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deborah, I think it is like the coordination of care fee at least from the description of it.  We only pay it once for our IVF cycle.

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That sounds pretty typical.

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I'm not aware of any fees like that at either of my clinics in MA.
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Case management fee paid and an appointment made for Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2013.  Next year can't come fast enough!

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Congrats on taking the next step lilac!

toothfairy - Good luck at your u/s tomorrow. Keep us posted!

AFM - AF showed up today so I called the clinic expecting to be told to start Marvelon and call them back on my next CD1, but there was a change of plans. I'm starting all my meds right away for a transfer in mid-January. So exciting! It also means I can still book my vacation in early February. All's well that ends well.
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Sourire- so exciting!! I'm so happy it worked out that you can go early, yay!!
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Sourire, that is great news!  Good luck with this next month of FET prepartion.

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Hi ladies! Happy holidays to everyone!

Deborah: I'm not sure if I said it already but congratulations!!

Toothfairy: I only know from my one cycle but number and size of follicles can change quickly and they don't always see all that is there. W thought we were getting 8 and ended up with 14. Do you know when er is?

Lilac: I did not have to pay a coordination fee of any sort but my ivf cycle was mostly covered by insurance so they may hide those fees somewhere in there.

Sourie: so glad to hear that you get to move forward sooner than you hoped. Fingers and everything else crossed for you!

Afm: I am 9 weeks today, we saw the heartbeat last week and everything is looking great, due date aug 3!! I am exhausted and constantly nauseous:) so, I guess that I can be moved to graduates, please!
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I had 11 follicles over 10 at todays check, the largest was 17.6 so I go back tomorrow and expect to trigger that night, with retrieval on Tuesday. 11 isn't a great response but my AMH is on the low side so I'm praying for quality over quantity. Estrogen was 1605, LH was 3.54, lining was 11mm. 
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Toothfairy: For a low AMH, 11 follicles sounds great to me! And you may end up getting more than that at retreival. I hope you get lots of healthy embies to work with!

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Toothfairy- When I had my low AMH last year, I only got 5 follies, so you're doing great! Bucket- Thanks!

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lilac - we had a coordination of care fee as well, but I don't think it was as much as that. I think it is pretty normal though. It's so exciting that you are moving forward!!


Sourire- YAY! I'm so happy things are happening faster. That is so exciting. I'm glad the timing for your vacation worked out too!


BucketofRain - Congrats on moving to grads! I can't wait to see the heartbeat, it must have been an amazing experience.


Cait - 11 is great for low AMH. Keep in mind that they also may get more than that. I can't remember how many follicles I ended up with on my last ultrasound, but they pulled at least 4 extra eggs. I will be sending lots of good thoughts for your retrieval!

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Wow, i'm really far behind but I've been reading along on my phone and cheering for you all.  It has just been so busy w/ Christmas that I haven't had much time to get on and type.


Deborah - can't remember if i said it already or not but Congrats!!!


rcr - still thinking of you!!!!!  hug2.gif Did Dr Fisch have any explanation of what he thinks is wrong???


Lilac - we had about a 1000 or so fee like that in the beginning too when we first started w/ our RE but I think we only had to pay it once and then all of the other 5 IVF's we did there weren't any initial fee like that before getting started just all the other expense.  Fingers crossed for you and I'm excited to watch your progress.


Toothfairy - i think 11 is great!!!  Quality over quantity is sometimes better for certain people.  Fingers crossed for you and i hope the trigger goes well.  Keep us posted.


Bucketsofrain - Congrats and good to have you on the other side!!!!


Sourire - glad AF finally showed her ugly face and it didn't mess up your vacation. Isn't that how it always seems to work when you want AF to show up at a certain time, she plays games.



Hi to everyone else!!!!  I'm just able to look back on this page so if your name isn't on here that is why i missed ya.  Fingers crossed for you all and praying for lots of BFP's to come your way in this New Year of 2013!!!!!!   champagne.gif

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Trigger tonight, Retrieval is Tuesday at 9am. Todays ultrasound showed 14 follicles over 10. My AMH isn't super low but it was only 1.02 or something, which is on the low side for being 27. Anyway, I'm happy with the number and am hopeful for the rest of this week!

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Toothfairy - your numbers sound pretty good. I read somewhere that the absolute best number of follicles for a retrieval is 15. Anything more than that and the quality starts going down or you end up with OHSS. You are going to be right on the nose! I'm so excited to hear how your retrieval goes.

AFM - I started baby aspirin yesterday for my FET cycle and today I had a horrible gushing nosebleed that lasted for ages. Last time I took aspirin the same thing happened. I can't imagine how I am going to survive another 4-8 weeks on this stuff. I also did my Lupron injection yesterday which was a bit scary since it was my first intramuscular injection but I survived!
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Thanks Blue!

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Thanks Blue!

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12 eggs retrieved. Expecting my update tomorrow between 330-530. Other than some very light cramps I feel completely normal. Took a 2 hour nap. I'm glad I have tomorrow off but I think if I had needed to I'd be fine to go back to work.
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Toothfairy - I hope your recovery goes well. How was the retrieval? Did you feel anything? What kind of anesthesia did you have? My fingers are crossed that you have plenty of great embryos tomorrow!
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Toothfairy - 12 is a great number!!!!  Glad you are doing well and can't wait to hear how the fertilization report is tomorrow!!!  Sending lots of healthy embies vibes your way goodvibes.gif

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