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Rcr - how are you doing right now? I can start a new thread in early January if you'd like, but I will be very busy for the next 10 days so I can't do it any sooner.

toothfairy - any new developments?

Deborah - I hope the med doses do the trick.
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Deborah: Yay, congrats!!! I had spotting with both of my girls. Also, I know of at least 2 women off hand who had VERY low and dropping progesterone numbers early on after IVF - they added in more or different progesterone supplementation and both went on to have normal, healthy pregnancies. I hope that you will too! 


RCR: Thinking good thoughts for you!!



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Thanks Cindy, that gives me some real hope. I wonder if it's more common with IVF folk. Anyone else with hapoy ending stories, plrase share.
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Just a real quick one!

Did you ladies that just recently transferred fresh test out your trigger shots yet????

Rcr- fingers crossed for you today!! Isn't it today that you have your first beta?? I know it's early and they do two but hoping, wishing n praying for a BFP!!!
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Congrats deborah!

I am still waiting. The lab is closed but somebody answered the phone and said they would fax it over. Hope it goes through. I don't want to have to wait until after xmas to find out.
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how are you feeling rcr?? waiting with baited breath for your beta results.  i'm hoping for a holiday miracle!

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also deborah, i had spotting on and off my whole first trimester.  what kind of progesterone are you using?  part of my spotting was due to crinone, which was causing vaginal bleeding and not actual spotting from my uterus. 

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fingersx.giffingersx.gifgoodvibes.gif rcr and deborah!!!
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I am on PIO shots. I used Crinone last year and had a similar experience, Aura. It wasn't until 10.5 weeks though. I am happy to report that my spotting has stopped and my vomiting is back :-). I threw up everything I've eaten today. I'm thinking maybe this morning was a fluke and I was worried over nothing. Hoping I'm right.

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It was a BFN. I have been expexting it all week, not that it helps. I got a negative test yesterday. My next beta is on the 27th, but I really don't expect it to to be any different. I am going to POAS on xmas though, which would be 12 dp3dt.

Thanks for all of your kind encouragement and support. It means a lot to me. I think this will be the end of IVF for me, unless we decide to move on to donor embryos. I was 34 when I started ttc, and now I am 38, so my chances are not promising, and I need to be realistic and move on.
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RCR- I am so sorry greensad.gifgreensad.gifgreensad.gifgreensad.gif
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Hugs RCR. So sorry.

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RCR--Big hugs to you.

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:-( I'm sorry RCR. hug.gif
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Sourire - I would love if you could take over this thread when you can. I am not really up for it now.

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I am so sorry rcr.

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Rcr - I'm so sorry. It really isn't fair. I'll start the new thread in early Jan. Until then, don't worry about doing updates! Just relax and take care of yourself.
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Rcr - sending lots of hugs your way!! I know it's not easy being here for so long w/o luck, but I'm still hoping for a miracle one way or another for you!!! I never thought that when we gave up we'd get our miracle!! When's your next beta??
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Rcr - I'm so sorry. I'm thinking of you.stillheart.gif

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Rcr- I'm so sorry. Sending peace your way.
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