we are Catholic and tried to do everything in our power to conceive on our own but realize that realistically with what we are up against that our best chance at becoming parents is through IVF. That said, we are trying to customize our protocol to stay as ethical as possible. I know other Catholics would scoff at the idea of bending the rules of the church but until you are in this position I'm not sure you can understand, that said, the decision to adopt or remain childless very noble, however, it isn't something I can live with settling for at this point.

Anyway it seems like our protocol is going to be Long Lupron starting with BCPs. I will get my calendar next Wednesday. My new RE is being amazing with bending some rules to get us started ASAP. My CD3 b/w with AMH testing and U/S will be re-done on 10/28 when we return from vacation and then I start BCPs. I'm sure I will have lots of questions when I have more info on specific drugs but for now, anyone been on this protocol? What did you think of it? The RE said he wouldn't recommend Estrogen Priming because it may flare my Endo and it is important to keep inflammation down which is why he added the BCPs. I am trying to be flexible with what I had in my head going in but I could use some reassurance that it is a good protocol for me.

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Wow, has there been a rush of people over from the one thread or what? I hope this is the ticket for all of you.


Welcome over here Toothfairy. Should I add you to the front page? What do you want your blurb to say? I don't know enough about your protocol to know if I have been on it or not. But I have been on lupron a lot - With my new clinic I take it for a few weeks before starting the cycle (and after BCP), and then I continue to take it throughout. I am not Catholic, but I totally understand on not really understanding until you are in that position. That happens a lot.  I am glad that you are making it work and feel comfortable.


Sourire/deborah/devilish - we are in the same boat... waiting for AF. Although I am not in a huge hurry. It just means longer on BCP if AF shows up.


AFM - well I picked up my BCP. And my calander appointment is tomorrow at 1:00, so I guess I will get my calander sometime tomorrow. I am planning to get our flights, reserve a hotel and order my meds right away.

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I am so frustrated b/c I shouldn't even be waiting for testing. I should be happily (or disgruntedly) giving myself injections. The plus side is all my dental work will be done as of Friday (for a long time anyway) and that was a goal I had before getting PG again.

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So how long after a day 6 embryo transfer would you do a home test if you were the testing type?  I think last time I did it 6 days after and got a positive test (didn't end well, but the test worked that quickly).  I know I'm going to test again and am just trying to figure out how long I should really wait before doing it.

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I guess the big migration from the One thread to this one is due to the fact that there hasn't been a BFP that stuck one the One thread in about 6 months... So depressing!
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Oh, wow. 6 months, souire. That is depressing. Sorry to hear that. I try to pop in once in a while to see if there has been a BFP, but I didn't realize it had been that long.


Daisy, I guess I would start testing around 6 days, if I had a lot of tests. Last time I only had three and I hate buying tests (like, really really hate it), so I waited a little longer. This time I really should buy some online so I can test all I want.

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Where do you order them from online?  I always end up going to the pharmacy and buying a 3 pack and then doing that over and over again until my beta.  Not exactly logical or cost effective either.

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Daisy -They are 12-something on Amazon. I am ordering a few other things, so I am going to just add some tests.

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Hi Ladies,


I don't normally post here except for congrats and things but I noticed that RCR and Daisey posted about pregnancy tests .... earlypregnancytests.com has them in bulk for very cheap.  I used to buy 25-50 at a time so I could test obsessively for days each cycle <insert bag over head smiley> and it would be like $12 for 25 and $18 for 50 or something like that.  They come in a yellow envelope so no one knows what it is as well.  Just thought I'd share that with you all.  ((HUGS)) and I hope to read some great news very soon!!

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Thanks Tenk. I have used those before too. I forgot about that.


AFM - I had my calendar meeting. I got my calendar. I start BCP on day 2 or 3. an d meds start on Nov 9th. That seems really soon, but it is mostly just gannirelix and lupron intil the 26th, when I start stims.


I am worried about AF. If it does not show by next Friday, I have to cancel the cycle. Come on AF!!! I am feeling it now, so I hope it comes soon.


I also have to schedule a baseline and u/s for nov 19th locally. I tried a clinic I checked out once to see if they would and they said no. I really want to avoid going to my old RE. I guess I should just suck it up and do it. Hmm, I wonder if I could just schedule it and don't ask if I can do it - they already said that they would do outside monitoring (since they did it for me last time), so technically they are just doing what they already said they would do. I don't mind talking to the nurses, but I don't want the old RE to ask me about it, and if I just go ahead and schedule it, I can do it without ever seeing her at the local office.

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Silver -- hug.gif

nieves -- Welcome! We don't bite, I promise. smile.gif Any updates for us?

Deborah -- Isn't that always it with AF? Waiting sucks. Hopefully the testing goes smoothly this time.

Daisy -- Good Luck! I would totally start testing at 6 days post day 6 transfer. I think that is as early as you will get anything anyway. For tests, do you have a Dollar Tree or similar near you? Their tests seem to work just fine and are cheap.

rcr -- It is exciting that you are starting soon! In your shoes, I would just call the old clinic and try to schedule; it seems like the easiest option. Hopefully AF will show up soon so you can stop worrying about that. hug.gif

toothfairy2be -- Welcome! I just wanted to say that I am Catholic as well, and well, I'm here too. I looked into it some and ended up with Opinions on the Church's stance on ART. My first IVF was on the long lupron protocol; I think that for those of us who are relatively young it is a common protocol.

Sourire -- That is depressing. Ugh.
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AF showed up tonight. I have to start BCP on CD 2 or 3, so I am starting on Sat since AF showed up later in the day.  I also made hotel reservations and ordered meds to have them shipped next Friday.

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AF started yesterday for me. I'll be starting Estrace on October 30.
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Yay Sourire!!!


There are people on the front page who do not have a blurb. If you would like one, please post it.:










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me (32, possible PCOS, IF issue not Ovulating), DH (34), DD (2). Trying to conceive #2 for one year. Starting clomid next cycle. Currently waiting to O. Hoping to not have another 60 day cycle.

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Wow, I feel like I am kinda behind.  I always get the updates on my email but just haven't had a chance to post but know I'm always stalking and cheering you all on!!!!  I'm sure I will miss some but I'm just able to look up from this last page.



Devilish - Welcome!!!  I'm confused... how are they using Clomid w/ your IVF??  Is this just for a test before you have an IVF??????  Hope it all goes well!!


Sourire & rcr - yay for AF starting and to get going w/ your next cycle!!!!


rcr - how are you feeling w/ the pneumonia and how is your mom and DH doing???  You have had a lot going on lately!!  Doesn't it feel good to be getting the ball rolling w/ your next IVF cycle and setting up the hotel and what not!!  Fingers crossed so hard that this is your time!!!!!! 


Daisy - I think I normally would test like a few days before my beta was due when I was in the process.


Deborah - Hope AF shows her ugly face so you can get things moving too!


Toothfairy - Welcome!!!  All the politics about religion and IVF kinda bother me.  I'm not Cathollic but Prodestant and I always kinda worried about that stuff too.  In my opinion which i'm sure some of the people in the church might not agree w/ is that even if you do an IVF they put those embryos back in you and then it is all in God's hands if it is going to implant or not.  I was going to a no kill type of clinic so that wasn't an issue.  I hope you can feel content w/ it and wish you the best luck!!!!


Hi to everyone else!!!

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