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Bucket - I third the idea of testing this weekend!!


Blue - that is a pretty good idea. The dallas clinic is a 12 hour drive (and much shorter flight) - probably the closest clinic to me. I wonder if that would work at all.... I am going to email Dr. Fisch tomorrow to ask.  That might be a good back-up plan.


AFM- thanks for all the support. Mom has still not eaten. The meeting went ok today, although nobody knows when she will die - it could be any time now, or months. They told me about one lady who lived in my mom's condition for 6 months, eating and drinking enough to sustain herself, but just barely. So, I would hate to cancel my cycle if it is not really going to happen... I wish I had a crystal ball.  My heart is telling me to go, and that it will be ok. But I am worried that is just wishful thinking. Also, If I had to come back, I could do a 3-day transfer and make my trip only 9-10 days instead of the 14 days that I was planning. Or if things seemed dire, I could just freeze them and do a FET later. Then again... maybe she will die before I leave. I talked to her today and asked her to wait for me to get back, or if she needed to, then to die before I leave.


Aura - I leave on the 2nd - next Sunday.

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rcr-wow, such a tough situation.  I hope you can find peace with whatever you decide is best for you.


Sourire-wow on the great ER.  Even if some weren't mature, you should have lots to work with. Now find something fun to distract yourself while you wait for you body to heal.


Buckets-keeping my fingers crossed for you.


shesaidboom-Congrats a great fertilzation report.  I can't believe they did that to you during ER, how crazy.  Of course you are anxious then, we all are.  Those might be fine and appropriate questions for the doctor to ask to make sure you are really okay, since that can have a real impact on the success of the cycle.  If he is really concerned call you back in and discuss it when you are full clothed and not preparing for a surgical procedure.  This stuff makes all of us slightly looney, so I would dust it off and prepare for a great ET.


Deborah-sorry to hear about the endo flaring up and the allergies.  Hope things went well at your appts and that this is the start to a much better week for you.


AFM-I go in on Saturday for an early ultrasound to check how things are going.

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So, I tested this morning...13 days past trigger, 7 days past 5dt and I got a bfp!! After staring at that blank space for soooo many months and squinting and trying to find another line I finally got one!!! I am beside myself:)
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Bucket- Wahooo!!! So excited for you!!! On my phone in bed or I'd add jumping things. Now you really have something to be thankful for this day!!! ( if u celebrate not sure where u r from). When's your beta again?
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Bucket - Yayyyyyy! Congratulations!
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I just got the call from the embryologist!


Out of 31 eggs, 29 were mature and 19 fertilized!!!


She says they usually freeze everything at day 3 but since I have so many she'll only freeze half at day 3 and then see how many make it to day 5 and freeze the ones remaining then. After that I have to see my doctor to decide whether to transfer the day 3's or the day 5's first. I should get another call on Saturday with an update.

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WOOHOOO bucket!! Congratulations.


Sourire - that's awesome!!! 19 little embies.


EDIT: now that I said that, here are some more personals..


Sourire - You're right. I called the Psychologist the clinic uses to get an appointment, but I have to wait over a month to see her so I'm not sure how that helps any! Oh well, at least that may make my RE feel better.


tear - thanks for the hugs. I was definitely out of it. I didn't realize how much until I woke up the next day!


bucketofrain - I agree. There are better times to ask questions! I'm not really worried about it anymore though. I think the day of I was still just out of it and that made me obsess about it a little. I woke up the next day and asked myself what I was so worried about!


blueeyezz - thanks. I think everything should be ok, it was just a little weird.


rcr - I think you're making the right choice. What a tough situation to be in! I'm thinking of you.


vireoes - thank you! I'm feeling much better about things now. Hearing from you ladies that of course it's normal to be anxious, and what a weird time to ask questions is definitely helping. I'm not really worried anymore and am just looking forward to that ET on Sunday!
I can't wait to hear about your ultrasound results! I hope everything comes back great.



AFM - started Endometrin today. I'm still sore from the ER, but it's not too bad, espcially since I don't have to worry about the ER anymore so I'm in good spirits! I got a report on our embies today. Still have 11. 10 are doing great and 1 is lagging behind a bit. Hopefully it will catch up soon. Poor DH is sick and I'm hoping he's feeling better by Sunday for our ET.

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congrats bucket and sourie!!! woohoo!!
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I was feeling great when I woke up this morning and I was even planning to go to work when all of a sudden I got hit with some severe pain. I can hardly walk. It's strange because before my retrieval it was my ovaries that hurt and immediately after the retrieval I had pain that felt like menstrual cramps but today it's a lot higher up, around my stomach or just above that. The only med I'm allowed to take is Tylenol and it doesn't do anything greensad.gif. I find it strange that they won't let me have anything else seeing as I won't be having a transfer.

Does this type of pain sound like OHSS to you guys?
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Rcr: I’m so sorry to hear about your Mum.  Listen to your intuition and I hope it all works out.  Good luck with whatever happens with your cycle. I’m thinking of you.


Bucket or rain: congratulations!


Sourie: congrats on so many embies! Good luck! Sourie that sounds pretty worrying have you told your clinic? I would.


Shesaidboom: glad your embies are doing well.  Good luck!


Deboarah: Sorry to hear about your allergic reaction and the job.  Hope this cycle goes well.


Verios: not sure if I said, congratulations!


Toothfairy hope things are going along OK for you.


Shell: welcome and good luck!


Blue, aura, Kewpie, Tear and all the graduates: Hello! I'd don't make it over to the other side much but I think of you often and hope your well!


AFM: I'm good.  Things are going well with my new bloke.  Unfortutnatly he had a vasactomy because of some health issues his late wife had but I guess that means were both starting out equally infertile. Anyway I'm trying to just enjoy myself and not think too much about the future but I'm pretty much in love already and he seems head over heels about me.  thinking and stalking you all often.

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Sourire - Yes, it sounds like OHSS. Not to scare you, but my clinic told me that any severe pain and get right to the ER. In reading symptoms online, upper abdominal pain is a sign of more than mild or moderate OHSS. Personally, I would go to the ER just to be on the safe side, especially since you had so many eggs taken out. Please take care of yourself. Sending good thoughts.

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Woohoo Buckets!!!  What an exciting way to start the holiday.


Sourire-Great report.  I felt much better on the day after the ER, so started doing more things around the house.  By that evening I definitely had more pain and some spotting, so I went back to taking it easy after that and things seemed to get better over the next 12 hours. 


she said boom-glad to hear the embryos are growing well.  I hope DH feels better soon.

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I think if there were a prize for the weirdest symptoms, I would win it. My abdomen is feeling better today but now I have crazy shoulder pain. So bizarre. Also I'm having trouble breathing, it feels like something is pressing on the bottom of my lungs if I try to take a deep breath.

I don't have any of the typical OHSS symptoms they told me to watch for. No nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. I've only gained 1 lb since the retrieval. I'm still peeing regularly. I measured my waist and I've only gained like an inch, though my belly feels a bit stretched out.

Anyways I called the clinic and they told me to come in right away for an ultrasound, so I'm on my way now. I'm so glad DH is off work today so he can drive me.
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Thinking good thoughts for you Sourire. I'm glad you're getting checked out and I hope everything turns out ok!

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Ok just finished talking to the doctor. I have moderate OHSS (surprise!) but most of the liquid/blood has accumulated around my liver, kidney and diaphragm, much more than around my uterus and ovaries. This explains why all the pain is around the top of my abdomen. Also the blood irritating my diaphragm is what is causing my shoulders to hurt.

My ovaries are enlarged to 11cm on the left and 8cm on the right. The left one is a bit bigger than they like to see.

Anyways the doctor says that I just need to rest and drink lots of liquids and everything will resolve on its own by my next period. He gave me a note for 2 weeks off work (yay! Vacation!). Also I now have permission to take any painkiller I want since I'm not having a transfer. That is good because the Tylenol wasn't doing anything at all.
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Just jumping on here to say I wish you a speedy recovery, Sourire!  That sounds so painful-- what size are ovaries normally?  I've been following along, and I'm excited for your transfer when it happens-- your body will be nice and ready by then. 


Congrats to the newest grads!!!

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The doctor said ovaries are normally about 4-5cm. But it's funny because my ovaries hurt a lot less now than they did before my retrieval.

The only thing that is really bothering me at this point is my shoulders, and they don't hurt too much unless I laugh/cough/sneeze/burp. Unfortunately my DH is naturally hilarious and is always making me laugh, which is soooo painful right now!!!
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Sourire, I'm glad they figured it out and you're on your way to mending! I hope your recovery is quick and easy.



AFM, still got 11 embies. The slowpoke is catching up, so that's good news for us. I'm still pretty sore. Both my ovaries and inside my vagina. It hurts a lot when I pee, laugh, cough, or uh, move, but it's not awful. It's pretty mild. I'm a little bloaty today, but not bad. How long does this ER recovery thing take? The form we signed on discharge said there would be mild cramping/bleeding the day after and to take tylenol, but our RE said it could last a couple days. I only had spotting on the day of. What have your experiences been like?

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Sourie: so glad you got check out.  I had a lot of sholder pain after my abdominal surgry, it's weird but true.  I hope you can sort it out with pain killers.  I'm guessing your looking for a FET another time now? Sorry it's mucked up your cycle but enjoy your time off and concentrate on getting well.


Shesaid: glad your embies are still doing well.  I can't really remember but I'm not sure I had any spotting to be honest.

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Sourire-Glad you are getting things figured out.  I hope you recover quickly and can enjoy your time off.


Shesaidboom-I spotted for the two days after recovery.  When are you doing your transfer?


AFM-did second beta today 2944 and the ultrasound showed one sac.  So everything is going well so far, I go back in two week to check for a heartbeat.

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