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indie- yeah, I was confused too, but I guess they just didn't realize things could get so much better and the other stuff hadn't the first time, but looked good the second time. So strange.

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indie - I'm glad things are going to work out for you timing wise!



AFM - thanks for asking how the first dose went. I was very nervous but it was just fine. The injection site swelled a little and looked like a bee sting afterwards but that went down pretty fast and I didn't feel much. Any "side effects" I'd consider listing would just be coincidence for now since I just took my second dose. The area around the second injection site is really red (a couple inches in diameter), but I think that's because I had some issues with the plunger sticking. I woke up with a very sore hip on the side I injected on, but again, that could be coincidence. I'm sure in a couple days I'll feel much less nervous. I'm already better than yesterday. I hate how I always get this way with medications. I have to say that even though the injections are annoying, they do make me feel like we are finally getting somewhere.

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Daisy - great beta!!!


Aura - my mom is back in the hospital (long story), and I hired sitters to stay with her there, and the sitter's name was Aura. I thought of you.


Shesaid - so glad to hear it went well. Thought that swelling sounds kinda bad.


India - paying cash must feel really good, so I am happy it worked out with the timing.


AFM - the end of the month is very close, and then I will be starting gannirelix!

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So, I got the full scoop today about the wonky lab results. Wonky= very good. I guess the owner of the place that does the testing had called my RE and said this is way better and not consistent with last year's results, so they felt it was a good idea to repeat it. My numbers stayed awesome and we are feeling good about using my own eggs and even doing an SET. We do hope to get some embryos to freeze. We aren't worried about over-responding so I'll still have high doses which is just fine with me. The rest of this post is copy/paste from the One thread.



So, lots of good news from my follow-up today with a couple minor issues/inconveniences. The good news is that I continue to defy the odds- She's never seen egg quality go up this significantly and has the same hypothesis I do that my pregnancy gave me that chance. Also, I don't have to do DHEA this year! The sad news- I do have to do PIO this time. Not looking forward to welts, but happy to do anything to increase my chances of a pregnancy occurring that is healthy and goes full-term. If any of the PIO ladies have advice for dealing with it, please let me know. 


They may have me do a Lupron protocol but given my previous experiences she's thinking of having me repeat the Gannirelix (since I responded well to it last year). She also plans on having me on the baby aspirin and Lovenox by transfer time so we have that support during the Luteal phase and I will see an MFM along with the RE as soon as I'm pregnant. I also told her about the fat discrimination issues and the body image issues it has caused and she was super supportive and told me that she thinks I look good (I love doctors that listen and are encouraging!). 


Sad/inconvenient parts- DH's morphology went down 7%. It's still okay for IVF but not great so I have to break the news to him that he actually has to do something this year. He can just drink a vitamin powder twice a day though so if he complains I'll just say, would you like to be in my shoes? Other possibly bad news- the clinic closes for Christmas in December so if I don't get my period by November 30, I'll have to wait until January. It wouldn't be the end of the world and nothing wrong with a nice way to start the new year, but since we've already delayed things a month, I'd prefer to do my retrieval/transfer in December.So, everybody, this is going to sound nuts, but please root for a super short cycle for me this month! Related to that is that my RE is leaving the practice so I'd have to see one of the other doctors. The good part is there is one that I think is phenomenal and has an incredible warmth that radiates from him so I'd be thrilled to switch to him. That also would mean meetings would be in a more convenient location. I can't think of anything else, so I hope you enjoyed this novel.

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deborah!! wow, so exciting! can you share your actual numbers from last year and this year? was there anything different going on when you had your numbers checked last year than this year? i find these kind of stories so encouraging!!!

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Sadly, those numbers were on paper and these are electronic so I can't share specifics. I can see about getting copies of last year's paperwork. My endo was much worse last year and they suspect that was the reason for my poor egg quality. I also wasn't doing acupuncture yet. I highly recommend acupuncture if you can swing it and positive thought/visualization are really good too.

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I would like copies anyway. Sorry for the triple post. Mothering likes to do that to me. Just for fun- Peachy pictures! She's ready for her Howloween party tomorrow!




700   700

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That is great news deborah! Cute photos too.

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Cute photo.  That is great that your number has improved so much.  I was thinking of starting acupuncture this time, but didn't quite get around to it.  There are lots of clinics here, but I have to find one nearby that I like where they speak English.  Hopefully there won't be a next time, but if there is I guess I really should give it a go.


I started injectables yesterday.  I go in for the first ultrasound tomorrow. So far everything is going smoothly.  The tooth I had the root canal on still hurts, which makes it hard to eat good food.  I have been trying to make some good vegetable pureed soups, to make sure I am getting good nutrients in during the process.


Everyone around me seems to be pregnant or just had a new baby.  I guess I know lots of people with kids around DD age, so its about time for the appropriately spaced second child.  My husbands colleague who had a whoops baby the first time, shortly after mine, had another whoops 6 months after the first was born.  Her second was born last week. I am trying hard not be resentful for all these people I know who things come so easily too. They spend time debating the best spacing between their kids and just assume they will get pregnant within a few months of starting and get whatever perfect spacing looks like to them.  We would just feel lucky to have a second at all, nevermind the timing. 

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shesaidboom- I was so glad to see an update from you. I've been wondering where you are. Glad to hear your first and second shots went well. I am about 3 weeks behind you I think we are on the same protocol (though I start my BCPs tonight). Looking forward to how things go for you and no side effects to your meds!


vireoes- It does seem like a slap in the face to see so many people unexpectedly pregnant. I just found out my aunts stepdaughter is 9 weeks pregnant with # 2 when her first is only 9 mos old. She is 21, unmarried, jobless and has little attachment with her baby as it is. It just hurts.


deborah- glad to hear the good news about your numbers and your puppy pics are adorable.


Sourire- did you start your estrogen yet? Will they be using gonal f or puregon when you start your stimulation? 


Indie- hi my friend. I'm sad we aren't cycling together anymore but I really do think it is for the best that you made a switch. 


rcr- So do you start your gannirelex Nov 1? How long are you on it before you start stims and make the trip to las vegas?


AFM- We just got back from a week in the Caribbean. I got my period on Friday so had my day 3 b/w and u/s today. I just got the call that due to residual follicles my ultrasound will need to be repeated next month and we need to take this month off. I'm feeling defeated. Why can't anything go right?

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so our IVF has been switched to an IUI. I started microdose lupron on Monday the 22nd and stims Wednesday. I had a reaction to the lupron (chest tightness) so they had me stop that and switch to ganirelix after my first u/s. Went in for bloodwork yesterday and they called to say that they wanted to do an u/s today and another draw. I only had two follicles, one of which was much larger than the other. Because of my age (40) they really wanted at least 4 follicles. I did start the ganirelix today. We are supposed to go tomorrow for another u/s and blood work but we are in CT so Sandy is a huge factor. While I would much rather find out early on that I responded poorly rather than go in for retrieval and have the whole cycle cancelled, its still a blow. It's all starting to feel so hopeless.

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toothfairy - does that mean you're starting BCP next month then? Bummer.

I'm starting my estrogen on Tuesday. I will be stimming with Menopur + Puregon.


shesaidboom - glad you're surviving the Lupron so far! I will be cheering you on. When is AF due?


AFM - just got back from a baby shower. It went fine, I didn't feel upset at all... which is kind of surprising because I've been pretty depressed and on the verge of tears all the time for the past few weeks. I guess it's a sign that I need to start doing yoga again, that always makes me feel better.


A crazy thing happened to me the other day...I'm pretty open about my infertility with everyone I know, and while I don't post openly about it on Facebook I did post the following article a while back: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dina-roth-port/infertility-the-disease-w_b_819978.html ... I didn't get much reaction to the article but then a few weeks later I got an email from my ex-boyfriend (who I rarely talk to because he lives far away) saying he saw that article I posted and he assumed I was going through some stuff so he wanted to tell me about his infertility struggle with his wife and their failed IVFs and so on. They actually have a baby now and obviously my ex is always putting pics of her on Facebook and obviously I am super jealous when I see the pics, but now that I know they went through such a difficult time it makes it so much easier to see the pics!!! So I am really happy that he contacted me.


Tomorrow morning DH and I have an appointment with the nurse at our fertility clinic to teach us how to mix the stuff for all the injections. After that we are going to the specialty pharmacy to pick up all our meds. It will be an exciting (and expensive) day! Then I start the estrogen pills on Tuesday! I'm so excited to finally be getting started!


On top of that I am switching jobs in 1 week which means that instead of my 1-hour each way commute that I am doing, it will be 10 minutes each way! I will have so much more free time to do yoga and stuff! Only disadvantage is that now I have to tell my new boss all about my fertility treatments right away because I will be taking a lot of time off and my new boss is a guy who is exactly the same age as me! Awkward!

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Vireos, it isn't too late to start with acupuncture for your current cycle. I highly recommend it! I always feel so much more relaxed and have less anxiety when I do it.

Nievesstevens, I'm so sorry you were converted to IUI. How disappointing! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for success for you despite this setback.
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deborah - i'm just so inspired! i have been preparing myself for the worst due to my amh (measured prior to having endo removed) but i'm so hoping i will get a nice surprise like you and have the possibility of freezing embryos. and a SET possibility is fantastic! i love the pics of peaches! i will need to post pics of my dogs on halloween. our pit will be a lion and our sheepdog will be a ballerina :)


vireos - glad the injectables are going smoothly. about the everyone being pregnant thing... i went through that a while back but it has been eerily quiet lately and i'm bracing myself for second child pregnancy announcements to start rolling in... it's about that time. 


toothfairy - so crazy about your aunt's step daughter. ugh. have you made a decision about bcp vs. natural this month?


nieves - i'm sorry for the disappointing news (and for having to deal with Sandy on top of it all). babies still get made from converted cycles and i will keep a positive thought for you.


sourie - how neat that your ex-boyfriend reached out to you to share he and his wife's journey!! i have promised myself to never let myself forget this journey even after a success, so that i can be the same kind of inspiration. and thanks for the link to that article. i am trying to be more open about my infertility and have finally reached a place where it is easier for me to do that. for the longest time it was such a sensitive thing for me to talk about (for many of the reasons stated in the article) and i just wasn't emotionally strong enough to not get offended or hurt by the responses (or sometimes worse, lack of responses). i think a lot of that had to do with shame. even though, logically, i knew i had nothing to be ashamed of, i still felt it and that made me far more reactive. i think being on these boards the past year has helped with the shame factor tremendously. now i can discuss things in a much more matter-of-fact manner and can handle it better when i get well meaning but unhelpful responses. but this article points out an even bigger reason to not be silent... and i appreciated that reminder. enjoy your exciting and expensive day! so you are doing estrogen pills? i bet that is far less expensive than the patches or injectables... will be stalking you like crazy!


daisymae- hope you are well!

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Thanks for the warm welcome and reassuring words about my decision to try ivf now!


Deborah: Yay for all the good egg news! Cute doggie!


Shesaidboom: I am sorry you are having such a hard time, I know I certainley have my ups and downs. I read this quote recently which I have stuck in my head and is helping my with my anxiety about this cycle: "There is not enough room for both faith and worry." For some reason, it has been helping me squash some of the doubt that keeps creeping in... I hope you are finding some peace...


Daisy: so glad to see you numbers, congratulations!!


Indie: Good luck with switching doctors!


Vieroes: I am starting injectables tonight so we will be at almost the same place cycle wise! I am also trying for #2 so I totally hear you on the frustration of "perfect spacing" conversations. My daughter is almost 3 and at this point any spacing would be perfect for us as well...I hope this cycle works out for bith of us.


Nieves: I'm sorry your cycle is being switched:( Its so hard when you think things are going one way and then all of a sudden it gets changed, I am in southern NY so Sandy is a big factor for me as well. I am supposed to go in on Wed. for monitoring but don't know if that is actually going to happen. Stay safe!


Sourie: Good luck with your new job! I'm so excited for you to get started this cycle...


Afm: Finished BCP last Thursday, starting Bravelle and Menopour tonight, I go back to RE on Wed for monitoring and next steps. I actually do not know what comes next, I just know I have a huge box of meds:)

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Rcr, how is your mom? How are you?

Just trying to make it through the hurricane. Winds are insane and we've had rain since 7am so I'm hoping the house doesn't flood or blow away. Hope all the east coasters are safe!
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Thanks everyone. Sorry, this is just a drive-by AAM post because life is crazy right now (good crazy).  I've got a lot of work coming in and vendor fairs and such. I also go back to my temp job Wednesday and a new class started today. So, if I disappear for a while or have lots of AAM posts, I hope you forgive me. If you love the pics of Peaches and you are on FB- Vote for her here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=520098124669083&set=a.520097894669106.124089.209827682362797&type=1&theater It's a costume contest from her party the other day.

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toothfairy-So sorry to hear about the delay.   It can be so frustrating to have to wait.


Nievesstevens-What a drag.  Fingers crossed that it works out anyway for you.


Souririe-Glad you made it through the baby shower smoothly.  Lots of changes for you.  The shorter commute will be a life saver.  I hope the conversation with the new boss goes well, that is not exactly the kind of news you want to share your first week with someone you are just getting to know. It is exciting to get started though.


I have become much more open about our situtation with people this time around.  Still I don't like to get into details and specifics with people, mostly because I don't want to answer how is it going question to lots of people every month.  So only one close friend stays in the monthly loop since she helps watch DD occasionally for me when I have appointments.  Having one through IVF already changed my outlook about talking about it.


Daisymae-thanks I would definitely give it a go except things seem to be rolling along super quick this time.  I went back for a second US/bloodwork today and they said we are ready to go for ER.  Everything with the FET seem to drag out, which may have been part of why it went BFN.  It was supposed to be a natural cycle and I just wouldn't ovulate.  So I think something was just off with me body wise, normally I ovulate regularly and on the early side.  It gives me hope that I may get a different outcome this time. :) Tomorrow I go in for some preER testing and then next morning they do the ER.  I had 8 decent size follicles today and a couple of smaller ones, so we will see how that changes by ER day.


bucketsofrain-best of luck on your cycle.  It will be nice to have someone to share the TWW with.  It always gets so quiet after all the mad appointments before the transfer, it really makes time drag.


Aura-I hope you and anyone else on the east coast is safe.

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Sourire- Congrats on the new job! A shorter commute is an amazing thing. I'm glad you did well at the baby shower. I have one Saturday and I'm just not going. I just can't do it, not because it makes me sad anymore it just makes me angry and bitter. Since that isn't conducive to baby making I just won't go :) That is really nice of your ex to reach out like that. I always block my ex/s when I post anything related to IF. I just don't think it is necessary to share with them (they're all young and unmarried)


nieves- Stinks about the switch to IUI but hopefully your eggs are good quality & you will get a BFP anyway!


Aura- hope you are safe and dry today. The pictures are so scary. We are doing fine here, feeling very blessed.


bucketofrain- exciting!! Good luck with your first shots!


vireoes- good luck with your ER- looking forward to hearing how it goes and how things fertilize.


AFM- So there are 19 cysts. 2 are endometriomas (one was left at my LAP to avoid damage to my right ovary), the other is new, on my left (where they removed a very large endometrioma at the LAP). The others range from 1.2cm - 2 cm. I am hopeful they will calm down before they check again, My doctor called me himself yesterday to talk to me about it and answer my questions. I've never had a doctor do that before. I left a message for my nurse, and my doctor called me back. Seriously. In the middle of a hurricane. He said as long as they look like they're heading in the right direction we will proceed next month. Puts me at a retrieval just after New Years. I'm still sad at the idea of waiting but if it gives me a better chance than it is worth not doing IVF twice. We were very lucky to survive the storm without any major damage. 

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toothfairy - I start gannirelix on Nov 9th. I do a long time of gannirelix before the other meds start (like two or three weeks). I have to be in Vegas on Dec 3. SIRM has protocols that look a lot different from other REs. sorry about the cysts. That is a lot. Do you usually have that many? Glad you made it through the storm.


Aura - are you still without power? Hope everything is ok. My mom is ok. Kinda. I got her into a new nursing home last night. this morning they called to tell me that they don't know if they can keep her. I have a meeting with them tomorrow. It is all really hard.


AFM- sorry for the drive by post. I am totally consumed with my mom at the moment. Things are really hard to deal with right now, as I can't find a nursing home that will take her  - and I have tried about 20 places.

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