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Kids spent a lot of time making polymer clay figurines and I burned them while trying to bake them.  Fortunately, they took it well and they are still playing with the charred remains! lol.  We also tried to have a drawing session and the youngest had a melt-down and I did too (but she started it!!!! lol!)  We are all sick and recovering from colds, so our patience with each other is pretty thin.

The rest of the day they listened to stories on the ipad and went outside to play and then we went off to an indoor playground.  Winter is arriving.  

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Today the kids did connect the dots books(they have identical books) first thing this morning.


They had a green smoothie for breakfast and afterwards we read, played a game and did some roleplaying in Spanish...this went really well.


Then we played a disney matching card game.  


Afterwards there was a lot of imaginative play and daily stuff.  DD5 made puppets out of Halloween candy wrappers and lolly sticks(they don't eat the candy, but open them up for my mom so they can play with the wrappers)


We went outside a little later riding on their scooter(dd5) and toddler-sized truck(dd2) and played with the light-up bouncy ball we have.


At the end of the night after dinner dd2 stayed with my mom(I asked and she decided she wanted to stay, she was playing with my mom's ipad) while dd5 and I went to check the mail and walk to the convenience store(really close).  This was great because we had a chance to talk about a lot of things, like how other people feel about Halloween, Holidays and spirituality in general.  We talked about spirits and memories and we talked about moving, she talked about every year of her life, everywhere we've lived and what our plans are for the future.  We also picked up a free paper and planned to make a scrapbook page about our time here.  


She put the mail in the outgoing box for me and in general we had a great walk.  


We are still trying to recover, get back into a schedule since Halloween. 

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We've been dealing with a lot of envy since dd2's 6th birthday.  That's on top of the normal, low-level envy that infuses our days.


I've been pretty lazy, after a string of busy days.  After hosting dd2's little birthday party, I caged our extra roosters, hauled them down to a neighbors for processing.  He killed them, I scalded and plucked and "cleaned" them, helped with his birds a tad and got home late.


So yesterday I did only the necessary chores, read "The Lightening Thief" to dd1 and was on the computer way too much.  Normally I like turning this thing off, but the girls have been liking to play the Olympics reruns, so it stays on.


More tears of envy.  When will that girl (nearly 8!) learn that having a birthday is not "unfair"?  Everyone gets their turn.  Her constant envy and not liking to share anything is smashing head on with society's expectations that an 8yo should show some graciousness.  Sigh!


Cooking the chickens today.  Tough little buggers.


DD2 is playing with her new fairy doll and is making some origami inventions of her own.  They are becoming--wow!--almost origami-like.


DD1 watched the women's team finals again.  She does her gymnastics.  Now she is keeping charts of the countries and their scores (15.233, etc) and learning about decimals and what they stand for (I got out some coins and dollars to explain).  We've been learning about where the athletes' countries are, learning to read their names, adding up the scores (well, I did that) and listening to different national anthems (main feed replays have all of that, unlike the US coverage).


DH and dd2 played chess, then dh and dd1.  She doesn't want to put games away.  We dealt with this the other day when she walked away from a big pre-packaged project box (Magic Schoolbus Body somethingorother, with "experiments") that she had gotten into, asking me for help.  Now the chess game.  Really, dh could have put away the pieces himself but she *resists* so hard and she's yelling at everybody which sets dh off and puts the blame on me because I "enable" her (long story).




The chess was so much fun, we are going to start a family chess club with daddy at the helm, but now dd1 "never wants to play chess again!"  We'll see about that.....


Now a new day has arrived and I'm hoping hoping hoping it's a better day.

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DD2, 6, was just figuring out her candy snack today.  She gets 4 pieces, but some of the bigger candies are "worth" 2.  She just held up 2 pieces worth one and one piece worth 2 and asked if that looked right.


I love being surprised and impressed like this.  It seems so much more difficult to figure something like this, when things have different values and you know the end value and you have to figure out how to get there.  I know, it's just to the number 4, but still.  While dd1 shouts out her math discoveries left and right, dd2 is quieter about it (about *that*), and is not at the same skill level dd1 was at her age.


The other day, when she said she wasn't good at subtraction, dd1 and I tried to convinced her she knew it.  So, I asked "If you collect 2 eggs and you give one to daddy, how many do you have?"  She looked confused.  Then it dawned on me that she still "has" 2 eggs, they are just in different places.  So, I reworded.  "If you are holding 2 eggs, and you put one in the fridge, how many are left in your hand?"  Big smiles: "ONE!"

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We came to an indoor waterpark hotel as a treat because we are going on 10 days with no power thanks to hurricane..


So! Today we woke up and the kids ran around playing pirate in the hotel room while I laid in bed just soaking up the fact that there was HEAT on and it was super toasty. Kids were happy to do sticker books and the Ipad while I checked my email (holy wireless Internet too, it's just a happy day..) after we got breakfast and spent about 2 1/2 hours swimming in the waterpark. DD and DS played shark, went down a million waterslides and had a blast. Got lunch and brought it back to our hotel room for quiet time and the kids are watching a movie and playing on the Ipad again. I wanted them both to try to nap (they went to bed super late) but it's not happening. We will probably go to the arcade for awhile, and DD wants these little color things in her hair. Than dinner + more swimming. Determined for early bedtime tonight! 

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Made a mobile solar system.


Learned how to tie a knot while sewing


Watched a fair bit of "Raising Hope" on netflicks.


Went to Girl Guides - where she is now doing working on a cooking badge.  One of the parents is a professional chef, and they are cooking in her kitchen under her professional guidance.  

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Today my daughter attended a model call for a charity fashion show and was chosen immediately following her interview. Afterward she observed the art of phlebotomy when my husband and I donated blood for a blood drive. We then spent some time window shopping at an outdoor supply store and picked up new practice arrows for my daughter's archery practice. Upon arriving home she focused on her movie making hobby, writing a script and casting various Littlest Pet Shop animals in a movie she then requested I upload on Facebook to show family and friends. For dinner a new Thai restaurant was tried per my daughter's request and discussed plans for a Martinmas lantern walk and bonfire tomorrow night followed by what will hopefully be prime viewing of the North Taurids meteor shower. After a shower and several chapters from our latest read-aloud book, it was time to Skype with a grandparent in Asia and then my daughter retired for the night stating she would need enough rest to be ready for the busyness of tomorrow. 

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We had an awesome week until about late Friday night...I worked with the girls a lot and worked on work a lot and completely burned myself out.  I was sore everywhere, had a migraine, couldn't sleep, menstruation, really needed to do more work but physically couldn't.  So Saturday and Sunday were spent with the kids mostly entertaining themselves and watching TV and I maintained by feeding them and putting them to bed at a decent time. 


On Friday dd5 learned how to play sudoku and we created a visual system to help her differentiate 6 from 9.  She counted to 30, helped me make cereal balls, wrote her friends name in her contacts book and put her picture in it... 


We have told lots of stories and done yogic dance the past few nights.  I also got a babysitter for them on Thursday and she got a magazine in the mail.  


dd5 made telescopes out of paper and tape for herself and dd2 and she's been asking the meaning of and putting together phrases in Spanish, German and Sanskrit.  


The girls have also put on lots of shows, tap dancing on plastic containers, singing with makeshift "microphones" and putting on puppet shows.


We've also been sharing lots of stories about indigenous people from different countries/continents. 

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Today DD is at her freeschool co-op and I'm trying to catch up on writing. After almost two weeks with no power there's so much cleaning + writing to catch up on...so today will be lazy. I promised both kids we could rent Arthur Christmas, we will have a simple dinner, and an early bedtime. 

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Rock climbing! We also have recently talked about wisdom teeth, dental extractions of teeth, anesthesia, blood disorders, blood clotting, the difference between oral surgeons and dentists, and what a hematologist does. DH has a blood disorder and needs to get his infected wisdom tooth out.

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Oooh teeth - I HATE talking/thinking about teeth.


Today we had a lovely morning. The kids and I baked cinnamon scrolls and we had a bit of quiet kid/momma time. Than DD decided she wanted to make her Christmas list so I helped her out while DS colored, than we switched and I made his list. Afterwards DD put on her Queen outfit and bossed us around a bit and rode around on her "horse" which was quite fun to watch..and I did a Lego sticker book with DS. Than DD decided she wanted to make her OWN book of horses so I set her up with that -- now it's freelance writing time for this momma, and horseback riding + cooking the remainder of afternoon.


I <3 unschooling 

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Afterwards DD put on her Queen outfit and bossed us around a bit and rode around on her "horse" which was quite fun to watch.

I've always said to my girls, "Why be a princess, when you can be a queen and *rule*??"  


Sounds like a fun day.

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Mommariffic, so glad you're back to full power! Hadn't checked this thread for ages and was shocked to hear how long you'd been without. 



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Just got back from a couple days spent at a 4-H center for DH's work.  The only animals we saw were a stray cat ("tat! meow!") and a LOUD goose ("quack!"), but it was on the water and the fall scenery was beautiful.  Explored alot with DS when it was sunny.  Went to a campfire (DS observed "HOT!"), saw some bees on flowers (new animal sound learned - "bzzz!").  Learned a couple new letters and found familiar ones on cabin signs and lobby magazines (he's really big on spotting/naming letters lately).  Got to see DH for lunch, meet lots of new people and play in new surroundings (playground, climbing furniture, etc.).  Played with salad bar tongs.  Talked about sprouted acorns we found.  DH brought him back a tall bamboo stalk, which he adored.  Examined how the coffee pot in our room worked, and how it is different from ours at home (a favorite toy - loves to pretend to pour us "hot" coffee).  DS acquired several new words on the trip, something of a vocab burst.


BUT...starting yesterday, it has been tantrum city - really nightmarish.  I think teething, also alot of transitions (leaving home, coming back) - but maybe also something about recent developmental gains?  Lots of tears and screaming.  So, needless to say, today has been a stay home, play with water, read books, watch TV, try desperately to mitigate messes and melt-downs kind of day.  Took a very late nap, bags still unpacked, I've not showered yet - good times.  Total travel hangover. caffix.gif

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I'm so glad to be back too! Being off the grid is fun but sooo exhausting. I need to be prepared (which in the long run is my "thing") next time because I have a feeling we will get many more sucky storms and will loose much more power. We did get a generator so that's a plus! 


Today we had a lazy morning. Again. This is a theme : ) We did some crafts, ate some muffins, and I did laundry. We have some friends coming over because I'm buying some more essential oils, and than later we are taking my mom to dinner. Hoping kids fall asleep on the way home : ) Love when that happens! 

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I'm so glad to be back too! Being off the grid is fun but sooo exhausting. I need to be prepared (which in the long run is my "thing") next time because I have a feeling we will get many more sucky storms and will loose much more power. We did get a generator so that's a plus! 


I agree about the fun aspect of being off-grid. We have a fair number of power outages where I live and honestly, they comprise many of my kids' most cherished memories. The time we had the big bins of snow in the kitchen to melt for washing-up water. The time I was away and the kids cooked soup themselves by candlelight on the wood stove. The time we built a solar water heater on the roof of the house for hot showers. The day we spent hauling the generator from home to home throughout our neighbourhood, three hours at a time to keep everyone's chest freezers chilled. All the card games we've played by lantern-light, the books we've read aloud, the "family sleepovers" we've had with our sleeping bags on the floor of the living room in front of the fireplace. Sitting in the minivan in the driveway to listen to the radio. Stargazing. Great stuff, and great lessons about resourcefulness and creativity.



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Great stories...we spent about 6 months off-grid, camping/traveling when dd5 was 18 mos.+


I definitely miss it.  Haven't been camping in over a year either.  The last couple weeks have been tough for me...didn't feel very good and the kids were watching a lot of TV and not going outside enough.  


Today we are back on track.  Kids did finger-painting this morning, dd5 did counting and subtracting, told some stories with new character names, went outside and climbed trees, played ball, rode on the scooter, played with blocks & a monkey "board" game we have, spelled a couple words, read a few poems in Spanish together and they both watched a Spanish nursery rhyme video while I finished making dinner.  


Then she painted on the computer and we're going to do yoga and dancing tonight before we do another story & meditation & bed.  


We also got a state book in the mail yesterday...our first one...Arizona!  I actually lived in Arizona when I got pregnant with dd5, then when she was 3 and I got pregnant with dd2 we lived right on the border of CA/AZ so she loved hearing these stories and she loves maps and learning about places so as expected it was a great opportunity.  Does anyone else learn about states this way?  We also learned about Thanksgiving, the non-PC version, since we have Native American Indian ancestors and are learning the languages and I have never(or at least in depth) really talked about Thanksgiving to her we are talking a lot about it this year.  

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Did some barn work and romped with our goats - it was so nice out! Kids went into the fields and ran around while I just enjoyed some nature and fresh air. Did wet-on-wet watercoloring for our "Thankful" branch and that's drying - we did all shades of Autumn (reds, yellows, so pretty) and tomorrow we will use our  leaf cookie cutters to trace + cut and write what we are thankful for. I am thinking we will keep it up throughout Christmas...and we went to Target and did some holiday shopping with a friend (I got buy one get one Leappad books, the Human Body and Solar System...without DD seeing! So psyched..going to get Tag reader from Ebay..) came home and read through our Usborne dictionary and now it's bed! 

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Hmmmm... It is buy nothing day but since we live in a completely empty house here in a new town we needed to go to the thrift store and buy some kitchen stuff and toys and books...dd6 picked an old fashioned wooden cradle for a stuffed animal and of course my little virgo, dd4 was as thrifty as ever and I had to remind her the whole trip to actually pick something so she wouldnt get home and have nothing and be sad again :( we have been here for about 5 days actually...and spent the first four days just roaming the woods here in Waverley and picking up thousands of sticks to build a very artistic chicken coop. we all love having chickens and our own eggs so it was one of the first things we got done! Just waiting for the chicken lady to deliver the layers now! ds12 picked two big bags of random lego pieces and has been in his room now for hours,building and listening to funny youtube videos... The girls are happily running around with their new 'babies' and dd6 goes in oncec while to help ds build with his lego. Overall a very positive and fun day exploring our new home! If anyone knows where I can find local unschoolers here in HRM,NS then feel free to message me. I had to start a new mothering.com account because i havent posted on this forum in over 5 years..but they let me keep my name, trippylilhippy! yay! hopefully chat with some locals soon...my children really miss their best friend from calgary but I told them today I would come here and message to try and find them some other unschoolers to chill with... We are definitely radical unschoolers..no rules...only principles..all the way! unscripted and as free as they come...Nice to meet more unschoolers! :) 

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I am going to join in.  I have three kids, two girls Ruarai age 8, Ciara Rose age 5 and one boy, Dulainn age 1.  Today my unschoolers went to the zoo with their dad and watched the gorillas and seals get fed.  They also watched the chimps "go crazy" and bang on everything while screaming at the top of their lungs, then they showed their dad the poison dart frogs in the new amphibian exibit.  When they got home the girls went to a neighbors birthday party and Dulainn took a nap.  After dinner we decorated the Christmas tree and listened to holiday music followed by Ciara  playing with stickers and doing some geometric drawings.  The girls watched a movie and snuggled with me before heading to bed. 

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