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Biological Nurturing/Laid Back Breastfeeding

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After 4 children, 2 good breastfeeding experiences and 2 not so good experiences, Ive done quite a bit of research. I just found out about this Biological Nurturing/Laid back breastfeeding.  This could have helped me alot in all my challenges with my babies being early and not latching properly ect... It is supported by research and it makes sense!


some of my problems were sleepiness for weeks, not interested in nursing ect... According to Suzanne's research, late preterm babies like mine will breastfeed well and actually get quite alot of milk in the drowsy REM sleep with the Laid back breastfeeding.


Does anyone have any experience or testemonials?
















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My girls loved to nurse like that.  

ODD hated the boppy.   She ate just fine at the hospital, where I didn't have the boppy.  I get home and settle down in my bed to relax, cuddle my girl and watch TV......my poor baby girl cried for like 4 hours, she was hungry and tired and would get mad!!  She'd latch on and then start wailing.   My girlie has a bottle at 2 days old, from my DH.   :(  I pumped and bottlefed for a day, when I took her to the pedi and nursed her in the chair and she was perfectly happy.  Latched right on and she was good.   So I'd nurse her like in my chaise lounge kinda belly to belly.   I would nurse YDD in the same chaise and propped up in bed.  And it did help ease the latch pain when I had an infection.   I never knew there was a name for it! 

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This is a favourite position when one of us is sick or just really exhausted. It's perfect on the couch because I roll to one side a bit and she can't fall off even when I pass out. Of course I didn't know about it at first and DD refused to latch in the hospital. Maybe with this position I could have skipped my early weeks of EPing.
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