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Is a ring sling for me?

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I posted this yesterday but it seems to have vanished so I apologize if i'm doubling up!


My babywearing experience is going through a bit of a rough time at the moment.  First I bought an Bjorn (before I knew better!), I don't use it.  I have a Moby but most of the time I find it too hot, can't get the tension right, it's either too loose or too tight, DD always seems crooked in it and it's difficult to put it on outside without it dragging all over the floor.  It's also a sure thing to send her to sleep which I don't always want!  Then I bought a Beco but I think she may be too small for it without the insert, she's nearly 19 weeks.  I love it but she cries either in it or when I take her out.  I think it splays her hips apart too much, I hope she will grow into it.


So I was wondering about a ring sling.  I just want something to take the weight of my arms because I do carry her around a lot.


Are there different positions or is it just basically how you would hold her on your hip with the cloth around her.  Are ones with padded shoulders best?  Is the material stretch or not?


If anyone has any experiences or recommendations I would really appreciate it!

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I love ring slings for newborns and young babies.I prefer no padding, just too bulky. I do find it uncomfortable for kids over 25lbs. Yes, many ways to carry in a ring sling. Hip carry best for the 4+m.
As kids get heavier, I prefer carriers like the ergo.

My favorite ring sling has been from "upmama". Having a pocket is so nice. Great to be able to toss your keys and money while shopping on short trips when you don't carry a diaper bag.
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Ring slings are a great option for a quick in and out.  I have an SBP Ring sling.  I ordered mine in linen so it would not be so hot for my LO.  I like it but it can be taxing on my one shoulder because my DS is so big.  We still use it an love it.  I use a Tummy to Tummy carry to keep him safe.  I like the non padded style with a longer tail to use to cover him from the sun or as a nursing cover.  A pocket would be great for keys and things! 


I also have an ellaroo.  I LOVE it.  It is a woven fabric so it is not stretchy like the moby.  With a little practice it is quick to get my guy in and out and have him wrapped tightly.  He never seems to be bothered by it being too hot.  He really relaxes and loves it.  It is also great because you can put them on your back with that one and really have your hands free.  Check out the videos on www.wrapyourbaby.com.  Diane has been a huge help in teaching me how to do different wraps. 

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Love my sakura, I try to alternate sides so I don't get too much wear on one hip (DD is 22lbs), but while she was smaller she loved being feet-in all snugged up!  Mostly hip carry now, but I've also done a back carry, just a bit harder to snug it up unless you line the rings up properly to reach them!  If she's tired and I want her to fall asleep, I can pull some of the fabric up behind her back to her neck and really lock her in and she's out like a light.

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I made one using this YouTube tutorial. Haven't had my baby to use it yet but I think it'll work. I'm considering making a pocket on it too. I would have to make it just a little longer to do that though. I got a yard of 72" fabric and just cut it down. I got the slings from SlingRings I think it's called.

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I'm not a ring sling user so I am not quite familiar with it but in your post you had tried buying different brands and eventually became unsatisfied. I may suggest looking for a baby wearing group in your community that lends or let you try different type/brand of products so you will be able to test a carrier before actually buying one. I'm an SSC (Action Baby Carrier) user and we love it.. Hope this helps! Goodluck!ROTFLMAO.gif

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Several positions for ring sling. Hip carry works, but I think better for older kids. Tummy to tummy works with their feet out or tucked in, but once they hold their head up and they want to see everything - but the sling on you, then hold baby up to you - their back on your front (head probably just under your chin) fold their legs 'indian style' (criss cross apple sauce as my kids are learned some where) and then pull the fabric up and around them and tighten up the sling (pull down on the free end). I like to make sure the other edge of the fabric comes up behind their back too.  They love it, cause they can see everywhere you're going, and they're all snug. if you bend over while they're in it, just put your free/more open arm (left for me) across the front of the sling to give them support depending on how much you're bending.

But as someone else mentioned, you can find lots of websites with how-to's and pictures. Great to learn from a friend too. I used to use this hold to trick out a friend's child when he'd let NO ONE else but mama hold him and sometimes she just needed a break - it was his favorite hold and because he wasn't looking at me he'd not really notice that it wasn't her for some time.

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Ok ok I get it, ring slings are great!  I ordered one innocent.gif


I was somewhat limited to what I could get shipped here (without spending a LOT of cash) so I ended up ordering an Ellaroo Italy Eco sling.  It is somewhat padded though.  Great idea about the pocket, I might fold up and sew one of the tails a bit and put a button on it or something for my cell phone or keys.  I can sew so I thought about making one but i'm not sure if I trust my sewing enough, plus I don't have much time at the mo and I think by the time I buy the rings on-line and get the material it probably won't be that much difference in price.


There where some good videos on youtube for different holds so now I just can't wait for it to get here!


Yeah it would be great if there was a group nearby for trying these things out, I don't even know anyone who BW's (or CD's or EP's!) so it's so great to be able to ask questions on the board, makes me feel a lot less alone joy.gif


I will post back when it arrives here...can we post pics here?  Otherwise I will post one of my little Astrid riding along :)

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Well I got my sling about two days ago and i'm generally loving it but I am having one problem.  The first time I had it twisted but the second and third time, it was great, DD was quite comfy for at least half an hour each time in the hip hold.  The last two times though the top rail has been much too loose so I have had to keep my arm around her.  If I try to tighten it it works until I put her weight back in it and then the material pulls back through the loops and it's as loose as it was before.  Does any one know what i'm doing wrong?  The bottom rail is good, not too tight or too loose.


I might also try putting the rings on my right shoulder and DD on my left hip so my dominant hand is free.

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I try to alternate shoulders each time I wear the sling so I don't develop pain on one side. Make sure you prep the fabric before you put it on. Spread out the fabric well in the ring so it isn't bunching up when you tighten it.
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These are amazing tutorials on how to use RS's. Shows how to adjust each rail nicely and how to get your LO to have a good seat.



The sling you may have chosen might have slippy or thin material that you have to figure out how to adjust. Also, depending on the weight of your LO, you'll have to adjust. Make sure your LO has a good seat too.


I've found that my all cotton sling that was made from a Gira wrap, i need to adjust a bit more than my sling that was made from a Didy linen blend wrap. Also, Now that my LO weighs a little more (21lbs) I'm finding that the linen RS is more supportive and feels better on my shoulder than my all cotton one.

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I used a ring sling for my first daughter back in 2004. I used it when she was an older baby, about 3 months old. She loved it. Instead of sitting in it she would basically stand inside like a baby kangaroo. I am now using one for my 6 month old. Strangely I didn't have it right when she was born, (I used a Moby, which was quite cumbersome but great for the newborn experience). After DD was too big for the Moby, meaning the Moby was too hot, I didn't have any other way to carry baby around since we are in the South of Italy and it is hard to find these things, so I just used a scarf the way a Moroccan woman taught me. I lamented the loss of my ring sling, which I lent to another women because although the scarf worked well, the baby couldn't "stand" inside the pouch like a baby kangaroo. Fortunately, the women was able to find the ring sling that I lent her years ago and gave it to me just in time for baby to stand around in. I believe this is why DD is only six months old but is already lifting herself up to standing position with the help of an object such as a chair.


One other thing, the ring sling is just awesome because of this standing position. As the weather gets colder I appreciate it even more. What is nice about it is that the legs are covered if you choose to use the standing front facing position. It is also great in the winter to wear under a large cardigan that you can wrap around baby as well.


I must admit that it would get hot, but not as much as other baby carriers, and the beauty of it is that there are a variety of positions you can use for baby. I have had baby lie sideways while sleeping during a walk. I have breastfed baby in the supermarket unbenownst to others. As baby gets older I can place her on my hip and carry her with her legs sticking out. I've also had her sleep on my back by having someone place her on my back as I tighten the sling. When she gets sleepy on a walk in the front facing position I just turn her around and hold her against me and hold her as she sleeps and I keep walking.


It also worked extremely well when getting on and off the plane as the baby is comfortable facing forward and it is easy to move up and down the aisle. I would just use a stroller in the airport check it in at the gate and use the carrier on the place. It's a wonder!


I highly recommend the ring sling. It's so easy to put on and take off. Not like other backpack carriers, which I've had to try for the first time today since my sling is in the wash. As well, because of the colder weather, I lamented that my ring sling was in the wash because I do not like having to use a regular two shouldered carrier. I do not like that my baby's legs are swinging out in the cold air without her even having the use of muscles (to stand) keep her warm. Also, in a regular carrier, baby seems less engaged in the world, whereas in the ring sling she stands and hops up and down and waves her arms and gets excited as we go for walks.


Mine was a Mayan Wrap circa 2004.


I highly recommend a lightly woven cotton cloth ring sling. Just be sure that the rings are strong and tough. I read a post in which the ring sling was once recalled. I believe back in 2002 because the ring was not soldered correctly and snapped. Just be careful. I'm sure there are newer models out there. But really I could not recommend a better method of transportation for your child!

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Well I've had my Ellaroo for a little bit now and I just love it!  It's so much quicker to put on than the Moby.  It took me a while to get the hand of it, I have to thread the tail through the first ring and then make sure it's properly gathered before putting it through the second one, I seem to have more problems getting it off!  Little Astrid really loves it, she can see everything really well and be close to mama and when it's nearly naptime you can see that she starts to get sleepy in it.


I'm just hoping as the weather gets colder that it will still be as useful, maybe I can wrap a blanket around the outside or something?


I haven't had any luck using it on the other shoulder, maybe i'm just not as ambi-dexterous as I thought winky.gif

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For the cool weather, I kept one of my larger coats that fit when I was pregnant and I will put it over us both while she is in the sling. 

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For moderately cold days I put on a fleece jacket of dh. It has elastic at the bottom and works well, though it makes me look large. People a often surprised when they see a little head sticking out. Scarf is usefully keeping my neck warm

I can only wear a ring sling on one shoulder. I'm left handed and wear the sling over my left shoulder.
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