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A fun way to tell close friends?

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I am in my first 2WW but I am trying to think of ways to tell people.  I've got hubs and our parents figured out but I am trying to think of a fun way to tell my close girlfriends.  (Well, to tell two of them.  One had a really scary miscarriage a few months ago so I need to tell her in a more sensitive manner). 

This will be our third baby and they know I have been wanting to get pregnant for at least a year.  They are both pregnant right now also. 

Any cute ideas?  I've never really done fun things to tell people but this is our third and almost certainly last so I want to have some fun with it.

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If they are both pregnant also could you take them out for lunch and get three "best friends/best baby buddies" onsies made up and pin a note that says "Can't wait until we're all strolling with our babe's in these!" put them in a present and get them to open it together?

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I posted a few ideas in my DDC club. Here they are, to save you a click!

  • At a family gathering, get everyone together to take a group photo. Then instead of you (or your partner) saying "Say cheese!", say "We're pregnant!" Then you snap the photo and have a record of everyone's reactions.
  • Announce with your Halloween costume, like this t-shirt.
  • Get a children's book and write inside: "Will you please read this to me in May? Love, Your Newborn Grandbaby" (or whatever relation). Then wrap it up like a present and have the family member open it next time you see them! (Found this one here.)
  • Stick a hamburger bun in your oven, then when family comes over (especially good for grandmas-to-be!), ask them to do you a favor and check on what's in the oven to see if it's ready. See how long it takes for them to catch on! (Found here.)
  • I'm normally a BIG wine drinker. So at the next family gathering, we thought of having one wine bottle and one apple juice bottle out, then filling everyone's glasses with wine and mine with apple juice - then just wait for them to notice!
  • This would work best if you don't live close to family: Start talking on the phone over the next couple weeks about how you're planning on doing some redecorating around the house - painting, rearranging furniture, etc. Then when family does make it for a visit, tell them you'd like to get their opinions on the new decor. Take them to where the nursery's going to be, and say: "We were thinking of painting the walls blue or pink, but we won't really be able to decide for a couple more months. What do you think?"
  • Play Scrabble and try to play a baby-themed word as often as possible during the game til people catch on.
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