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2 Year Molars, Whining, Tantrums, HALP!

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I think my daughter (25 months) is trying to get her big molars in.  She had a weird, random fever over the weekend (99-101) with no other symptoms.  The other night she was up FOUR times wanting to nurse.  I give her children's Advil when I can (sometimes she refuses medicine).  Yesterday she downed two popsicles.  She wailed like a banshee when DH and I tried to look in her mouth.


What's really getting to my husband and I is the whining.  She knows some words but isn't really talking clearly yet.  If something doesn't go her way she'll get very frustrated.  She's not following directions since these teeting issues started... time to get dressed, let's sit on the potty, etc.  She's not drooling but has had some loose bowels.


Yesterday she cried off and on for about three hours.  This was *after* giving her some Advil.  It was like it didn't help her at all.


Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!!

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My SIL swears by her amber teething necklace.


My son is very sensitive to dyes. If I gave him pain meds of any kind, it was like he went crazy.  Possibly your dd is sensitive to the dyes also?  


Another possibility I see would be that she's 2.   They can and want to do all these things, but are still too little.   I swear the day my ydd turned 2 she got very, well 2 year old like.  Whining and tantrums and also would not let us see in her mouth.  I figured out that if I held her in front of me with her legs around my waist and my arms and hands on her back/head and I flipped her down, she'd scream in delight I could get a really good look in her mouth!  ;)  


I also recently discovered my ydd has a milk allergy/issue/intolerance.  Not sure, but I swear, I cut out the dairy and I gave her a yogurt w/her bro and sis.  She asked so nicely and told me she loved it and cried and I felt so bad, how do you explain to a 2 year old that your bro and sis get a yogurt and she doesn't?!!   She was sleepless all night and she's been sleeping thru the night for a loooong time.   And whining all the next day.  I think it has to do with milk. 


I've also given my kids chammomile tea, it seems to calm them...sometimes.  lol

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DS just got through this. Rubbing clove oil on his gums works better than anything else we have tried. Getting it on there to begin with was difficult, but once he realized how much better his mouth felt, he gave me his complete cooperation. Prior to that, we were using Hyland's Teething Tablets, which worked okay, but the clove oil seems to work better. We have an amber necklace, and that worked great when he was younger, but he won't wear it more than a few minutes these days. Chamomile popsicles also seemed to help.

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