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vireoes!!!!  seriously, my beta was 165 and it was twins!  what cycle day was the beta on? how many did you put back??

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Vireoes: so excited for you!! Congratulations!!
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Congratulations vireos!

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Congratulations Vireoes!! That's wonderful news!

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I tested later than most, 16 post ER.  I had 3 embryo fertilize and they put back all three on day 2.  So more than 1 is definitely a possibility.  Checking the http://www.betabase.info/index.php, 395 on day 16 could solidly fall in either category.  My clinic seemed pretty sure it was one, not sure why.  On my last BFP I had a singleton and I know they did an early ultrasound to check the number since my beta was pretty high.  Symptoms wise, lots of the same things as last time during the FET that was negative, nausea, fatigue, etc.  Vague enough to go either way.  The main thing that was different for me that gave me hope was really bad constipation that didn't start until day 5 post transfer, which is rough when implantation should occur for a 2-day transfer.  That I definitely did not have last time, although they changed up my lutuel support a bit.  After the fact, DH said he could tell something was different after the first week for whatever that means.  I go back Monday for more meds and then back again on Saturday.  My guess is they will do a second beta on Saturday and maybe an early ultrasound to check number of embryos and placement, if my memory serves me right from last time.  Last time I had two early ultrasounds, one for placement and number and one later for heartbeat, before they released me back to my OB (who is also my RE, they have a weird system here). I will have to confirm Monday, I got distracted and forgot to ask after talking beta and medication on the phone with them.

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shesaidboom - how are thing going?


AFM - I just had very bad news. I will not be having an embryo transfer this cycle. At my ultrasound this morning I had 27 follicles of 10mm or more and my estrogen level was at 15,700. The risk of hyperstimulation is too high so they are going to freeze everything then I have to wait 2 months to do a FET. I am devastated. My egg retrieval is on Wednesday.


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I'm so sorry Sourire. That is very scary, so it's good they're taking care of you. I'm sorry for the bad news.



I have a serious question for everyone. How badly did your abdomen hurt a couple days before retrieval? We're set to do the retrieval on Tuesday but I am in so much pain right now it is ridiculous. It's not even really ovary pain. That too, but it's more towards the middle. Have you had this? On a scale of 1-10 how bad was it? I'm at an 8 right now and cannot take much more. Tylenol is doing nothing to help.

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shesaidboom - that doesn't sound normal! My abdominal pain right now ranges from 1 to 4 on a scale of 1-10 (1 when I am not moving, 2 when I walk around and occasional stabs of pain that are around level 4). Could it be a reaction to the injections themselves? Does your clinic have an emergency number for stuff like this!

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shesaidboom, i was pretty uncomfortable too before retrieval.  i mentioned it before, my ovaries were so big they were touching.  that could be the pain you are feeling?  i'd call though, just to be safe.


souriere, i know it's disappointing, but it's so much better to give your body time to chill out before putting the embryos back.  a fresh cycle can be really stressful on your body, and i had my first success ever on an FET.  this could actually work out in your favor! 

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Sourie: I am so sorry your cycle is going this way. I can't even imagine getting to this point and then having to wait even freaking longer, it's so unfair. I hope that you can find some time to take care of yourself right now. Your body is obviously working way overtime so be kind to yourself...

Shesaid: I had some discomfort, stemming from my ovaries. I did not have any general abdomen pain before my retrieval. Some of the injection sites hurt right after doing the shot and I noticed that as time went on I was bruising more easily where I did the shots. Sorry I am no help. I hope you feel better but I would think pain that strong would warrant a call to the doc.
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Vireoes- CONGRATS!! Wonderful Beta! I don't have a guess on # but I hope they do an early u/s so you know soon!


Sourire- I am so so sorry. That really is a crummy turn of events. 


Shesaidboom- Sounds like something to call about, an 8 is pretty high with a few more days to go. How many 10+ follicles did you have at your last u/s? 

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Sourire-so sorry to hear the transfer got cancel.  I know how hard waiting can be.  Hopefully the ER will go well and they will have lots of good embryos to freeze for you to use when your body has recovered.


Shesaidboom-wow, I never experienced any pain like that.  I am with everyone on this, call the clinic and get it checked out.  I hope you feel better soon.

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Thanks everyone for responding, I really appreciate the advice. The pain seemed to calm down on its own, but I called to ask and they said if it gets that bad again to go to the ER because it shouldn't be THAT bad. I'm normally not a wimp with pain either, but maybe that's changed with all the estrogen making me moody. DH joked that it's practice for the other end. We have 17 follicles over 1cm, but only 9 are actually mature. A bunch were at 1.2cm yesterday. Two were over 2cm. I triggered with HCG last night at 8:15 and our retrieval is tomorrow at 8:15 am. I can't wait to get all these eggs out, but I am nervous. They also lost my updated bloodwork so I have to get that done tomorrow morning too.


One thing that I was confused about was that they never had me use the luveris. The nurse told me that sometimes young people don't need as much. Has anyone else skipped out on the luveris? I'm kind of annoyed that we had to buy it and haven't actually used it. All these fertility drugs add up!


Sourire, how are you feeling today?

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Viroes- Congrats! SSB- Sorry for all your discomfort and Sourire- Same to you for your discomfort and your unfortunate delays. AFM- I was a bit off on the plan. I am on the birth control until Saturday the 24th and start stimming on Tuesday. I guess we just skipped suppression injections (yay!). Connecting with the pharmacy in NJ is a PITA since I live in CO. I did get a hold of them and they didn't listen to what I said about my allergy issues. They keep asking about lactose and I can't have any form of cow's milk. Ugh! Apparently two pills I took last year had lactose in it and I seemed to do fine, but given my trouble with the birth control pills this time around (migraines, stomach ache, breakthrough-bleeding and just a general blah feeling), I don't want to take any chances.

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shesaidboom - I'm really glad your pain went down a bit on its own.

AFM - it's funny because right after I last wrote on here yesterday about my pain levels being 1 to 4, they went up a lot. Still nowhere near an 8 but I was having trouble walking and standing and it made for a pretty miserable evening when mixed in with a bunch of nausea and dizziness. Anyways I feel better this morning but I called in sick to work anyways because if I start feeling like I did yesterday I'd rather be home.

I think I'm feeling a bit better now about having all my embryos frozen. I read some articles online about a recent study which showed that pregnancies after FETs are easier than pregnancies after fresh cycles and babies born from FETs are healthier on average than babies born from fresh cycles. This is because the FET babies are not exposed to extremely high hormone and stress levels when they first implant. So maybe this is a good thing after all. However my clinic's success rate for FETs is only half their fresh success rate (20% vs 40%) so that is a bit discouraging.
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SSB - that is a bit strange that you never used the Luveris. I also have unused meds. I had already bought the hCG for my trigger shot but they decided to have me trigger with Suprefact instead because the hCG could exacerbate my OHSS.
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Wow, a lot has been going on!!!


Bucket - good luck through the torture of the TWW!! 


Sourire - I've been through a cancelled cycle due to insane estrogen levels (that was actually when I joined these threads back in 2008!), so I know how you feel.  It will be a good thing, I suffered from just moderate OHSS and it SUCKED... my numbers were no where near yours, so your OHSS would have been severe and could have landed you in the hospital, so I'm glad that they're being smart about it and not trying the transfer.  HCG did make it worse!!  If they were able to count the 27, they will probably get more than that out!  Yikes!!!


vireoes - CONGRATS!!!!!!  I'm thinking twins :-)


deborah - Wow, I can't believe it's coming up so quick!!


shesaid - Can't wait to hear how the ER goes tomorrow!!


back to lurking and hoping to see a bunch more BFP's here :-)

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Hope - yeah there's definitely more than 27 eggs growing right now. The 3D ultrasound machine automatically measures every single follicle that is at least 2mm so their total count was 40-50 eggs.
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Hi ladies, thread crashing for a minute.  I'm not trolling, i just read your updates frequently and wanted to share something with you all.  Those of you that have left over meds, so their not wasted you can resell them on freegaragesale.com and there's a section for medication.  Almost everything on there is from canceled cycles.  I bought clomid from a lady on there after my insurance stopped covering it in 2007.   And again, I'm only telling you about this because I don't want you all to feel like your spending more or losing money ... just an FYI and I am not affiliated with the site that I listed at all!!


Anyway, good luck with your cycles ladies and I wish you all the best of luck!!!

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tenk - thank you so much for that link!! has anyone else used this site for ivf meds? 


vireoes - CONGRATSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! 


sourie - i'm so sorry you have been delayed. but, man, it sounds like you are going to have lots of great embies to freeze!! how exciting!


deborah - sounds like things are moving along! sorry about the PITA pharmacy...


everyone else - i'm reading along and seriously rooting for everyone... not posting much because there just isn't much for me to add to the conversation yet as i am still awaiting my consult and have zero experience will all of this... i'm just learning from you ladies at this point! 


lots of love and bfp wishes to everyone!

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