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Lost my mucus plug today

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 I am currently 36 weeks. I woke up feeling alot of pressure down there... I was thinking baby may have dropped down a bit, just hard to urinate, and the urge to often. Then a few hours later noticed I lost my mucus plug, a whole big glob of THICK mucus. No blood though. I've beeen looking around for info and it seems that it doesn't really mean a whole lot, except im dialating a bit. My doctor checked me yesterday and I was a 2, I am feeling a bit crampy with LOTS of braxton hicks. Please share any info, and your stories regarding this! Mostly looking for a bit of support, my husband as supportive as he is, is a bit squeemish talking about mucus plugs. You should have seen his face when I showed him without giving him a warning. I thought he was gonna faint :P

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Bahahaha! Too funny that he got all squeamish. All it looked like to me was a gob of snot. I had two little blobs come out a few days ago and no changes here. Good luck to you, though! Sounds promising?

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Oh, I just read that you're only 36 weeks! I just sort of assume that everyone is just waiting like me. :P 

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Awesome!  I've been losing mine in globs and chunks for about a week.  Real fun stuff, I tell ya..

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I've been on bedrest since 30 weeks and taking nifedipine unfortunatly because of my very irritable uterus. I was was admitted into the hospital on monday because of contractions that were off the charts and VERY regular... every 2-3 minutes. They held me for 10 hours... then of coarse sent me home because I wasn't dialting. Doc says she wont stop my labor at this point. I am officially off BR on sunday... so Im hoping he can wait till at least then. I am 36 weeks by calculation of my OB but I say 37.5. Baby is measuring large at each visit...  I do of coarse want to keep him in for as long as he needs, but IM SOOOO EXCITED :)  these last few weeks are just so darn emotional... I can't wait, but then again yes I can and will.

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I lost my plug about 10 days before going into labor and having my sweet babies at 35.6 weeks. I lost a big amount then had lots of discharge over the next 10 days before labor started.

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Hi Raven, hope the baby stays in until you're both good and ready smile.gif I lost mine just before 36 weeks, had started to dilate then, and have had prolific 'replacement plug' (long strands of globby mucus, somewhat softer than the actual plug was but still quite hardy) almost every day since - I'm 39+2 and no baby yet but I am feeling like it will be somewhat soon.   

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The last few hours I've been having alot of bloody softer mucus strands... rather than that big thick glob I saw earlier today. Can't help but sit here and obssess over it. :)

Good luck with your baby!

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