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Your Health Plan While TTC

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Hi gonna-be-mommas! 


My terrific fiance and I plan to start TTC in May (when we are getting married!!!) and he and I would really appreciate some guidance in the health measures that you took and are taking while TTC. For instance, I got some wonderful advice about taking Vitex to regulate my hormones after I get off of hormonal birth control pills (my last pill will be mid-October, then he is going to Europe for two months for work so I am planning on beginning charting for TTA until May.)


I'm on a sublingual B12/iron/folic supplement that I love--it's really effective. I eat a healthy diet, I am a healthy weight and I run half-marathons, so I exercise regularly. 


Are there are other things you are doing? Any herbal supplements, diet changes, lifestyle changes, etc. that you did in the months leading up to TTC? Are your partners doing anything different? 


Also, I was told by my former doctor that I needed to be vaccinated for Rubella at least three months prior to getting pregnant because I do not have antibodies against it. Vaccines tend to make me sicker than most (it's basically as if I've been full-blown infected with whatever they are vaccinating me against...) so if it's not really necessary then I'd prefer not to do that. In your opinion, is being vaccinated against Rubella worth it before trying to conceive?


Thank you all so much for any advice. I have gotten such great tips on Mothering and I'm grateful to be a part of the community blowkiss.gif

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I don't know that you would necessarily need Vitex if you're body seems to be working fine on it's own, within a few months after you stop taking the pill.  Maybe someone else could chime in on that.


My other thought was that I would stop taking the pill as soon as you can, because for some it can take a while for their cycles to regulate after the pill.  Not everyone.  ...but some.


If he isn't already, a good multivitamin for your husband wouldn't be a bad idea....and you could start a good prenatal for you now.

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I was also tested for the Rubella and told should get a vaccine.  Then, months later I was tested again, and I had antibodies against it.  I didn't get the booster, and I am TTC again and not planning to get the booster.  


For us, my husband gave us soy milk in his latte's and he is taking a multi vitamin.  I gave up coffee, and I am doing yoga and reflexology.  


I agree that you should stop the pill soon.  It took a year for my cycle to come to some sort of normal.  


You are young.  I would try not to worry too much and just have fun.  It may take a few cycles, so don't feel like it's not going to happen if you don't get pregnant right away.  Good luck!

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