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Hi All:


Silver - I don't really know how long. But if I think back... maybe about 2 years or 2 1/2.  I joined my first IVF, and I don't remember when that was. I think you joined just a little after me. Blue was here already, and aura came a little later. Congrats on getting signed up with donor eggs!!  And what a nice surprise finding those songs. Yes, I do believe we will both be out of here in December.


Deborah - congrats!!!


Bucket - welcome!! I would totally have gone for IVF too if I were you. Good luck!


Blue - I got my meds. It was no big deal this time. But it was in two boxes!! I don't know why, it wasn't more meds than last time. But it looked bigger.


Vieros - Nov is so soon!


Indie - welcome!! looks like there will be a bunch of us cycling around the same time. Glad you are here. Do you have a blurb for the front page?

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Yeah. I don't get why they'd be worried either. Maybe they were more surprised than worried.

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AF here a few days early, so I guess tomorrow is D1 for me.  I go in for blood work on Day 2 and start meds that day.  I guess AF was early to make up for being long last month with all the prog.  Somehow I had Nov in my head, but that would have been late for me.  Glad I cleared up most errands last week anyway, so we have a pretty clean slate.  I picked up my meds last week, so I guess I am ready to go.  One last dental appt tomorrow to finish up a root canal I wanted to get completed before starting this cycle.  I still have to crown the tooth, but that will have to wait I guess.

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Is it crazy that I just left a message for the nurse asking for another beta?  I know I had a really good number last Thursday, but I'm just feeling really anxious and would like to make sure that it's doubling properly.  Is it possible to even know if it's doubling properly if I don't go in for another draw until tomorrow?  I hope she says it's ok to schedule another one.  If not, I may call and beg my regular ob/gyn.

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Daisy - I am surprised that they didn't have you do one. I thought that it was pretty standard to check to make sure it was doubling. But I guess nothing is standard with IVF offices.

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So, I was right that they were just surprised about the number b/c it was so good. LOL. I got an email from the nurse this morning that everything looks much improved on my ovarian reserves! I tentatively scheduled my follow-up for Thursday and we should be able to get going. I also have my dad coming out for my transfer since I'll be on bedrest for 3 days and my mom is turning 70 on the 18th of December so she can't come out here. I feel badly I'll miss her big b-day, but I have a good excuse and it would be the best birthday present ever anyway.  The timing i expect for the transfer is also during Chanukah so it will be nice to have my dad here for that too.

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That's great Deborah!  Glad to hear that it was just because of your fabulous number. 


rcr, I was a little bit surprised they didn't want to repeat it either.  We repeated with my two chemical pregnancies and also with my son, but his number was low to start. 


Anyway, the nurse called me back and I'm going in for another beta tomorrow morning.  She was lovely and said she almost offered a 2nd beta to me but then had decided not to because she didn't want me to think that she thought there was a problem.  Ha!  And, of course, I probably would have.  I've worked with this particular nurse for a loooong time.  I think she knows me too well.  Regardless, I'm surprised that my clinic doesn't repeat betas for everybody anyway.

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Hi ladies. I jumped into this thread hoping to post regularly, but I've been having a lot of difficulty over the past few weeks. I want to apologize for leaving personals until later, but I have a question I was hoping some of you could answer. I'm to start my Lupron injections and I'm feeling very nervous after the allergic reaction I had to the BCPs. For those of you who have taken it, what has your experience with Lupron been? Did you have any side effects? I really appreciate any advice or stories you can share.

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I never had any issues with Lupron. Hands down the worst drug for me during IVF has been the BCPs. They make me depressed, irritable, and I feel totally loony on them. Lupron was nothing compared to the BCPs for me.
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Shesaid - I don't remember having too many symptoms from the lupron either.  I hope you don't have any troubles w/ it either.


Daisy - I'm glad you asked for another beta if you were at all worried about it.  Can't wait to hear your next number tomorrow.  i thought it was kinda strange that they only did one, but maybe if your number is 100 or higher your RE doesn't worry about it.  Who knows. Now you will have to figure out how many days it has been and how many doubles you have to add up since it isn't two days apart from your first number.  Keep us posted!!


Deborah - glad your test results came back good and that you get to try again w/ your own eggs.


Silver - I joined this whole MDC forum back in 2006, but we were doing IUI's then.  I was trying to look back as to when I joined in on my 1st IVF thread, but for some reason i can't figure it out.  I could be wrong, but i don't think there is anyone here from my first IVF thread, which is a good thing I guess.  Always crossing my fingers for you and all the other gals!!


Bucket - Not sure if i said it before or not, but Welcome!!!

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Luckily, Blue, there's an online calculater that will figure out the doubling time if you put in the dates and times of your betas.  I wouldn't trust myself to get that right!

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Daisy - glad you get another one. Can't wait to hear the number.


shesaid - don't worry about not being around much. Every does that from time to time. I don't remember having too many symptoms with lupron, but I recall something called a "lupron headache"


Blue/silver - yea, I think that Blue was the "oldest" person around for a long time - I think the only person here longer than me. So I guess it is good that people eventually do get out. It just takes some of us longer than others.

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My Lupron experience sucked, but it wasn't in the context of IVF. For Endo it was awful- but I was on it for 6 or 7 months and you'll only be on it a few days.

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shesaid - I got the Lupron Headache, which was pretty miserable.  This time around I don't otherwise remember any other issues.  When I first did IVF back in 2008 I think I remember being pretty tired on it, getting the hot flashes, and feeling paranoid ~ I swear I thought everyone was out to get me.  Hopefully you don't have any issues!!!

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My beta was 1,521.  I used an online beta doubling calculator to figure out my doubling time and it's 30.56 hours, so things are looking good!

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The second beta looks great Daisy Mae.  Yeah!

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daisy, congrats!! your beta numbers sound great, i'm so happy for you!


indie, i did EPP and it worked wonders!  i have pcos but often times we are treated the same as women with DOR.  i went from never having an embryo make it past day 3 to getting 6 blasts, and i'm finally pregnant with twins.  i wore estrogen patches and did e2v suppositories, but i know rcr did shots.  either way, i know we both had success in getting better quality eggs.  


silver, first of all, how amazing for you to find your dh's music! what a wonderful treat, i hope you are able to relish the memories.  also, congrats on the donor eggs! december is going to be here before you know it!  also silver, i started on this thread last june or july... it was right when i was starting my first ivf cycle. i'm so glad i found this board.  i can't imagine spending the last year and a half without the support.  anyways, you and rcr are next.  i can feel it.  your times have come!


viroes, good luck! how exciting that af came, now you can start!  i'm glad they're trying a new protocol... eventually you'll find the one that works. 


bucket, i think going straight to ivf is your best bet.  the insurance goes so quickly, you might as well get more bang for your buck.  and the success rates are so much higher.... i wish you luck!


deborah, glad you get to use your own eggs!


shesaidboom, i was terrified to use lupron, but really it was fine.  i think the only time i had an issue was when i was on it for about a month straight and started to get a little depressed, but i think i was just tired of it.  for my fresh cycle i was on lupron for a week or two and felt perfectly normal.  

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Thank you all for the Lupron advice/experiences. I am still terrified. I hate this. DH is away tonight and I have to take my first dose alone. I'm so afraid something is going to happen. Hearing your experiences have helped a lot though. Daisymae - after my experience with the BCP (allergic reaction) I am never touching that stuff again. I hate that there is SO MUCH MEDICATION. Ugh. Thank you so much ladies for understanding.


Congrats on your great beta Daisymae!

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thank you all so much for the welcome and the feedback!


deborah!!! so excited about your news! i was a little confused reading about it as well since i know that a low amh is what they worry about... so it sounds like your reserves are a-ok!


souire - ahhh, they joys of endo-related infertility. so hoping this is the ticket for us both! how frustrating that they didn't explain the protocol to you... i am having major, major frustrations with my RE office and am switching docs in the practice right now hoping that this new one will have better nurses and they will all be better with the explanations. it's overwhelming to have to deal with all this in the first place... i don't understand why the RE office has to make it so much harder. will be keeping a good thought for you and stalking your progress!


aura - thanks for the feedback on EPP. I am trying to request EPP but the doc i've been seeing hasn't paid any attention to my requests and it seems like he wants to do straight antagonist protocol and then switch it up if it doesn't work. i know it's anecdotal but it seems to me that EPP ends up working when other protocols don't so I'd rather not mess around as this is completely OOP. we'll see how far I get... TWINS!! still so excited for you!!


silver - how wonderful that you found your dh's music! i can't imagine how fantastic that would be stillheart.gif


shesaidboom - hoping everything went well with your first dose of lupron... i hate all this medication as well and i haven't even made it to the worst of it yet.


daiseymae - great numbers! what a relief!


vireos - hope all is so far so good!


rcr - thanks for the welcome!!

as for a blurb:

Indie1976 (36) DH (36), TTC since early loss in October 2010. Dx with Stage II endo (removed by lap in March) and DOR. 1st IVF expected in January/February of 2013.



it's looking like i won't be doing IVF until end of january/beginning of february due to the process of switching docs (in the same practice) and a family cruise in early januray. i'm feeling good about the timing for reasons like we can pay cash rather than having to finance, february is just generally my favorite time of the year, etc.

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shesaidboom, how did your first dose of Lupron go?  My husband travels a lot and I know it can be really unnerving to try a new drug when you're alone.  Thinking about you!

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