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Blue - my next beta is the 27th.

Thanks all.
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So sorry RCR.  Hugs.

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Sorry to hear about this, rcr.  Healing and hugs to you.

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Hugs RCR! Thinking of you. I know you will have your baby, one way or another!!



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RCr: I'm so sorry, thinking of you and sending lots of hugs
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rcr, sending love your way.  you're in my thoughts tonight, i hope you find peace and happiness in your family and know that miracles can happen.  

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My BFP is official. All my numbers looked great today. Guess date is 9/4/2013. Feel free to move me to recent BFPs.

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Praise the Lord!  May the blessings continue for your deborah!

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Deborah - Congrats. I am so glad it is looking better!


AFM - I am going to take a break from TTC and IF. Maybe permenently, or maybe just to decide what to do next (donor eggs, donor embryos, adoption). If anybody wants to keep up with me via FB, PM me your name on FB and I will add you. I am sure I will pop in here (or especially the grads thread) once in a while just to see how you are all doing. I just need to move on right now. Five years of TTC, and 4 years of IF treatments is enough, and it is time for me to move on. The bright side of this all is that at least I have DS, which I am of course very thankful for. I have learned a lot from IF and maybe the struggle was what all of this was supposed to be for. I have been really thankful to have you all in my life, and you have made this struggle so much more bearable.

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Thanks Lilac and RCR.  RCR- I hope you find peace and strength in whatever path you take.

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rcr - So sorry that this IVF cycle didn't work out for you. hug2.gif I hope you can find some peace in taking a break from TTC for now (or forever, if that's the right thing for you). I know just the part of your journey I've been here for has been very long. Wishing you peace and healing.

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Congrats Deborah, what a wonderful way to start the holidays.


RCR-best of luck to you in the future.  I know you will find the right solution for your family as you give yourself time to heal from the stress of IF.

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Thanks Vireos. Yes, my retrieval and transfer were during Chanukah, this is my Christmas present. I am very pleased. 

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rcr: I so sorry your cycle didn't work I'm thinking of you hug2.gif


Dehoura: congratulations!

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Thanks Silverbird!

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Rcr - thinking of you today and hoping and praying for a miracle w/ your 2nd beta today!!!!
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Can I get some experience?

I'm on day 8 of stims & had my 2nd check this morning (first was day 5 & I had nothing measuring, estrogen was 122) today I hav 5 follicles 10-12mm, estrogen was 609. I go back Saturday & hope at least a few more to pop up but in anyones experience is this whatis expected?
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toothfairy2be, I hope some more follicles pop out in time.


I am in for "experiences of others" boat too.  I called to make an IVF appointment today to figure out when and how to do the procedures and in order to make an appointment I have to pay a "case management fee" of $1007. Did others have similar fees added to their IVF treatments? It isn't covered by insurance at all - basically I think it pays for all the phone calls back and forth and office work that must be done to for me during IVF.  Just such a huge chunk all at once.  Is this amount "normal"?

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Lilac- That's really expensive. Our consultation fee is $200 on mine. There is a coordination of care fee that is around $937 I think. Toothfairy- i had 11 follicles a couple of days before retrieval and they ended up retrieving 15. So, I would say it's very common.

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Toothfairy - at my 1st u/s, on day 6 of stimming, I think I had 3-4 follicles around 10-11mm. 2 days later I had 17 follicles between 10-15mm. It sounds like your follicles may be growing a bit slower than mine but as you can see things can change a lot in 2 days. Anyways it's a good thing to have less follies than I did, I wouldn't wish my fate on anyone.

AFM - AF is 3 days late which is a totally new experience for me. I'm used to short LPs and AF coming earlier than expected. I'm not stupid enough to get my hopes up but I took a FRER this morning at 15dpo with FMU because I had a family dinner tonight and wanted to drink wine. Well it was BFN as expected. The problem is I'm waiting for AF to start so I can begin taking the BCP for my FET cycle, and it annoys me that things are being delayed. I was going to book a vacation on a beach somewhere for the week after my transfer and now I might have to change my week. AF why are you messing with me???
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