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I am not undergoing IVF. I read this thread (and others like it) because I enjoy reading about people's successes. The moment they get the BFP after a long and arduous journey. I did not mean to offend anyone.

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Originally Posted by devilish View Post

I am not undergoing IVF. I read this thread (and others like it) because I enjoy reading about people's successes. The moment they get the BFP after a long and arduous journey. I did not mean to offend anyone.

Devillish - No, you didn't offend anyone, as far as I know!!  No need to apologize in my eyes.  I was just confused b/c I was thinking you were doing an IVF since you were here and thought maybe you were doing some kind of testing w/ clomid or it was something new that I'd never heard of.  Hope all goes well w/ your cycle!!

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Devilish - You can come join us on the Infertility One Thread where we are all still doing Clomid, IUIs, ect. :) Though we haven't had a BFP for a long long time :( 


*Rooting for all my IVF gals*

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Glad to hear AF arrived and you are about to begin Souire and RCR.


Welcome toothfairy2be-good luck with your cycle.  


my blurb-TTC #2, beginning fresh IVF cycle Nov.

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My blurb- TTC for 2.5 years, 12 failed medicated cycles, 4IUIs. Diagnosis: Endometriosis. Repeating CD3 testing Oct 28th then startng BCPs. First IVF Egg Retrieval expected at the start of December.

Sourire & RCR, glad AF showed and you can get started!

Blue - i can't agree more about it being in Gods hands once they go back in, it is the souls of everything that gets fertilized (whether they divide enough or not) that worries me. We're at the point now that our other option is to remain childless and I just at 27 can't accept that.

Laura-belle- what was your protocol the cycle you got pregnant? I understand his reasoning to choose this one but wonder wha else is out there. I think with any religion there are always areas that IVF crosses the line but It just seems like they come down so hard in the Catholic Church, it makes me sad.

Daisy - it might be too late to order from amazon now bu I usually get the cheapie strips there for just a few dollars. When is your test date?
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rcr- yay for AF!!!!  i am so excited.  did you book the tickets? are all systems go?  did you start the pill? can i tell you again how excited i am?? :P


good luck tooth fairy.  I am sure it was a difficult decision for you to make, but i'm glad you're here and you've got a lot of support in these ladies.  


viroes, so where are you now in the cycle?  i missed a few pages i think.  are you getting excited?


sourire-hooray on starting soon!


devilish, good luck with your clomid cycle!


afm, looks like my PIO allergy came back with a vengence!  My whole back looks like this: 





 so i finally emailed dr T and he has taken me off of PIO.  I'm back to crinone 2xday, but i'll continue to estrogen shots as those don't bother me.  i am nervous because it's impossible to measure progesterone when it's going straight to the uterus instead of into the blood stream, but dr t said "it's enough progesterone to support a hundred pregnancies" so i am going to trust him once again.  he hasn't steered me wrong yet.  it will probably be a few weeks until my lumps and welts and bruises go away, but i am so excited to start healing. maybe i, can finally start sitting comfortably again, walking comfortably, sleeping comfortably again....

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Toothfairy, my test is on Thursday. I still have one leftover from last time, but one is never enough!
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Aura- glad they got you off that stuff! That rash looks so painful/uncomfortable.

Daisy- One is never enough! What did you decide on for test? Have you used one yet?
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Hello all,


Please bear with me if I miss anyone!


Welcome to all the newbeeis, toothfairy, sila anyone else I missed.  Good luck and I hope IVF is all you need!


Aura: Glad they are changing things to get rid of that horrid rash! Hope you feel better soon.


rcr: glad you got your dates.


debourha, rcr, everyone waiting for af: I hope she starts being more co-operative.


AFM: Finally (3 months later!) herd back from my 2nd clinic and they said out of four eggs only two were mature.  They were very poor quality with a number of problems I can't remember.  To be honest it means that I feel I really am doing the right thing going for donnor eggs and I won't tie myself in knots waiting for another own egg treatment althogh if I'm not pregant when it's offered I would go for it.  I spent months doing accuputre, supplimnets dhea etc and I still got less egg lower quality.  I can't see that I could improve the siutation any in a years time.


The good news is my 1st clinic emailed me which a few donors one of which seemed like a good physical match and would be treatment 10 dec.  Only drawback is OTD would be 25 dec which as I'm dreading xmas anyway would be awful with a bfn.  No-one else is doing donor eggs here are they? Not really sure what else to ask the clinic, but feeling like I might go for it!

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I tested about an hour ago (5 days after my transfer) and it was positive with a pretty dark line. Now I just have to hope that this one sticks. Four more days until my beta and I'm sure I will test again myself.
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Daisy -- Yay! joy.gif Congrats! I am thinking sticky thoughts for you.
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Daisy - joy.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gifbanana.gifjoy.gif!!!!!!  Praying this is a sticky one for you!!  Congrats!!  Hope you are starting the next BFP streak over here!!!!!


Aura - glad things got changed!!!!  Ouch!!!

Silver - that is good information to know b/c you don't want to waste your time and money if going the donor route is ultimately the best option.  I think it sounds like you are on your way w/ the process that will give you the most chance of having a baby.  Fingers crossed for you!!!


vireoes - You must be getting closer to starting here too, right? 

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Thanks ladies, I'm trying to be cautiously optimistic. It's hard though!
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Daisy - wonderful news!!! Praying for a sticky baby joy.gif. Did you put back one or two?
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Just one. With the microarray cgh we were told our chances of multiples would be extremely high if we did more than one (especially since we have one son through cgh testing) and we're more comfortable with a singleton at this point if possible.
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Yeah, Daisy!  Looking forward to seeing more positive news from you!

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Daisy- YIPEE so happy for you joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif
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I tested again this morning (of course - now I'm obsessed).  It was positive again but I don't think the line was quite as dark as on the test I took yesterday afternoon (same brand, different pkg).  Maybe one shade lighter?  Should I be concerned about that? 

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Blue - I am feeling fine, and my mom is actually doing pretty good. They ended up raising her rent by $1,000 to provide her more care, which I was fine with because the alterniative was to kick her out.


Delilish - Sorry. I was confused. I didn't remember your name, so I added you to the list of people who didn't have blurbs. In any case, you are welcome to hang out here.


Aura - I booked my tickets, got a hotel room, got my consents notorized, and have DH working on a plan for boarding or having somebody watch the dogs. I even rescheduled DSs violin lesson for when he will be gone. So yea, I am excited too :) Ouch to the PIO. I am sure Dr. T knows what he is doing.


Silver - I wouldn't look back either. I am not doing donor eggs, but we are using donor sperm for half. I have looked into it a lot, and the only reason we didn't go with it was the cost. I know Vegan has looked into it a lot too, so maybe she will chime in. Here are a few things I have considered: Have you thought about open identity? In the US, you get the choice of the child being able to know the identity of the donor when they turn 18. that is the option I went with for our sperm donor, because I didn't want to close the door to that option for my kid(s) if they are curious when they get older. Since it is an option, they can always choose not to. Anther thing I have read is a decision to (or not) to tell people you are using a donor. I decided that I probably wouldn't, because I think i would want to leave that decision up to the kid and if I go ahead and tell friends and family beforehand the kid won't be able to have a choice whether or not they want the world to know.


Daisy - Yay!!!! joy.gif


AFM - I took DS camping this weekend. At a waffle house parking lot he and his friend who also went camping with us saw a girl holding a baby chicken (like 2 or 3 days old). They went up to pet it and the girl said that she got it at a flea market "because it was cute" and didn't really know what to do with it. I couldn't believe somebody could be so careless with another life.  She didn't have a coop or food or anything. In fact, she just had it in her had and didn't have a box in the car. So she said "want it?" I said yes. I told her she was pretty careless with this little chick, and you really aren't supposed to have just one, and chicken are kindof a lot of work (she didn't have a heat lamp either, and it was pretty cold out). So anyway, we have a little chick. I don't know the breed (looks like a rhode island red maybe). And I hope it is female. But DS is so happy he has not put her down since we brought her home. We had to go into waffle house to get a take-out box to put her in for the ride home. I also started BCP on Saterday.

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Dasiy joy.gif congratulations! This thread is doign well! I wouldn't worry about the colour of the line.  My understanding is that a lot of things can affect how much hcg is in your urine like how much water your drinking and time of day.  hpt are not that sophisitcated, they are mesuring how much hcg is in your urine not how pregant you are.


Blue: thanks I hope your right!


rcr: in the UK all our donors are open id donors.  I think I will prob tell most people straight off about donor, I'll need to for the pserm donor so might as well say about the eggs too.  plus a lot of research seems to suggest this can be easier for most kids.

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