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Who's still working?

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Ok so im 37W 6 days as of today and im still working and have no plans to stop anytime soon ^_^. i was just wondering what other mamas are still working through september! i work as a cashier and have actually been feeling pretty impowered by the fact that im still working lol i enjoy the womans expressions when they come through my line and ask when im due and  i tell them oh in about 15 days! i was also wondering if anyone has worked up till their due date and if it makes me anymore likely to deliver before my due date. my mom doesnt get here till the 18th and i really want her here for my labor and delivery! "not only because she is my mommy but because she is my favorite reiki practioner and really helps me stay calm lol" so im hoping i can hold the labor off untill she arrives!

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I don't work outside of the home now, but did before dd1 and dd2 were born. I was the sports editor for the local newspaper. With dd1 I was induced at 42 weeks and worked every day up to that point (lots of desk work writing stories and laying out pages, but lots of taking sports photos on sidelines as well!). With dd2 I was induced at 41w4d I think and worked up to that point as well. I wasn't covered by FMLA and needed to save vacation and sick time for my maternity leave, so I kept working since I felt great!

Here's to hoping you continue to feel great and that baby stays in place until your mom gets to you!
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I nanny for a friend so I'll be working until baby comes.  :)  

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I'm 38 weeks tomorrow and I want to try to make it thru the friday after this..there's data coming in I want to present b/c its kind of the final story in what I've done for the last 5 months and the temp covering for me has sooooo much to do w/out this added pressure (they laid off 1/2 our company recently so she has to be me + 2 other people!) I carried to 42 last time and worked to 40 but I have a nagging feeling this baby isn't gonna cook that long. It just feels too big, even now I'm getting totally freaked about pushing something out that feels like its as big as my entire torso (neck to pubic bone, crammed into ribs to pubic bone). I do think folks get scared when they know how close you are...maybe its the movies and they think you'll suddenly break your water and deliver on their desks! LOL
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37w4d here, and I've been working at a coffeeshop. I'm telling my boss tomorrow that the end of the next week is the end - not from any physical discomfort, but more because I've been wanting to quit this job for MONTHS, but didn't think anyone would want to hire a pregnant woman who could be put on bed rest or have complications at any time, so I stuck it out. Every day I reminded myself that it was money in the bank for post-baby time, and that constant moving around for 8 hours every shift was really good for my body (which it was. I DIDN'T have any complications, and I've felt really good for the most part). 

But now I find myself getting cranky by the end of my shifts, and by 39 weeks I'll either have a baby (perhaps?) or really enjoy a few days/weeks to myself!

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I'm 5 days post partum and still working. Lol! Granted I work remotely and it's all on the computer, but it's funny that I've worked at least an hour or two a day since I was in labor Fri. DS just came earlier than planned, and so there is stuff I have to transition yet.
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I'm in pretty much the same boat as Carson, I work from home and will probably work until I'll in labor and resume the day or two after she is born. There are both advantages and disadvantages to working from home and being self employed. Advantage: you work at home around your schedule. Disadvantage: you can never leave work and there is no one to cover for you.

Oh I'm 40+1 today.
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I'm working till next Thursday... I would go further but with the holidays and school, I'm just as happy leaving "early," If you call 5 days prior to your EDD early. :shrug:



when baby is in a good position I actually lose feeling in my right thigh, not fun.  And I have "high rollers" coming in tonight and I'm so not looking forward to waddling around their table while waxing poetic about California and Washington Syrah's.  Oh well.  Such should be the extent of my problems!

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I too am self-employed and will work until labor happens.  Although admittedly, my concentration is not there!  With DD I worked for another company and I gave birth on a Saturday and worked that Friday, it was a desk job though.  I feel like working helps keep my mind off of "when is this going to happen?".  I am 40 weeks tomorrow :)

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I work an office job (just half-time) and will work up until I go into labor.  I want to save up as much maternity time as I can for after baby is here!  I am 38+3 right now.  With DS1, I stopped working 1 week before my due date because I had a feeling labor was coming very very soon (I was measuring big, and already dilated to 3), and my water broke the day after I stopped working!  That was perfect timing.

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I also work in an office and work right up to the day.  With DS, my water broke at my desk....pretty crazy day!  I am saving as much time as I can for leave plus I sit at a desk all day so I figure I probably get more rest here than if I was at home.  I am having a repeat c-section and I know the date...of course if I make it that far.  I feel like I need every day that is left just to feel good about where I am leaving work things and all that I have to do at home!  

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As a stay at home mom, I worked through yesterday (38+2), and my mom gets here today, which will REALLY lighten the load. She's incredibly helpful with both the kids and household stuff, and also very understanding of my diminished capacity and drive.

With my first son, I didn't even get to see how long I would have worked at my office job- my water broke at 37+4, and the day before was my last day in the office. There were no real policies set up for me to leave early, though, so I had assumed I'd work up until L-day. That's how it worked out, of course, but I had no idea it would be that early!
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