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I have a patient that sees Dr Ryley & could not say enough good about him, just for me the drive was too far to switch to him. I find the staff is much more receptive at RSC. I've never had to leave a message, they actually answer, even emails! My nurse isn't dismissive as I found at B-IVF. It wasn't like they weren't friendly but I always felt like if I called I was annoying to them (and I rarely called so it isnt like I'm high maintenence). I know the places are about the same size patient wise but RSC in Lexington just seems more intimate & personel compared to Waltham B-IVF.
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Yeah, I can see that. It can be annoying to have to leave messages all the time. I love Dr. Ryley so much that I can easily deal with it. He had a terrible nurse when I started. I told him how awful she was to me and I guess I wasn't the only one. She was fired shortly thereafter. And luckily I've made a decent connection with the new nurse I'm assigned to. That makes a huge difference. I'm glad you're happy with your new situation. With something like this I think it's so important to feel totally at ease.
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toothdfairy - glad you found something treatable. We have Male factor as well - morphology mostly. Although DH had the varicole surgery a few months ago, so we are hoping for some improved results this time. My doc does ICSI on everybody anyway, even if there is no MF.

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My beta was 100. joy.gif I don't have to repeat it. I'm supposed to call tomorrow to schedule an ultrasound for 2-3 weeks from now. I'm feeling much better about things.
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Yay Daisy!! congrats!

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Yay!! Congrats Daisy!
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Hooray Daisy!

Shesaidboom - when do you start your meds?
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my big box of meds is on its way. It should arrive this afternoon :)

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hi ladies... can i join as well?


i'm a regular poster on "the scenic route" but i've been stalking this thread and the infertility one thread for a long time and have been silently cheering a lot of you on for a while now...


aura - twins!! so happy for you!


daiseymae - horray for a nice, strong beta!


laura-belle - excited for you as well... it's been so encouraging to see all the recent bfps!


rcr - i'm really rooting for you... i look forward to the day i receive my 'big box of meds'!


sourie, lilac,  - wave.gif i've been wanting to "meet" you both for a long time... been following your journey and am excited to see you take your next steps!


deborah - you helped me out quite a bit with information for endo/DOR ladies and i'm very excited to see you get your take home baby!


toothfairy - now i'll get to keep up with you on two threads! i'm your biggest fan! 


blue - i nearly cried when you got your bfp!! so glad everything is going well!


i know for sure i've missed some people and look forward to getting to know everyone!


afm - trying to find a way to keep this short... i am on the path to IVF and after crossing a few doctor-office-related-hurdles (I'm in the process of switching docs in the same practice and it's looking like it might be a tad complicated) i should be starting in either december or january depending on how fast things move. you can see my siggie for my history but basically i fall in the DOR category and had stage II endo removed in March of this year.


I have a bit of RE office envy (i'm really frustrated with mine and unfortunately there's not much to choose from in Orlando). I am paying OOP and have become a bit obsessed with trying to make sure that I am getting the protocol that will give me the best chance for success the first time around. I know I've read that several of you have done/will be doing the estrogen priming protocol... for those of you who have done it/will be doing it... can you tell me what your RE's criteria was for putting you on it? 


Again, I look forward to getting to know everyone better!

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Aura: Congrats on twins!


Deborah: Glad your getting going and got a timing that worked for you


Laura-belle: glad things are looking good for you


Rcr: Hope I didn’t cause any offence, I’m in quiet a different situation as I’m going to have to explain the lack of father anyway so might as well mention both donors.  I’d just like it to be no big deal for them.  No idea how I’ll explain to older relative though cross that when I come to it! Hope your meds have arrived safely. Glad you got a new chicken


Verioes: hope things are all going well for Nov.


Toothfairy: hope your getting a good plan together from your test results.


Daisymae: Congrats on your beta


Indie: Welcome! Rcr and I are also cycling in Dec so hopefully we can have such good luck with the bfp then! I hope you can find the right protocol for you.


AFM: Signed up for donor eggs in Dec! Should be having treatment week of 10 Dec.  Seeing clinic 31 Oct and will get meds for down regging then.  Starting to get excited.  But it’s hard for my third cycle.  I’m already starting to think how pregnant I would be at each point of the year etc but keep trying not to encase it’s just more disappointment.  It’s hard to keep the faith.


On a completely un-fertility related note I just found a load of songs my husband composed and recorded on the computer! I’m so excited, I thought all the beautiful music he wrote was gone forever but it’s not! So amazing to hear him singing again after all this time.

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Daisy-mae - Great Beta, congrats.


Cleaned out the fridge yesterday morning and brought home a big bag full of meds.  So ready to start in Nov, now just sit around and wait for AF.  I am on a short protocol this time so I start meds on D2.  I am on the "old lady" protocol this time.  The RE said it will generate less follicales than the protocol I used last time.  I think I started with 12 last time, 9 fertilized.  So I guess a few less should leave me enough to get a good one out of.  Fingers crossed.  They seem to do lots of older ladies at my clinic from the look of folks in the waiting room, so hopefully they know their stuff.  

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Welcome indie! Nice to meet you. It's crazy how many of us endo girls make it all the way to IVF... A bit depressing really but hopefully IVF will be our ticket to the other side. I'm on an estrogen priming protocol. My RE didn't explain anything at all about why he picked that protocol which I find kind of frustrating. It sounds like a lot of people at my clinic are given this protocol though.

Silver - how lovely about finding those songs!
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Vireoes - Nov is coming up here soon!!!! Yay!!! I know w/ some of those protocols where they are looking for less eggs it will give you better quality and less quantity.  Fingers crossed for you.


Silver - So glad you have the ball rolling and have a date set up!!  Awesome!!  Can't wait.  Crossing my fingers for you too!!


Indie - Welcome!!!!  I hope that you have good success w/ your IVF!!!  The first one is always the hardest b/c it is all foreign but this is a great group of ladies w/ great advice so never hesitate to ask questions.  Good luck!!


rcr - Yay for a box of med!!!!  That box seems less intimidating each time it arrives doesn't it!!!  Unfortunately!!!  This has go to be it for you!!!!  Fingers and toes crossed for TEAM RCR!!!!


Daisy - Congrats!!!!  joy.gif So maybe I missed a beta, but are you only have one beta done????  Was 100 your first beta?  I'll have to go back and see if i missed something.  I can only see back on this page.


Hi to everyone else.  Always here rooting for you all and praying for BFP's for all of you!!!!!

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Blueyzz, you didn't miss anything. My first beta was 100 and they're not repeating it. I will have an ultrasound on November 9th.
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Hi Ladies,


I hope there is room here for one more:)


I have had a crazy week in which I switched from an injectible/iui cycle to ivf due to insurance coverage. In a nutshell, I get 4 lifetime attempts at conceiving a baby and my insurance looks at an iui cycle or an ivf cycle as 1 attempt. I had one failed clomid/iui cycle so I am now down to 3 covered attempts. My RE suggested switching to IVF as the success rates are so much better. Although it is a little sooner than I would have gone this route if coverage was unlimited I am pretty comfortable with this decision. I was already on BCP for the injectible cycle so I have only one more week with those and then I start all my meds, retrieval sometime around the 10thish...


Congratulations to all the recent BFPs!! So nice to see as I read back through some of this thread.


Please add this blurb about me:

BucketofRain (33) DH (34) TTC #2 for 2 years:( "Diagnosed" with unexplained infertility. Clear HSG, HSN, and all blood work looks good. One failed clomid, iui cycle. IVF with 1/2 icxi Nov 2012!!

Edited because I realized I put my real name in my blurb and not my here name:)
Edited by BucketOfRain - 10/20/12 at 3:07pm
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So, my AMH is still a little on the high side (less than 3 though, so still fine). However, my overall egg retrieval score came back at 13! This is solidly in the good section of the scale. http://reprosource.com/clinical-tests/ovarian-assessment-report/ So happy! Definitely going to get to use my own eggs :-). I haven't talked to the RE yet, but I see no reason why we wouldn't.

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Thanks Indie and Silverbird! Congrats to everyone who is getting good news (either BFPs or other happy fertility news).

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Yay deborahkelly! joy.gif:joy
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Bucket of rain: Welcome! I think your doing the right thing, IVF has a higher succes rate and cost more so if you can only get a few treatment's it's defintly the way to go.  I haven't found it too difficult physcialy (two attempts) but everyone's different and it hasn't worked for me yet! are you having retival 10 Nov? Thats no time away hoping you'll join the bfp strak soon!


Debhoura: I guess they measure AMH on different scales, I've only been told it's a problem if it's too low.  Glad your getting an own eggs round anyway.


Sourie: Yes it was great finding them!


Blue: Thanks!


Blue, rcr, aura: Do you mind me asking how long you've been on this thread? I know two of you have graduated now it just feels like the four of us have been on hear for ever.  Worked out I've been hear a year and 10 months? Have I missed any other old timers? Anyway rcr and I are graduating in dec too right?

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Welcome Buckets of Rain.  Best of luck on your cycle.  If you only get 4 covered attempts, then it makes sense to go straight for what will give you the best chances of success.


Deborah-Glad for your good test results


Silver-What a joy that must have been to find those songs.

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