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I just realized I miscalculated. I did trigger before my egg retrieval (duh) so it was on the 17th, not the 24th. For some reason I was thinking my transfer date, so it has actually been more like 15 days since triggering. It wasn't ovidrel, but I can't remember what I used. The nurse mixed it up for me and just called it HCG.

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That sounds like plenty of time to me SSB! AFM- Still waiting on the full report, but several of my follies got bigger. I have one at 12 mm, two at 11, and one at 10. The two at 11 were at 8 yesterday. Also, there are none smaller than a 6 now. Yesterday, my smallest were at a 5. The Saizen (HGH) is expensive, but seems to be worth it so far.

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RCR: Yay - your time is here! I'm praying for you! Just wanted to cheer you on and say I'm so excited for you!


Shesaid: No way is that your trigger!!!! My clinic had me do my first beta at 13 dpo. YOU'RE PREGNANT!!! Congrats!!!




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Stalking by to cautiously squee for you, shesaidboom!! I can't believe your clinic waits so ridiculously long for a beta. Any chance they'd bump it up since you got a + HPT? Hoping this is your take-home baby!


And rcr - hoping to hear good things from you!

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Thanks for all the sweet comments! I think I may call the clinic and ask to have my beta moved up. I don't see the point in waiting a week if I already got a positive test. I have no idea why they're making me wait so long.


Deborah - your results sound great! Can't wait for more updates!

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SSB- The 17th?? You are pregnant lady!!! I second monkey, tell them you got a + HPT & see if they will move your beta up.
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stalking and just needed to say::::::



SSB - it's true, it's the real thing!!!  I'm so happy for you girl!!!!!!!!  CONGRATS!!!  Can't wait to hear the beta numbers (which I agree - call and have them move it up since you got a +HPT)

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Just popping in!!!



Bucket - Congrats!!  I think it is so funny that you are so calm and didn't even ask your numbers!!  That is awesome!!  Can't wait to hear how many there are.  I guess the numbers would help a bit to maybe tell you more in that case, but then again sometimes even w/ the numbers you never know.  Keep us posted!!


SSB - Congrats to you too!!!!  I for sure would see if you can get your beta moved up!!  Can't wait to hear your numbers. joy.gif


Rcr - Just here cheering you on!!  I can't believe it is happening already!!!  I hope you have beautiful weather out there for you and DS to do some fun things while you are there.  You are there for your cousin's "wedding" this time right????  LOL  Sending you TONS of positive thoughts, vibes & prayers that this cycle goes perfect and gives you that special babe.  I'm sure your mom is watching from above and will have a hand in it all!!!!!


Deborah - your numbers sound good too.  You are a fast stimmer for sure!!!!


Hi to everyone else!!!!  I''m always here cheering you ladies on and hoping & praying for lots of BFPs to come!!!!!!!

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I called them and asked if I could move up the beta and the woman on the phone said no because they want to see what my numbers will be like 10-14 days after the transfer. Monday will be 15 days so I asked if I could move it up to 10 days and she said no. To make things worse, she told me I only got a positive from medication and it's not a real positive. Just like that. No explaining that it could be from lingering medication or anything along those lines. She could have at least been nice about it! The last medication I took aside from the progesterone was on the night of November 17th, so I'm thinking that's a really long time for medication to still be in my system, and most of you have said the same so I know you agree. I'm just going to believe my HPTs until I have a real reason not to and continue to be cautiously happy.

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SSB - Yes, keep believing!!!  PUPO, for sure!!!!  Did you test out your trigger shots w/ hpt's so many days after the transfer by chance???  What medication do you think she was talking about? I can't think of anything other than a trigger shot that would have hcg in it that would give you a positive- hmmmmmm?   She makes me mad and I didn't even have to talk to her.  How RUDE!!!!!!!!!  I can't wait until you have that Ultrasound pic to swing in her face the next time you are there!!!!  LOLROTFLMAO.gif

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I was the queen of lingering trigger shots for my IUIs and they were always gone by 15 days out. My clinic told me to do a HPT 14 days after IUI (15 days after trigger) and that is what they went by - and that is where you are at! I think my triggers only lasted so long bc of one of the supplements I was taking too. BC I stopped taking it for my IVF cycle and my trigger was gone in like half the time (exact same trigger (ovidrel)).What a rude woman! 

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Now I'm wishing I had tested out the trigger shot after the transfer, but I didn't even think of it. I just figured it would be gone by now. She was talking about the trigger, but I was honestly so taken aback by the way she said it that I didn't question further. I'm really pissed though. I mean, you'd think they could at least be nice about it. We are dealing with someone's hopes and dreams here! I hope we do get that ultrasound pic to wave around!

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Shesaid - that is a horrible thing for the nurse to say. I think you are pregnant. Are you going to keep testing?

Afm- three large eggs today plus about 5 smaller ones. I really holpe some of those smaller ones catch up because we are doing half donor sperm and half dh, so I want to have enough for a good chance at both. My next appointment is wed. Possible retrieval on fri. Or sat.

The interlipids is at 2:30 and takes a few hours. Ds is going to be so bored. It is beautiful weather here.
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Delurking to give a HUGE congrats to Shesaidbloom. Much like VeganPrincess, the triggered also lingered in my system due to supplements and it was long gone by 13 DPT. Lady, congratulations on your pregnancy. I am so very happy for you. 



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rcr - yes, I am definitely going to keep testing. I only have 4 test strips left so I'm going to have to pick up a few!

Come on smaller eggies, catch up! I'm crossing my fingers and sending good vibes your way. I can't wait to hear your update on Wednesday. I'm sure it'll be great news!


krunchyk - thank you! I'm still nervous, but hopefully little Bubbles (what DH has called our Embryo) will stick around.

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Congrats shesaid!! I started freaking out when I got my bfp as well and had myself convinced that it was trigger, it was not:) test again tomorrow or the next day if you can wait and you will see the line get darker. That was very reassuring for me...sorry you have to wait so long for your beta though.

Rcr: fingers crossed for you guys!! What a roller coaster these past few weeks have been for you. I hope you get some down time while you are out there to relax and recenter:)
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bucket and ssb, HOORAY!!!!!  what wonderful news!!!  i don't think it could be the trigger any longer.  i tested positive at 6 or 7dp5dt and they still made me wait for day 15 for the beta.  they said the same thing, that they wanted to see what the numbers were at that specific point in time.  the waiting stinks, but you get to see if the line gets darker every day.   i am so excited for both of you, i love all this good news!


rcr, hooray for vegas!  it's happening!  this has been a lucky board this time, so as our fearless leader you are next for the bfp.  do you feel more comfortable now that you've already been through the vegas cycle last time?  

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RCR- Looks like we might be retrieval buddies! My next appointment is also Wednesday :-). AFM- copy/pasted from another board: 12/3/12- Dateline Rainbow Baby Kelly Making. We start preventing ovulation tonight and are looking at retrieval for Saturday at this point. We will know with slightly more certainty on Wednesday. Right now, we still have 11 follicles (not going to get more since that's the count at rest and don't really need to). My smallest one is at 6 mm, next smallest at 7 mm, three at 8 mm, 1 at 9 mm, 2 at 10 mm, two at 11, and one at 12. They like them between 14 and 16 and expect a growth rate of 2 mm per day.

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Yeah Buckets I am glad to hear the Beta numbers were good.


Shesaidboom:  I doubt it is the trigger shot as well, just seems too long.  It looks like BFP to me. :) My clinic runs late betas as well and they are strict about when they like to do things.  I don't know why they need to be rude about things though, you can be firm but respectful at the same time.  I am sure the nurse is just following clinic policies since everyone wants an answer ASAP.  Stay positive the beta date will be here soon.


Deborah-Sounds like things are progressing well for you.  When is your ER?


RCR-Cheering for your little guys.  It seems like they often catch up in the end.

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Aura - vegas is even more boring the second time. I don't gamble and obviously can't go out drinking. We did all the kid type stuff last time. Our side trip after retrieval is to sedona, which dh says is really nice. We are also planning to drive out to the dessert at night to look at the stars. We were looking into cirque de solel, but it is way too much money. But I knew how to get to trader joes without my gps today, so I do have the hang of things.

Deborah - glade things are looking good!

Shesais - I can't wait to hear about your test tomorrow.
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