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hello all I'll try and catch up but sorry if I miss people:


Debhoura: So glad your numbers are so good and you standing a good chance with your own eggs.


Shesaidboom: glad your first injection when well.


Verios: Good luck with the injections.  Hope your mouth feels better.  Hope your on your way to a new baby!


toothfairy: Hope you had a lovely holiday.  Sorry your treatment is getting delayed.


Sourie: good luck for your new job.


nevie: good luck for you iui.


Bucketofrain: Good luck with your drugs.


Aura and everyone: Hope you got through the storm OK, it's scary watching it on TV.


rcr: I'm so sorry to hear about you mother that must be so difficult.


AFM: Well I have cancelled my treatment in Dec.  I've just been on holiday with a widows group and met a really great guy. It might still come to nothing but I want to give it a shot. It's a really hard dession as I was all psyched up for treatment and I'm longing for a baby.  But I guess donor eggs will still be there in a few months but great guys don't come along that often.I'd still like to hang out here occasionaly as I will still need IVF sooner or later and I love you guys!


rcr: can you change my blurb to: Two failed IVF and now waiting to see what life hold for me.

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hello ladies!  we survived the storm without too much damage (rear gutter and fascia damaged, power loss) but we were very lucky in comparison to so many others in ny and nj.  both dh and i have been home for work for days because our offices have no power, so my ass has permanently fused to the couch.  i've been reading all your posts but don't want to use all my laptop power so i'll be back for personals soon!


however, rcr, so sorry about the situation with your mom.  what kills me is that nursing homes are precisely where you turn to when you need help in a situation like this, so how can they be unable to help her? it's infuriating.  i hope you can convince someone that she belongs there, and that eases the weight of this for you.  i commend your strength and patience, and i'm sure your mom would appreciate how hard you are fighting for her.  i wish i could give you a hug! let's hope this gets settled soon so you can go into your cycle with a clear head and calm heart.  


and silver! how exciting that you met someone!  i say trust your gut.  since you were going to get donated eggs/embryos regardless, it doesn't quite matter how old you are.  follow your heart and maybe this will be a lovely surprise in your life.  you deserve some happiness.

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rcr - so sorry to hear about your mom's situation and the stress that it has to be causing you! Is it a insurance issue?  I work in several different nursing homes so we see it at times.  I hope you can get it figured out and that it isn't too much of a problem.


toothfairy - wow, that is a lot of cysts!  What does your dr think is causing all of them?  I'm glad that they found them and aren't wasting a try this time w/ all those cysts.  You want that area to be clear and ready as possible for that egg to implant.  Sounds like you are doing the right thing by waiting it out.  Glad you survived the storm.  Our schools are still closed here in OH it is crazy.


vireoes - how did the ER testing go and what time is your ER?  Wishing you all the best!!!!  Sounds like things are looking good this time around and 8 is a good number and you may even have a few more ready by the time they do the ER.


Deborah - glad your numbers are looking good!!!

Silver - you don't know how excited your post made me!!!!  Wahooo!!!!  joy.gif  That was always something in my mind i always kinda hoped for you to meet someone nice that you might be able to connect w/ and start another relationship when you were ready, of course. I'm sure your DH would only want the best for you and I hope and pray that this is a good thing and that you are very blessed by this new friendship, where-ever it may go!!!!  I think you totally have to go w/ your gut on this and just let things be and see where this might take you.  Fingers crossed.  Keep us posted.  Sooooooooooooo freakin happy for you!!!


Bucketsofrain - how did the Bravelle and Menopour shots go???  HOpe well and i hope your appt today went good too!!!


Aura - glad you survived the storm.  Crazy the wind involved and we are way up in OH.  I can't even imagine the wind that you guys had closer.  I was laying in bed expecting to have a tree come through the roof at any min and join me in bed.  We did have some water damage in our upstairs bathroom but i just hope it was from the crazy wind pushing the rain sideways and maybe getting under the shingles or something weird.  Hopefully it didn't tear off shingles on our roof.  Everything is still so wet i don't even want to go out and try to figure it out until it starts to clear up some.  You need to give us an update on the grad side, or maybe you have an i just need to look closer.


Sourire - that is great about your ex and his story.  I always feel that it helps when people share.  When we announced our news i always put our story out there b/c i felt that maybe just maybe it might help someone else that i didn't know was going through struggles.  It is amazing the kind of response i got.  That is awesome about your new job being so much closer!  You can even sleep in a little later in the morning w/ less of a commute.  How did your injection training go?  It is always hard at first but you will get the hang of it and we all are always here if you need to ask questions.  Fingers crossed for your cycle!!!


Indie - i can only look back on this page and didn't see an AFM about you so what is going on w/ your cycle right now?  That is great that you are going to be able to just pay for it and get it all over w/.  That has to be a weight off your shoulders for sure!!!


Nieve - Sorry to hear they had to switch your cycle but I have my fingers crossed that you will get positive results and maybe it saved you a bunch of money too.  I'm sure the dr knows best even though it had to be kind of a huge disappointment at the time.  Thinking of you!!


Shesaid - how are things going w/ the shots? I hope you still aren't having any side effects! Keep us posted.


Hi to everyone else I missed!  I was just looking back on this page so if your name wasn't there that is why i missed it.... even if it was there i could have missed it too.  Thinking of you all and always cheering you on!!!!  Come on BFP's!!!!!!!!!!

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RCR: We have had the same issue w/my FIL. He has dementia too. The solution for now is that they have hired an outside care person to come spend a few hours/day with him in addition to what the assisted living home provides. This seems to make everyone happy for the time being. Is that an option for you? I'm sorry you have this stress! 


Silver: I loved reading your post! I hope this man is wonderful to you and that someday you will make babies together! :-)



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Silver-so exciting for you.  You deserve to meet someone special.


RCR-that is rough about the nursing homes.  I hope you figure something out soon.  My father is heading that direction in a few years, He has dementia and mobility issues and is a large guy.  My mom is rather petite and has osteoporosis, so it is a bad combination.  He is unfortunately rather difficult to deal with so I know it will be difficult to find a assisted living facility that will deal with him.  We rarely see my mom now since he can't be left alone and she can't find anyone to care for him in her absence. 


ER went well, they retrieved 7 eggs.  I get the fertilization report tomorrow as well as our transfer date.  I doubt we will have any to freeze, but hopefully we will make some nice embryos this round and not need the extras.  Last two times they did a 3 day transfer.  This time it would put us transferring on Sunday which they don't do, so it will be interesting to see if we go early on day 2 or wait till day 4 or 5.

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aura - glad that you came through everything with just minor damage!!!


rcr - I'm so sorry about all the troubles with your mom and nursing homes... that is so crazy that they are telling you they can't keep her!  Good luck at the meeting with them.... 


silver - I am so happy for you!  I think you're being smart with going with your gut, and I hope this turns out good, whatever that may mean for you!!


tooth - Wow, that's a LOT of cysts.  I'm sorry hun, I hope they go away quickly so that your clear!!!


vireoes - congrats on a great ER!  Hope the fert report looks amazing too!!

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Yay Viroes!  I'm so glad your ER went well.  Let us know when you'll be going for the transfer.


toothfairy, I'm sorry to hear about all of your cysts.  Getting delayed is super frustrating.


AFM, I'm trying to stay calm while waiting for next Friday's ultrasound. I'm still worried that something bad is going to happen.

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Aura - yea, I had read about the problem of too few elderly facilities before I started taking care of my mom, but I didn't really understand the impact. Because there is such a high demand and too few facilities, they can be choosy, and my mom is not the easiest to take care of because she is relitively young and strong. So they choose to take care of the 90 year olds who just lay on their back in bed all day. I really hope I get a break with this soon. Glad you made it through the storm, and the bright side is that you get a little break on the couch!


Silver - your post made my day yesterday. Congrats! Who knows where this will lead. Maybe that is the bright spot that you have been so deserving. Donor eggs will wait - they are not getting any older. Please keep in touch and let us all know how it goes. I am glad you plan to stick around!


Blue - it is not an insurance issue. She is still private pay, as she has money left. The issue is that she is really really hard to take care of. She walks like 12 hours a day (literally), and she was just in the hospital laying in bed for 7 days, so she is really shakey on her feet. I think she just needs rehab for a while and then she will be walking just fine, but they don't know her and think that this is just how she is (falling a lot). they think that she needs more care than they can provide, but she is in their rehab right now, and I think with a week or so of rehab she will be a lot easier to deal with because she will be back to walking.


Vegan - yea, we tried that. I spend about $10,000 in the last month on babysitters. It is getting too expensive, and I am worried of her running out of money if I keep hiring babysitters. I just moved her to a nursing home from assisted living, so I thought that they would provide a higher level of care (which is exactly the difference between assisted living and a nursing home), but they still say that they can't provide the care that she needs.  If I need to, I would rather move her back to assisted living (where it is cheaper), and hire babysitters there instead of at a nursing home.


Vieros - Congrats on the great retrieval!! Sorry about your dad. It is a rough road. Can't wait for the fert. report.


Daisy - try to stay clam!


AFM - not much. Just still on BCP and starting gannirelix next Fri. I am really trying to get my mom in a better situation before I leave.

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Tooth: I'm sorry about all of those cysts:( I hope they go away soon!

Rcr: good luck finding good care for your mom, that sounds like such a tough spot to be in and it's hard when you have to be supporting your mom at a time when it would be so nice to have her support.

Silver: I know I'm new here but your post made me feel really happy for you! I hope that things work out but sometimes just the possibility of something working out is enough even if the thing itself doesn't...I hope that made sense!

Aura: I'm glad you didn't have too much storm damage, we are in ny and are still without power which totally sucks but seems so small compared to what some are dealing with!

Blue: I hope you didn't end up with storm damage

Vireos: I don't know much but 7 sounds like a great #!

Afm: 3 nights of bravelle/menopour under my belt and so far I feel good. Terrible headache yesterday but it could have been a caffeine withdrawal headache as we have no power here so I have been doing without my morning coffee:( it also means that we have been mixing up my shots by candle light, not really fun, and that my monitoring is not happening the way we planned. I was supposed to have an us yesterday but my doc had no power. I still had to go so they could take blood but it was super sketchy. Their office is the 4th floor so I had to take the stairs and there was absolutely no light, not even emergency lights. Plus, the building was totally empty except for my doctors office. I felt like I was in a zombie movie or something...hopefully we will look back at all of this craziness and say it was worth it! I'm not sure what's next, waiting for doc to call with today's blood work, I have to go back again tomorrow and hopefully they have power so they can do an US to see what happening in there!
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Aww thanks everyone.  I'm trying not to get to excited but it feels very good.  He seems really postive about kids so who knows. and it's kind of nice to take a break from treatment, wathcing my diet etc.


Blue: Yes dh told me to find someone else so I don't feel any guilt.  It's just weird I only just felt ready to date and low I get a date! I hope things are going well and your taking care of your mircile (I sorta feel like all of us have a part in your pregancy).


Aura: I hope your doing well, glad it wasn't worse though it still seems scary.


Vireos: congrats on 7 eggs.  Hoping there busy fertilising.


rcr: glad your starting on your drugs and I hope u can get something sorted for your Mum.


Bucket: thanks I know what you mean, even if it doesn't work out I know I'll have enjoyed the weekend I had.  That sounds scary with the storm.  I had to do drugs by touch light (flashlingt?) last summer and that was hard enough.  That must have been spooky at your docs.  crazily enoguh I carry a tiny windup touch with me for situation like power outages.


Good luck you all, make lots of babies and save some baby dust for me!

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Yay, Silver! Just stopping by to say your post brought a smile to my face! Funny how life brings us things at the most unexpected moments!

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Well I have 3 embryos. I wish we had a few more, but fingers crossed it is enough. Still waiting for a callback about timing of ET.  

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We are set to do ET tomorrow afternoon.  Hopefully at least two of the three fertilized embryos make it till transfer. Hopefully this shorter protocol produced quality eggs, since we definitely didn't get quantity.

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Vieroa - three is a perfect number. Plenty of chances for one or more to grow. Congrats!!


Silver - go out and have fun with your new guy, and have a glass of wine for me please!

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rcr - thankfully the swelling only happened twice, so I think it's more a matter of me doing a bad job of the injections rather than the Lupron itself.

I'm sorry for the situation with your mom. I'm thinking of you and your family and am hoping you find a better fit soon.


deborah - I already responded to your post in the One thread, but I'm so glad for the good news!


vireoes - I'm sorry you're sore from the root canal. I hope the pain goes away quickly!
I'm going through something similar with everyone seeming to be pregnant. It's an awful feeling. I hope that you do get your BFP very soon.
I'm glad your retrieval went well. I hope those 3 beautiful embryos will bring you a nice BFP!


nievesstevens - I'm so sorry you had a reaction to the Lupron! Also sorry that your cycle was switched. I can't imagine how that must feel. I do hope that the IUI does work and you won't need to do IVF afterwards.


Sourire - I have no idea about AF. I guess on the 7th? The 6th is my day zero. I'm still kind of confused about everything.
I'm glad the baby shower went well. I'm also glad that your ex shared their story with you. Whenever I see someone with a baby/pregnant belly and start feeling resentful I try to remind myself that I don't know their history, but it's so hard. It really, really is.
Woohoo to starting meds! It does feel good to finally get started, doesn't it?


bucketofrain - Thank you for your kind words and for sharing the quote. I am finding myself feeling much more positive about this cycle now. I am very excited about things happening!
I'm sorry you're getting some icky side effects and are dealing with no power. I hope it's back on soon and things get a little easier.


Cait - I'm glad the doctor called you back, despite the hurricane, to answer all your questions. That's definitely a sign of a doctor that cares! I'm glad you didn't have any damage from the storm.


silverbird - that sounds really exciting! I hope everything works out how you'd like it to. Like auraleigh said, you deserve happiness and those donor eggs will be there later on!


auraleigh - I'm glad you didn't get too much damage from the storm. I've been thinking about all the ladies on the east coast. I hope the power comes back soon!


blueyezz - the shots are going well! Not too many side effects, just feeling a little moody, tired, and headachey, and my hip is a bit sore which often happens during my medicated cycles. I realized the little bit of swelling I got was from me doing the injection poorly because it has happened only twice and the rest of the time things are easy going. I'm a little nervous about adding Gonal-F to the mix, but also excited!


DaisyMae - I hope your ultrasound goes well! Sending good thoughts to you.




AFM - Still just on the Lupron and so far so good. I only had swelling at the injection site once more so I think it was due to me doing a bad job with the shots rather than the Lupron itself. I'm not getting bad side effects, just a few minor ones. I went in for my uterine biopsy yesterday, which was a little painful but not too bad. I had spotting/slight cramping the rest of the day. The hardest part was that I guess DH and I hadn't seen our RE for a while and normally when we do see her she's wearing a loose fitting white drs coat. Well, yesterday she greeted us with a nice round pregnant belly. I feel really weird about it because I'm happy for her and she will be an amazing mom, and I know that just because she works at a fertility clinic doesn't mean she can't have her own babies. It was just so unexpected and took me by surprise when I was already in a bad place with "omg why is everyone but me pregnant?!?!?!" feelings - thank you facebook and mid-day mall trips for last minute halloween costume supplies - but really, what kind of warning can they give? I don't expect her secretary to call everyone up to announce that she's pregnant so don't be surprised. So I feel weird. I guess having a male fertility specialist avoids this aspect! I really do like her though and I feel like such a jerk for feeling weird about it.


Anyway, I'm feeling positive about this cycle. I know that even if DH and I don't get our BFP we may learn something new that will help us for next time. I have bloodwork/ultrasound scheduled for Nov. 6th and I start Gonal-F on Nov. 7th. Our tentative retrieval date is Nov. 17th. I'm still feeling nervous about the sedation, but not as much as I had been. I'm really just greatful that we have the chance to do this and am feeling hopeful.

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Vieros: Congrats on your embies and good luck tomorrow!


rcr: you don't have to tell me twice.


Shesaidboom: Glad your getting better at the shots and the biopsy went OK.That must be hard having a pregant RE. It's been weird since taking a break from treatment.  Normally I get throgh jelous by thinking in a year (or whatever) that might be me and it's hard having no answers. I just been to play with a friends girl who was so sweet but just feeling kind of funny now.  Fingers crossed for your cycle!

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Viroes: did you do et today or is it tomorrow?

Shesaid:I'm so glad you are feeling a bit better, I love what you said about learning something from this cycle even if it doesn't result in a bfp. That's something I need to get stuck in my head as well, that it's not totally all or nothing...

Afm: day 5 of shots today, my doctor called this afternoon and told me to up my menopour for tonight...any ideas why they would do that? I'm hoping it's not a bad sign, at my appointment this morning she said everything was looking good. I go back again tomorrow, so much monitoring!
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Good Luck today Vireoes!!!

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Hi All, I am about to have my first IVF after 3 failed IUI on injectables and Clomid.... I am 40 with 2 DD one is 20 and the baby is 12 , DH is 38 with no kids so this will be our first together.... we are doing a antagonist protocol with EPP ... I am on estrace 2 mg twice a day now... then he mentioned Dexemethosone , Follistim, Menopur... we are also doing ICSI with a assisted hatching method ...... has anyone ever done a protocol like this?

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welcome shell


buckets of rain-glad to hear things are going smoothly.  I wouldn't worry too much about upping the dose if everything was looking good on the US.  When is your ER.


she said boom-having a pregnant RE would totally throw me. Don't beat yourself up for feeling weird about it, I think it is pretty normal reaction.  Hopefully this will be a great cycle for you and she is just spreading some nice baby dust around for you.  


Luckily I have never encounter this.  For some reason every RE I have seen has been male and I have seen my share.  It is kind of odd actually, I would think there would be more female doctors out there, especially in a specialty like this.  There has never really been a female doctor who was even an option for us, otherwise I would probably have picked a female over a male doctor.  Although this process does tend to make you lose modesty pretty quick.


AFM-ET complete. Now I wait.

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