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Should I delete you because you are ignorant and mean???

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A "friend" of mine on Facebook may need to be deleted. I was commenting about how I don't agree with the new $2500 cap on FSAs. The cap is $2500/year/employee with no consideration for family size or number of dependents. With seven people in my family and two of them having special needs I would like to be able to continue putting more than $2500/year in my FSA. I discussed how I had over $10,000 in uncovered expenses for my special needs son this year and it was hard handle that along with things like braces for the other kids. My "friend" instead of sticking just to talking about FSAs started attacking my spending and telling me that maybe the kids didn't need braces and maybe all the medical expenses for my son were not necessary since insurance didn't cover them all. She thinks a $2500 cap is reasonable and I should just save more taxed money to pay for those things. Of course those expenses are deductions when I file, but, really who the hell is she to tell me what I should and should not be spending on medical expenses. She didn't even ask what the therapies were or what my son's diagnoses are. She has no children let alone any clue about the expenses for special needs and she didn't even care enough to ask!


I just needed to vent for a minute to people who would understand the costs involved with raising special needs kids and the problems with getting insurance to pay. Along with my "friend" who is so clearly ignorant it drives me crazy!


Thanks for listening!

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OH wow!  That's rough.  I think if someone questioned the medical needs of my child, I'd probably delete them from my life as well. 

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Um... how do I say this nicely?  Hell yes you should delete the ignorant cow (and yes mods, that was the nicest thing I could type).  How dare ANYONE tell you how to spend your money.  You aren't looking for a handout.  This is YOUR hard earned money.  Please delete her but first tell her why.  Is she just a FB friend or a friend in real life?  I'm hoping it's just someone on FB that you aren't close to.

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Delete her! Delete her!

She isn't your friend.

Some of the most valuable things we've done for our dd were not covered by insurance.

And insurance copays and deductables has cost us a ton. At one point, our average monthly payout in copays was $320.
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She has been deleted and blocked! She is a friend of my sister's so she is really only a Facebook friend for me. I didn't end up telling her anything about why I did it. I decided that it would be a waste of my time even trying to communicate with her. Thanks for validating my outrage!

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I'm right there with you.  I'm not loyal to any political party at all but I was TICKED with the cap!!!  And I neither have the same family size nor the same amount of bills and we are still screwed.  But all everyone had to say was that "Not everyone is going to be happy".  I honest to goodness don't understand what lowering the cap accomplished.  I have yet to see where I "get" anything to make up for how hard this has hit my family.  We go through our entire account every year.

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