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feeding schedules for my preemies!

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Hi all! My name is Holly, I am a mom to almost 9 month old triplet boys that were 28 weekers! They are doing pretty well, but I have been having feeding issues ever since I started them on solids a couple months ago. Just wondering what everyone does with their preemies. My Doctor wants us to feed them solids and then feed them a bottle right afterwards, but that NEVER works for us (they don't want their bottle after a meal). We just can't seem to get on a decent schedule. I'd love some feedback of what others do with their preemies/multiples. Thanks!

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I have more luck with my 10 month old (27 weeker)  if I give him the bottle and then offer solids after.  If we do solids first there is pretty much no chance he will take the bottle afterwards.  He is only getting solids offered twice a day though. 

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Hi there! My preemie twins wouldn't take a bottle after a meal either. Im sure most babies wouldn't! If they are already feeling satisfied from their solid foods, why would they want a bottle? Maybe you could try offering what is in the bottle in a sippy cup during the meal?
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I did bottle first with my 32 week preemie when intoducing solids, and that's what i'd advise. Not only is food before 1 just for fun, but most of the "foods" recommended for babies are nutritionally null. There's nothing wrong with introducing different textures and flavors via vegetable purees, but they can't be allowed to take the place of foods with fat and calories.

I'd go with solids after bottles, and maybe only once a day. And i'd have no hesitation about waiting until they started reaching for food. My preemie's first solid food was chicken tikka masala and white rice that she took off my plate.
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So, if they are 9 months but were 3 months early, that's really only like 6 month olds, which is pretty early for solids.  I would saw you have another couple of months before solids have any significant nutritional value for them.  I remember thinking, what do pureed carrots have to offer over milk other than being interesting?  It was actually hard to start introducing solids for me.  When she was about 9 mo past her due date, it was like a light switched on and suddenly food started having meaning for her and she took in enough diversity that it seemed to be a healthy component of her diet-- it was really only when she started self feeding (she refused to let us spoon feed her at all).  I didn't really do baby led weaning, but I can see the exact moment where it switched from me spoon feeding her purees becuase she thought it was interesting, to being a baby who ATE.  So, I agree- fill 'em up on the bottle and don't worry about solids for several more months (my DD was born at 27 weeks and is now about 11 months past her due date). 

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