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Thanks All!

I am done with my retrieval and everything went well. I was only a little difficult about the IV; the nurse actually said I was the best trouble with needles patient she had had. We got 31 eggs! The first time they told me, I seriously thought that it was the drugs. I kept asking "31, really?" Now we wait until tomorrow for the fertilization report. In the meantime I am sitting on my couch with the internet and a book; I am a bit sore, but not really any worse than I was this morning.
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Wow, Laura! 31! that is amazing. I will be hoping for a great fertilization report tomorrow.

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Laura - wow, congrats!!!!  31 is a great number!!!  Sending lots of positive fertilizing vibes their way!! goodvibes.gif So excited to hear your report tomorrow.  Hope you can just relax and lay low tonight.  It's all out of your hands at this point in time and you have done everything right!!


Silver - ugghhh!!!  Why can't things just be easy!  I have said this a million times, but i really wish we had a crystal ball so we knew what to do in situations like this. So why is it that the one clinic said you could have a free cycle but have to wait a year for it?  I don't get that?


Daisy - hope the BCP's are going well.  That is one thing they never had me on w/ all of our cycles.  I have my fingers crossed for you w/ this next cycle!!!


Aura - how are you doing???  What's going on w/ your cycle right now.  I feel out of the loop.  So funny how some people like the PIO shots but i hated them and would pick crinone anyday over the shots.  My butt hurt so bad and even after we got a BFN it still hurt for a week after. 


Hi to everyone else... back to lurking and cheering you all on!!!! Come on BFP's!!!!!!!

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Laura-congrats on your retrieval.  Amazing, I hope the fertilization goes the same.


Silver-that is so frustrating. 


Good luck to everyone else.


AFM-We do the transfer tomorrow morning.  I am not sure how many we are transferring yet, I won't find out till tomorrow.  

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Good luck Viero!!!

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Vireoes -- Good luck!

AFM -- We have 10 embryos! Of the 31 eggs, 9 were immature and 1 was post-mature leaving 21 good eggs (which corresponds to the 20 or so follicles we thought we had). Because we have male factor issues we had to use ICSI and apparently a 50% fertilization rate is pretty standard for his issues, so we are looking good. I am looking forward to the quality report Saturday. Yay!!!
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What great news laura-belle!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the quality report!!

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Vireoes- good luck tomorrow w/ your ET.


Laura - that is a great report.  Fingers still crossed for you.

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RCR- Can you change my blurb to say tested positive for homozygous MTHFR mutation? Waiting for fasting test results on anticardiolipin antibodies.

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Laura - that is a wonderful report - are you planning to do a 3- or 5-day transfer?


Vieros - hope all goes well!!


Deborah - I changed your blurb.


All - I am going to be out of town again next week, I am not sure if the hotel has wifi because it is a really really cheap hotel in San Francisco. So, I may not be around much next week.

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Daisy, blue, rcr -- Thanks! We won't know until they take a look tomorrow morning if we're doing a day 3 or day 5 transfer. I am trying not to get my hopes up.

Deborah -- greensad.gif

rcr -- Whatchya doing in my neck of the woods? Also, most Starbucks/other coffeeshops have wifi around here if you don't have anything else and need your Internet fix wink1.gif?
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Laura-belle- Actually we wanted positive results because we have something we can do to hopefully prevent another loss. So, thank you for the concern, but this is a good thing.

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Hello ladies!

Laura, congrats on your fert report! Can't wait to hear another update. Your transfer will be so soon! How are you feeling post retrieval?

Deborah, will you now go on blood thinners? I'm hetero MTHFR so all they'll give me is baby aspirin and folic acid. With homo however I hear they treat much more aggressively.

Rcr, how is the school year treating you so far?

Blue, how are you holding up at work? I know you mentioned your job is very physical... Hope you're being kind to your body!

Vireoes, how did the transfer go?

AFM, went to SIRM this morning. My lining is 11 so I got the okay to transfer on Friday! My estrogen level was 250 and they want it to be 500, so I am doubling the dose on my E2V shot. I'll also continue the shots post transfer, and get bw monitored every three days to prevent whatever luteal defect I have. Getting close!
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Deborah -- Ah. Makes sense. I hope it works.

Aura -- Oooh! Exciting. Thinking good thoughts for you. smile.gif Today is day 2 post-retrieval and I am feeling great. The evening of my retrieval, I felt awful, but the next morning, after a night in which I woke up every two hours to pee, I was fine (and had lost literally 4-5 pounds in water weight).

AFM -- Unless they decide to move me to a Day 5 transfer when they look at the embryos tomorrow morning, my transfer will be at noon tomorrow. The PIO shots are not bad at all. I'm excited, but I am trying not to be too optimistic. Wish me luck!
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Hi ladies, I'd like to join. I've been posting on the Infertility One Thread for a long time but I just got my protocol for my first IVF which I will be starting in a few months. I've been reading along on this thread for ages and I'm very excited to finally join. I've been TTC for 2 years, diagnosed with endometriosis, 5 failed IUIs.


Have any of you ever been on the estrogen priming protocol? My doctor didn't really explain my protocol to me but after looking at my calendar and meds and doing a bit of googling, it looks like that's what he gave me. I start with a week of Estrace before my CD1 (no BCP, no suppression), then I stim with Follistim and Menopur, and I start taking Ganirelix on the 6th day of stimming. This doesn't sound like anything I've ever heard of before. Based on what I've read on the internet, it's a protocol mainly given to older women (I'm only 30), low responders (I had very high response to Follistim during IUI's and even had to cancel one IUI due to that) or people with low ovarian reserve (my day 3 AMH and FSH levels are well within the normal range, and my last antral follicle count was 20). So now I'm freaking out that this protocol will be a total disaster. Any advice?

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laura, sounds like exciting news for you will become even better tomorrow!


sourire, welcome over here!  Hope your IVF journey works well.  I don't know one way or another on the protocol but I hope someone here will give you some information.

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Aura- We were already planning on doing baby aspirin until 36 weeks and they only mentioned the folic acid, but I will ask whether it would be a good idea to also put me on Lovenox or Heparin. I think that may depend on whether we get the same fasting result on the anticardiolipin antibodies as we did for non-fasting.

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Sourire -- Welcome. I don't know much about the different protocols, but I would call your doc and ask why he thinks this one is most appropriate for you because it does sound to me like this could way overdo it. Good luck.

lilacvioletiris -- Thanks!

AFM -- We transferred two 8-cell grade 2 (out of 5) embryos today. Now we wait. (This is the really hard part.) I thought about going with only one, because it would be safer, but... We still have two more 8-cell grade 2, two 7-cell grade 2, one 6-cell grade 2, two 5-cell grade 2, and one 4-cell grade 1 embryos in culture. We're hoping that one or two of these make it to freezable. They will call us Tuesday or Wednesday with the info on those. My beta day is 9/26/12; I will probably home test a day or two before that.
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Laura-belle-glad to hear the transfer went well.  


auraleigh-I hope your transfer went smooth.


Deborahbhkelly-glad you can find something positive and actionable from your test results.  I think that is always better than the inconclusive results that don't get you any closer to your dreams.


Sourire-Welcome.  I am not sure about all the different protocols.  For me, I interviewed 3 different doctors before picking the one I trusted the most.  Then I just decided to try not to second guess everything he decided since our protocols here are a bit different than in the US.  I figured once I started a cycle I didn't want to worry about the protocol, just trust the process.  If things went poorly in the cycle then reevaluate before trying again. It worked the first time, and I am crossing the fingers that it will work again.  I think it is good to be as knowledgeable as you can and ask lots of questions before beginning, but then try to relax and find ways to minimize stress once things are underway.  So if you are not sure ask lots of questions now, so you can feel as confident as possible in your plan before you start.


AFM-the transfer went well.  Two grade 2 embryos, so now just settling in for TWW.  Guess there is a bunch of in the TWW club right now. :) Fingers crossed for everyone.

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I am hoping for a full set of BFPs *crossing my fingers for all of us*.

PS I am already going mad with the waiting. I am really not good at this patience thing.
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