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Sourire, I'm running out the door but I did estrogen priming protocol and had amazing results. I'm 34, a super responder to meds, and it was to help with egg quality. I'll be happy to answer any questions!
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Thanks for the welcome everyone!

Laura - I really hope you have some great embryos to freeze and that you can use them for future babies because you get a BFP this time!

vireoes - your approach makes sense to me. I didn't try any other doctors because the other fertility clinics in my area have waiting lists almost a year long and I didn't feel like waiting. I'm definitely considering making another appointment with my RE to ask more questions but that involves taking more vacation time from work and I'm starting to run out of vacation days. But I agree with you that I should either decide to trust what my RE is doing or go somewhere else, otherwise it will be too stressful! Good luck with your 2ww!

aura - your post really made me feel so much better! Is that the protocol you used for your most recent cycle? I've been stalking this thread for a while and I seem to remember you having quite a few embryos make it to freezing last time. Did you have any other type of suppression besides the estrogen? How long did you take the estrogen for? Did they have you on a lower dose of stims given your history of responding well? I am starting out on 150 Follistim + 75 Menopur which doesn't seem excessively high based on what I've read, so I'm assuming the RE took into consideration my previous response to Follistim when he selected those doses.
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Sourire- I used estrogen patches for my priming protocol, but I know rcr did shots. Due to my pcos they had me start out on bcp and then Lupron, and then cetrotide and stims for the rest of the time. I believe the estrogen was for two or three weeks? For the first time I had blastocysts, when before I never had anything make it past day three! I froze four, and will be transferring two this Friday. Your dose sounds totally normal, they usually start conservative and then tweak if they need to!

As it was explained to me, estrogen priming protocol is now just starting to be used for younger women to help with egg quality issues. My afc was always great, my numbers were always in good ranges...I just made crappy eggs. What I now believe is that my old re didn't have me on the right protocol! It's a lot of trial and error.

Laura, congrats on your transfer! My beta will be around yours, it's good to have a buddy to wait with!

Everyone else, hello!

Afm, I just took my first PIO shot of the cycle. Dh did a great job and I didn't even feel it. Now I just have to wait a few days to see if I have an allergic reaction again. Fingers crossed it's easier this time.
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Hi all,


Thanks for all the hugs everyone


rcr: Not knowing if I'll get any good quality eggs is what worries me, I've done all I can think of in terms of diet, vitamins, accuputre, suppliments etc so I don't feel I can do anymore to promot egg quality.  I just really want to be done with all this IF crap and hold my baby!


Dasiymae: I used menopur and suprecur both times.  Neither clinic seems to favour a new procol.


Laura: good luck for your tww.  sounds like your having a great cycle with lots of embies.


Blue: My 2nd clinic is on our national health service so I get treatment there for free.  However for non emergery treatments they can set what critea they use to restrict who gets treatment.  So in my area it is only having paid for one privet treatment and waiting on their waiting list.  The NHS clinic says the list is 12 months but the privet clinic thinks it will be quicker than this.  So it I go ahead with donnor egg treatment now I can't get NHS treament in a year unless I lie to them.


Veitro: Good luck for your tww!


Debhoura: Glad they have found something I can treat! I'm in quite a different position and glad my tests came back negative as I'm hoping it's only an egg problem and donnor eggs will sort me out.


Aura: Glad your cycles going well.


Sourie: Welcome and good luck!


AFM: Am seeing the councellor from my clinic tomorrow so hopefully I'll have some more ideas where to go.  At the moment it comes down to money and I'm thinking of spending it! I just can't wait a year.  And what if they change their critea and stop offering a second cycle by next year?

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Sourire -- Goodness, your doses for Follistim and Menopur are half what I was on. (I realize mine was a high dose, but I am occasionally reminded.) Hoping for good things for you. When do you start?

Aura -- How is it going? Is your PIO going ok?

Silver -- Hope your appt. went well.

AFM -- Still waiting. PIO shots are not my friends; my back/hips are getting very sore. I wish the RE's office would call me about my embryos. I mean, I knew when they said "Tuesday or Wednesday" that they meant Wednesday, but I still wanted it to be Tuesday, you know?
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Apparently I have one frozen blast. A 5BA. Out of 8. Better than nothing I suppose. *shrugs* I am really hoping that these stick. *crossing fingers*
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I forgot to let everyone know that I had 11 resting follicles! I also have my hysteroscopy tomorrow morning.

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Laura, hooray for one frozen blast!! It took me three cycles to have something to freeze, so be happy! I too am miserable on PIO. My right side is sore, but my left side is excruciating. I can barely walk (I waddle), and I just brushed against a doorframe and almost blacked out from pain. I have been bringing my heating pad to work and it helps. I think my DH injected one shot too low, and that is the one that is too painful. Maybe it didn't get in far enough? I can feel the oil in there like a knot under the skin.

Transfer is Friday at 1:30. I have to get my progesterone and estrogen checked tomorrow, so hopefully all is well!

Deborah, congrats! Everything sounds like its moving along well.
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Thanks Aura. Good luck with your transfer! I will be sending sticky baby dust your way. I suggest visualizing a LO implanting.

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Headed to bed so just a quick drive by here....



Aura - good luck on Friday!!!!  Hope it goes smooth!! Fingers crossed for you and praying this is it!!!


Silver - hope you got your questions answered and your appt went well.


Deborah - what did they say about treating the MTHFR? Inc. folic acid and baby aspirin? Or something else?


Sourie - Welcome!!!!  Sorry you are having to come to this side but you have a great group here w/ great support.  Hope your stay here is short and sweet.


Laura - fingers crossed that this last transfer will take!!!! I guess one to freeze is better than none, but I know how frustrating it is!!!


rcr - hope your trip is going well!!!


Hi to everyone else!!

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Gearing up for an endomitrial biopsy tomorrow.  But I got kind of a weird result from my autoimmune tests and was wondering if anyone has any insight to offer.  Everything was totally normal except for my anticardiolipin which was slightly higher than "normal."  When I talked to the doctor yesterday he said that that "normal" for the lab they use is 15 and under and that mine was 20.  He thinks it's nothing and is really just a false positive and wants to retest in 12 weeks rather than start me on blood thinners etc.  Meanwhile, we will go ahead with our next FET.  Thoughts?  I'm surprised he wants to go ahead with the FET before figuring this out...20 seems significantly higher than 15 to me, but I know nothing about the test...

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aura - ok your protocol is somewhat different from mine because I don't have any bcp's or Lupron before beginning. But I'm feeling better about my protocol now, I talked to some other girls my age who got the same protocol at my clinic, and were successful. One of them did end up with OHSS on that protocol but she also had PCOS which I don't have. Good luck with the PIO, I'm not looking forward to that! I'm kind of hoping I'll be able to convince them to let me use Crinone because that is what I used for my IUI's and I'm used to it. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow, I hope the transfer goes well!


Silver - your system in the UK for IVF treatments sounds interesting. Too bad it is so complicated for you though! I live in the province of Quebec in Canada where we just recently started having free IVF in 2010. There are private clinics that do IVF, but they have to give it to us for free as well and then they get reimbursed by the governement. Initially the introduction of free IVF resulted in huge waiting lists (up to 1 year) because so many people wanted to try it as soon as it became free. Since then the system has expanded it's capacity though some people still have to wait quite a while. I'm lucky that there is no longer a waiting list at my clinic since last month.


laura-belle - I'm glad to hear my doses are really low, I've always responded very well to meds and so I was a bit worried about OHSS. I will start my pre-IVF cycle as soon as I get my next AF, which is in about 3 weeks. The actual IVF will be in November. PIO sounds horrible! Congrats on your blast!


daisymae - no idea about autoimmune tests! I asked my Dr to run a few for me (natural killer cells, antiphospholipid antibodies) and he says my clinic doesn't know how to run those tests! Now my only choice is to cross my fingers that I don't have those issues.

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Blue- I asked at my hysteroscopy today (I asked for the nurse) and it sounds like they are going to put me on baby aspirin, L. Methylfolate, and Lovenox. Daisymae- Did they do that anticardiolipin antibody test as a fasting test or in the afternoon? Mine came in at 14 and my clinic doesn't like it above 13, but when we did it fasting it was 8.7. AFM- See note to blue. Also, I have a pretty uterus! My lining and tubes looked good. I was really sick this morning and they almost didn't do the hysteroscopy but I talked them into Zofran and doing it anyway. Glad I did. The zofran was fantabulous.

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Laura-belle: thanks I didn't really get on so great with the councellor but you can't hit it off with everybody.  Congrats on your frostie and good luck for your tww!


Debhoura: Hope your hysrocpe goes well and good news about your follies.


Silver: unfortuantly I still haven't herd from my 2nd clinic about egg quality and if I have any sperm left! Must chase them up. arrrggg!


Dasie-mae: good luck for your biopsy I don't know if you know anything about immunes but have your tired http://www.fertilityfriends.co.uk/forum/index.php?board=52.0 I seem to find a lot of knowledble laides there.


Sourie: Yes it's hugley complicated, each area sets it's own standards and has it's own list so it's really complicated.  In my area you must wait at least a year in other they treat you in less than 12 weeks! Some areas treat single women and lesbians others don't.  How many cycles funded vaires.  Some areas you can choose your clinic and others you can't.  My area used to treat some people in a privet clinic but then stopped so thats why the lists so long! Imune treat really vaires here too with some clinics really into it and others not beeliveing it.  Most places will only tell you to get tested after a few failed cycles or it you have other risk factors.  That can mean heart ache at failed cycles but then the tests all together can cost more than a cycle! and some clinics like mine 1st clinic will treat you impirically for some things.


AFM: I didn't much get on with the councellor I ended up having to go over all stuff about my husband when I had really hoped to have a focused talk about impilcations of donor gamets.  Plus she used the term "not his real dad" about a father whos son was convieced with donor sperm which I thought was really off! But I'm booked to go on the donor conception network confrence in October so hopefully that will be better.  Anyway I couldn't wait any longer and emailed my 2nd clinic to ask that they begin mathcing me for a donor eggs cycle! Here I go again! (will try not to think about the cost).

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hello ladies!  i'm still walking around like a 90 year old, but at least we've figured out the issue.  my dh injected the first shot on sunday waaaaaay too low.  it's below my underwear line, when it should be in the muffin top!  that one spot is hot, red, and looks a lot like the reaction i had from PIO last time.  however the spots we did much higher up are fine.  a little sore, but not the blackout pain i have caused by the one low spot.  it takes me five minutes just to get in and out of my car!  i'm going to show my dr tomorrow, but i am assuming we just have to wait for that spot to absorb and go away.  


tomorrow is my transfer, at 1:30.  it doesn't quite feel real yet, still.  i've just never had a transfer where i wasn't recuperating from the retrieval.  i'm on .4 units of estrogen IM shots, and by doubling the dose we got my estrogen from 250 (last friday) to 450 today.  i know dr t was aiming for 500, so we're not too far off.  my progesterone was 50, which is great, considering i'm on 2ml shots daily. last night i had to one of each, both in the same cheek, and that's a LOT of oil to be putting into one muscle.  but i feel thing is stayconfident this time that i won't get my period before the beta again! i go back for blood work on monday to make sure everything is staying level. 


laura, how are you feeling?  are the shots getting any better?  


sourire, glad you got more stories about EPP.  it can't hurt, and why not give yourself every chance to get great quality eggs? 


blue, what's new? how's life?  


daisy, at times like these we just have to trust our REs that they know what they're doing.  did you tell them that you were concerned? 


deborah, hooray for your lovely uterus!


rcr, are you still on your trip? thinking about you!


silver, it can't hurt to be on every list imaginable.  the sooner the better!

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Deborah -- Sounds like everything is going well with you! (even if the sick part sucks)

Aura -- I am thinking sticky thoughts for your transfer tomorrow! On that one shot, maybe it is also too close to a nerve? Or just in a muscle you actually use a lot?

On the subject of PIO: PIO is still not my friend. I did figure out that carrying the vial around in my pocket (or bra) for 20-30 min before the shot helps a lot with that part at least. I had one shot as well that just continued to hurt and I more or less ran it under hot water for 15 min (in the shower) which helped a ton--way more than the heating pack. My latest joy is itching--not hives or an allergic reaction--just itching EVERYWHERE. Real soap (instead of moisturizing bodywash), thorough scrubbing, tons of lotion, and a ton of water have helped so it isn't as bad as it was yesterday, but OMG not fun. So, yeah PIO still sucks.

Blue -- Thanks! Hope you are doing well (and hoping to join you smile.gif)

Daisy -- I know nothing, sorry greensad.gif.

Sourire -- Thanks! Glad you are getting more comfortable with everything.

Silver -- Lovely counsellor (read with extreme levels of sarcasm). I really hate that attitude (I was conceived by anonymous sperm donation and Clomid--yes, we did turn infertility into a hereditary condition.) Good Luck!

AFM -- Please see above commentary on PIO. eyesroll.gif I am reminding myself that peeing on a stick will not in fact really do me any good before say Sunday at the earliest (and that I should really wait for my beta day on Wednesday). I am bad at patience. Also, I am having the master bathroom re-tiled, so everything at home is crazy.
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AURA- Good luck, I want this so bad for you!!! Come on Dr T work your magic PLEASE

LAURA- Hang in there just a few more days, crossing everything that this is it for you too.
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Laura-Belle- Yes, it is going well, possibly better than we expected so that makes me happy.

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Laura, I'm using anonymous donor sperm and I'd love to hear more about y our experiences growing up. If you feel like sharing, please message me! I know there are other ladies using donor sperm on here too, and knowing someone who turned out happy and well adjusted would put all our minds at ease orngtongue.gif. redface.gif
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Auraleigh: Good luck with your transfer.  Hopefully the POI shots will start going smoother now that you have figured out part of the problem.


Daisy: I don't know, I hope you figure it out.  We didn't test for any of those things.


Silver: Sorry to hear about your counselor, you would think they would put someone more sensitive into that type of role.  There are lots of hard decision people have to make when doing fertility treatments, no one needs comments like that.


Laura: Hang in there, that sounds unpleasant. Hopefully everything will be worthwhile soon.


AFM-Survived 1 week of the TWW, why does it seem to go slower towards the end. :(  

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