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Thank you all. I don't want to crash your thread anymore. I've had all the testing including genetic and for the NKC (endometrial biopsy) and everything comes back normal. I'm working with an RPL doc who also does IVF, so I'll start with her. I also have another appointment with a different RE to get a second opinion. Thank you for the website blueyezz, I'll look into the Sher Institute.
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We find out Christmas eve.
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Hope you get a great Christmas present Deborah.


RCR-stay positive, I have heard that some wonderful babies have come from some ugly looking embryos so you just never know.  Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

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Rcr and Deborah, I'm hope for your embies!!!
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SIRM does very early testing, so my first test is next Friday.
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Good luck rcr and Debhoura


Congratulation shesaidboom!

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Thank you!


Thinking about you both RCR and Deborah! Lots of love.

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Oh, rcr and deborah, looks like some great things are happening for you both. I can't wait to hear what happens.


So now for my amazing turn of events in my waiting for IVF saga.  I work for a Christian school as a teacher.  On Monday night I was talking with my superintendent and principal about some school related issues. My principal is a man and just moved here this year. The superintendent has known me from my college days when she was a professor at my college. The principal stepped out and I shared very quickly with the superintendent that my DH and I were going to have to go through IVF in order to get pregnant and that it was influencing my decision whether to continue employment at my school next year.  My principal came back in and I let the conversation end quickly. We finished our conversation with the three of us and then we departed.  My superintendent asked to speak with my privately in my classroom. She asked if finances were influencing our IVF journey. I said they were and that we had a 1/3 of the money saved for the procedure. She told me that from time to time there are some individuals that donate to special causes in our school system and she asked my permission to ask for the remaining money that my DH and I needed to go through with our IVF. I told her that was okay.


On Thursday night, she called me and said that she had asked the finance committee and that they approved giving me two bonus pay checks one in December and one in January or February to cover what out of pocket expenses my DH and I will have for IVF.  I was in tears of happiness.  DH and I are going to make an appointment to figure out exactly when we will go through with the procedures - either March or June - and exactly what time commitments we are talking about - when I have to go in to get ultrasounds done as follicles grow, then egg retrievel, fertilization, and then egg transfer.  I have to say it is the best Christmas present I could have gotten that wasn't a BFP.


I just have to remember - don't give up, stay positive, keep the faith that the best is yet to come!

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Lilac- That's amazing! So happy for you!
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Rcr - I'm really hoping and praying for your embryos to make it.

Vegan - thanks for the encouragement. It means a lot to me.

lilac - wow that is truly amazing news!

AFM - well it seems my FET may end up being sooner than I thought. I'm supposed to start at my next CD1 which is around Christmas. What I haven't been able to confirm yet is whether my clinic does FET cycles over 1 month or 2. I'll find out for sure on Monday which is when I'm getting my protocol.
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Lilac- that is amazing news!!!!! Such a wonderful story.

Sourire - glad you are getting started sooner than you thought

Afm - still in vegas. Ds and dh left yesterday and I miss them. I spent all day in bed yesterday and it was boring but relaxing. Tooday I may go shopping or to a movie.
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Our 3rd embie they were watching made a nice blast for a fresh cycle, but wasn't quite frosty quality. So, we have 2 frozen embryos to use in the future.
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rcr and deborah, enjoy your peaceful Saturday.  Rest is a very good thing!

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lilac- What an amazing and generous gift from your school. There are truly good people in this world and it sounds like you are in a very thoughtful and caring community for them to reach out to you in this way. I am thrilled to hear you will be jumping on the IVF train sooner than you expected and can't wait to follow your success story.


rcr & deborah- Hope you are both relaxing and have embryo (s) making a sweet home for themself/ves. Rest up!


Sourire- Good news from you too! Good luck at your appointment and hope it only takes one cycle.


AFM- My suppression check is Monday. AF started late last night.


My thoughts and prayers are with any and all affected by the Connecticut shootings. Heartbreaking.

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Toothfairy- I am cramping quite a bit and had high temps Thursday and Friday. Didn't check today, but both those things are promising.
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lilac - that is wonderful news! I am so happy for you and dh.


Sourire - also great news! I'm glad things may be happening sooner for you.


rcr - I'm crossing my fingers that your embie takes while you're resting up.


deborah - 2 is still great! I hope you are resting up. Those symptoms do sound promising. I'm crossing my fingers for you too!


cait - I can't wait to hear how things are going!

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Thanks SSB- I was up all night with nausea. I know progesterone can do those things too, but I'm still rooting for a Christmas BFP.

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lilac & Sourire - So happy for the good news!


Deborah & rcr - Think of you and your embies and praying for all!

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Hi monkey!

Made it home. Ds fell asleep on the way home and I woke him up at 11pm to walk inside because I don't want to lift him to carry him inside. Poor guy. He was so sleepy I thought he would fall over.
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