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Any moms near Blacksburg, VA?

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We have just moved to the area and are looking for some friends and playdates.  My daughter is 2.5 and in part-time preschool.  I haven't really met any other mothers yet.  It seems like a lot more moms here are working with the kids in daycare, so it's hard to find anyone to play with in the afternoon.  I moved from a place with mostly SAHMs or nannies, and the parks and library were always full of kids!  Here we are a little lonely.  I am a semi-crunchy, still nursing, stay at home mom for now.  I used to teach science in NYC.  Husband is a new professor at VT.  I would love recommendations for things to do! 

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Hey!  I'm in Richmond, a ways away, I know.  But you might enjoy joining the NAP of Richmond forum- there is a fantastic community of moms and someone there might be able to point you toward something closer to you. 

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Hi. I just saw your post on mothering from September. My kids are 6 & 8, so they wouldn't be good for playdates, but have you tried the mommy & me type classes at the blacksburg rec center?  Lots of fun with Ms. Maria. Also, the MOMs clubs and MOPs clubs can be good for meeting other stay at home moms. Also look for yahoo groups and facebook pages for homeshoolers, if you're inclined that way.

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Hello!  I live in Christiansburg...welcome to the NRV.  I second Ms. Maria Rossi's classes at the Bbg. Rec. Center.  I was a SAHM for 2.5 years and just went back to teaching.  Our little guy is in part-time pre-school, also.  He stays with my husband (his dad) the rest of the time.


Have you tried La Leche?  I really enjoyed being able to go when I was on leave.  I am not on Facebook, but I understand they have a good LLL Fb. group.  There is one morning meeting and one evening meeting each month.


There is a Thursday morning "energy outlet" at Virginia Techniques gymnastics place in Cbg.  It is for kids your daughter's age.


Also, the Radford storytime on Tuesdays is a delight.  Jaime is the woman who runs it and she is GOOD.  Also, Sharkey's in Radford has a great deal on salad/soup/baked potato bar on Tuesdays, so it made for a nice day.


I LOVED Ms. Sussi Walter's Parent's Morning Out program at the Lutheran Church across from Tech.  I had never left our little guy with anybody, but when he was about 25 months, I heard how great it was.  Sussi is amazing with little ones and there is always a rotating "mom on duty."


PM me if you like!



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We are moving to Blacksburg this summer and would love to connect with other moms also!  My children are 2 1/2 and 3 1/2.  My husband is going to grad school at Tech and I am currently doing everything in my power to continuing being a stay-at-home mom.  I'm a little sad to hear that so many moms in the area work and meeting others can be difficult. 

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Hi Elodaruns and welcome to Blacksburg!  My daughter is almost 3 1/2 as well and I'm a SAHM too.  We moved here last July, and it took a while, but we're finally starting to find other moms and kids.  You just have to know where to look.  I've been enjoying a MOPS group.  My daughter is in pre-school part-time and she loves that.  We've also recently started to go to some of the classes at the Rec Center, and they're a lot of fun.  We go to one in the afternoons that has a gym and bouncy castles and things to play.  My daughter loves it.  We've also been to the zoo in Roanoke, and we often go to some of the parks that are close by, particularly Pandapas Pond. We go to the library and the nature center too.  I don't find a lot of other moms around at parks or in the library during the day, but there are moms at the more structured classes and groups.  


Where are you moving from?  Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.  Good luck!

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