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Issue with Pumping and the Workplace

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I read most of the forum rules and am not quite sure where this post belongs...please forgive me. I am a first-time mom from Philadelphia who nurses full-time when with my little boy (am, pm, all night, all weekend) and pumps 3x a day 9-5. 


I am aware that the laws vary by state but I wanted to share something with you and get your input. I am a full-time employee who has her own office. My workplace put a lock on my door so I have been able to express milk since returning to work when my son was 3 months old (he is now 8.5 months). I am very gracious for this situation. Where it gets tricky is that my boss has been repeatedly inappropriate by rolling her eyes or saying "Oh gosh," if breastfeeding comes up in conversation. There is a conference coming up that I asked if it was imperative that I attend because it will be two full (unanticipated) days of travel for two days of meetings and my son cannot come with me for various reasons. I was extremely stressed about the situation (had 50 oz, needed 150 oz) and so I inquired if it was mandatory. This led to outrageous conflict and her telling me that, "I can't keep using breastfeeding as an excuse," but I never said that I would not attend. (I am registered for the conference, but I did not know at 3 months that I would still be nursing at 8.5 months and I am not willing to compromise my nursing relationship). 


This happened before when there was an option to attend a morning or evening workshop months ago - I chose morning to be home to nurse my son at night. She saw that as me using breastfeeding as an excuse to get out of a mandatory employee workshop (but I went to the morning workshop). After much turmoil, I resigned yesterday, but I'd like to know if this seems like something HR should know about. 


This is very upsetting to me. 


Your support and/or input is much appreciated. smile.gif

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I think you should have talked to HR before you resigned and immediately now. Your boss is out of line. You made simple requests and she could have said yes or no. Conferences are pretty horrible with pumping honestly and I avoid them if I can. DH was a SAHD at the time and I usually paid for an extra ticket and we traveled as a family to accomodate work travel. It wasn't cheap but let me avoid a lot of annoying conversations.


You might get more responses in the Working parents area. Lots of work and pumping experience.

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