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Re: the two sets of sheets on the bed: I'm supposed to do that too, and am wondering- is that top set going to get ruined if I end up birthing there? To what extent does all of this wash out or not?

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Hyde-- they might get ruined, yes. My midwife recommends an old set, a dark-colored set, or a cheap set from the thrift shop for this reason.
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I'm also trying to decide what to do pillow wise. I'm thinking they could get ruined too...

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I'm thread crashing b/c I'm not planning a HB, and I have no idea how close anyone lives to Ikea, but I just bought a queen-sized waterproof sheet for like $10, and they sell waterproof pillow covers as well. It's called the 'Skyoda Hogt'. The cool thing about the sheet instead of a painters tarp or shower curtain is that it has the elastic around the edge so you can't even tell it's on the bed, just goes under the fitted sheet, and it's made of a slightly crunchy terrycloth material, not crinkly or loud, and somewhat breathable.  I have it on the bed in case my water breaks or there is some other pregnancy/baby related liquid accident. 

As far as cheap sheets, if you don't care about a matching set or what they looks like, Target often sells very very marked down clearance sheets (like $2-7), especially their jersey line, or seasonal, or packs that have been opened and are missing say the flat sheet or something.  At my local Target they were always on the endcaps. 


I'm so excited for those of you having homebirths!  I really, really wanted to but it just wasn't in the cards for us this time around.  I wish you the best of luck for great experiences!

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My plastic sheet is just that - a sheet of plastic.  Not a waterproof sheet (thinking of a mattress pad or something).  It's definitely something you could pick up at a home improvement store also, I'm sure.  

yes, we do the 2 sets of sheets too.  Last time - made the bed, plastic sheet over that set, and then birthing sheets on top of that.  Again, the shower curtain wasn't big enough last time, so we had some staining, but the peroxide took care of most of it.  I honestly hated the shower curtain because it was SO much plastic (and if you're gonna toss it afterward, I guess the thin sheet of plastic made me feel a bit better than a much thicker shower curtain) and I was SOOOOO hot last time.  It was 91 the day she was born though.  Hoping it's cooler this time!  

I'm finishing up the "waiting on baby" basket for the kids today.  And I REALLY need to get on the food.  Birth tub comes tonight.  Getting closer!

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I have a water proof mattress cover on the bed already and DH says he has some painter plastic sheets, so we may use that, although I do not really see myself birthing on the bed, but we will see.  I borrowed some old sheets from former SIL and I also bought a set of cheap sheets from walmart for $20 I think.

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i just wait for sheets to go on sale at goodwill and get a king sized fitted for less then 6$.  works for me.

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having a few tarps on the floor is a good idea too..even if you have baby in bed, you'll get up afterwards to pee while drippping stuff (or you are stand/delivering and you give your hubby a good splash). Peroxide is amazing on blood as I said before...like cool to watch even. Get mega bottle size or two. I just found queen fitted on amazon pretty cheaply. target here only had sets. good will or the like is a good idea too.
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This all makes me quite thankful to have hardwood floors throughout the main level, actually. I only really worry about our bed since anything else can be easily cleaned off of the hardwood floors. I did find a bottle of hydrogen peroxide that had a spray bottle top that I got because I figured it could come in handy for the laundry.

As for an IKEA, the nearest is 8+ hours away (and that's just a guess... I don't know for sure!) and even the nearest Target is about three hours away wink1.gif
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