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We have 8 little embies growing! So happy!

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Deborah - 8 is a great number!!!!  Are you guys doing a 3 or 5 day transfer?  I'm sure you said it somewhere but i'm drawing a blank.


rcr - hope tomorrow goes well.  How are things going out west?  Are you and DS having a good time?  Has DH been w/ you this whole time or did he come out later?  I know you said something about him taking DS back earlier than you go back b/c of DS's play. What time is transfer??


Bucket - glad your ultrasound went well and they saw a nice sac!!!  What is next for you??  Feel free to come join us on the grad side too when you are ready.

Toothfairy - glad to hear that you are doing well w/ the shots so far.  Are you done w/ the bcp now??  Fingers crossed for you!!


Cheering you all on!!!!  Come on BFP's!!!  Hoping everyone on here gets one soon!!!

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Blue- My clinic only does 5 day transfers. They consider that if embryos make it to 5 days, it is more likely to be healthy. AFM-  I have a friend who lost one of her twins. She helped me get through the loss of my boys. She just had a rainbow baby girl! I saw her Friday and she said she thought maybe her daughter was waiting for me. She must have been right! I love the beautiful symbolism: one rainbow baby out and one in. I think that's a great sign.

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8 eggs retrieved, which is double what was expected. I am feeling really good about this. I know not all of them were mature, but they could mature today still. Dh just went to get me some veggie chinese food. I am feeling pretty good - much better than last time. We are fertilizing half with dh sperm and half with donor.

We are off to sedona tomorrow. The weather is lovely here and we have been doing lots of fun stuff. The ring of fire was amazing, and so was red rocks. We have even been having fun on the strip, even though we are not really gambling types.
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oh and we are not sure when we will transfer. waiting to see how they do and how many fertilize.
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blueeyezz - thank you! The trip was a lot of fun. Beta was this morning.


vireoes - congrats! I'm so happy for you.


rcr - Sending lots of good thoughts. I hope your retrieval went well!

EDIT: posted at the same time as you! I'm glad things went well and am so happy you got more eggs than expected! I wish you a speedy recovery.


deborah - that sounds like great news!!


Cait - thank you!
I got the itchy with the injection sites too. I can't wait for you to finish up the BCPs!

momtoalexis- thank you!!



AFM - had my beta this morning and got the results this afternoon. The nurse said my levels were 684. I go back on Wednesday to re-test. I am so excited that we finally got our bfp and I cannot wait to never have to go to the stupid clinic again. This morning while I was waiting to be called there was a couple with their almost 3 year old son and they were blasting children's tv shows on their phone and oohing and aahing every time the kid screamed or basically did anything obnoxious. Just before they left they put on the Wiggles and had a dance party in the middle of the waiting room of a fertility clinic while letting the kid scream and shout. How can they possibly think this is appropriate behaviour in a waiting room, nevermind a freaking fertility clinic full of women who are desperately trying to get pregnant? I am so done with idiots like this! I love kids, but no. Just no.

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Rcr - I'm glad you got more eggs than expected. I hope you get some great news tomorrow about the fertilization!

shesaidboom - wow what a great beta! I hope the next one is good news as well. Those people in your waiting room clearly lack empathy, some people just suck.
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Yay shesaid!!!
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rcr- i actually yelled out with excitement when i saw you retrieved eight eggs!!! you sound really relaxed and happy, and that's amazing.  you're in such a good place, and i hope those little eggs fertilize, grow, and make you some babies!! can't wait to hear the fert report.


shesaid, amazing beta!!!! i know what you mean about kids in the clinic waiting room.  i've seen well behaved quiet kids, and i've seen wild maniacs.  you'd think people would have more compassion.  a lot of these parents seem to not even realize that their kids may be bothering people.  at SIRM there was one day that the front desk ladies had to ask a gentleman to take his two kids outside to wait because they were being really disruptive and upsetting patients.  i was so glad they stuck up for the rest of us! 

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rcr - Yay!!!!!  Can't wait to hear your report tomorrow!!!  Sending lots of healthy fertilizing vibes your way goodvibes.gifand praying for great numbers tomorrow!!!!  Glad to hear you are having a good time while you are out there and taking advantage of the weather too.  When does DH fly back?


SSB - that is a great beta number!!!!!  joy.gif

Deborah - What's next for you?  Do you have a transfer time yet?

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Aura - thanks!

Blue - dh and ds fly back on friday afternoon because ds has a violin concert. I fly back on Sunday. So if we do a 3 or 4 day transfer (which would be thurs or fri) they can be there for it, but I will have to go alone if it is a 5 day transfer.
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Two fertilized and are looking good. Transfering both on Thursday. smile.gif
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Rcr: praying for you!! Only takes one! I got 7 eggs and only 1 fertilized but she is sleeping on my chest right now!
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rcr, sending you all my love and fertile energy!!! i hope those are the two most beautiful embryos that ever existed! i have everything crossed for you.  

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RCR- I only had 2 eggs available and got my BFP with the boys then. Blue- Transfer is Thursday morning at 11:30. I'll get there at 10:30 for acupuncture.

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Thanks all. Deborah - good luck
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RCR- two beautiful healthy embryos- I'll be thinking of you!


deborah- good luck!

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Rcr, how wonderful! C'mon, babies, your mama is waiting for you! praying.gif

Deborah, good luck to you too! goodvibes.gif
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We are in sedona. Headed to the vortex that has female energy. It is beautiful here. We are leaving after dinner for the 4-5 hour drive back, and my transfer tomorrow. I don't know how the babies are, as they won't check on them again until my transfer. We bought them both little red dream catchers yesterday.
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Thanks! Tomorrow is the big day.

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