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Any advice on filing an appeal for a denial of vacciation exemption in New Mexico

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I just got a rejection of my religious exemption for vaccination in the mail.  My son is in the 10th grade and this has never happened before.  On my form that was rejected I wrote, " The lord God has given us a sacred body temple with the decree that we shall not defile that body temple with impure acts, thoughts, words, or deeds.  This places upon us the sacred trust of caring for our body temple by not ingesting or injecting impurities into our bodies." 


I am shocked that this was not accepted and now I have to appeal.  Does any one have any advice on what I should state in the appeal??  I am also wondering if I should just file another religious exemption form with a different statement and see if that goes through.

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I just got done reading the NM vaccination exemption thread, and many of them stated they had success with saying something along the lines: "My religious beliefs, whether held individually or jointly with others, do not permit the administration of vaccine agents to my child." Someone on there said they got approved using that line, because it takes directly from the wording of the law. Maybe re-file your religious exemption using that instead? I'm not from NM, was just reading the thread b/c I was interested. I hope this helps. Good luck!

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Hi, I am from NM and just received my "disapproval" form for my two young children. I am shocked also because we have always been approved. I am livid. Did you have any luck with the other statement that the other user recommended?

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I actually called the health department and asked them what to do.  They suggested that I refile my request stating that that would be quicker and easier than appealing.  So I sent another exemption request form in using the statement suggested above.  I haven't heard back yet but I don't see how they could deny this statement since they have accepted it from others.  I will let you know when I get a response from the health dept. back.  Good luck to all of us!

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Ok, great! I will try that first and I guess can always appeal if they do not accept that. I also found another site that gives steps and rights to not being forced to vaccinate. www.shirleys-wellness-cafe.com. Really some great info. Also, I have emailed the director of the NVIC,as there is no organziation in NM, seeing what we can do about possibly starting one. Thanks for your reply!

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My religious exemption form was also just denied.  This is against the US Constitution.  I stated my own religious beliefs, even citing the Bible and my personal beliefs about God.  The Dept of Health does not have the right to say that my religious beliefs are not valid.  I think if this went to a higher court, it would be struck down, so I'm not planning to let someone else tell me what constitutes a satisfactory religion for them.  

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Ok, I talked to a advocacy rep from NVIC-National Vaccine Info Center and she said the Vaccine Industry is coming down hard on NM and intimidating them to pressure "we the parents" on exemption. If you want to file a religious exemption, do not say words like, "faith", ect. The acceptance of religious exemp is very broad. It was recommended that you regurgitate the law back to them and then simply state, something like, My family adheres to a sincere religious belief that does not permit the use of any vaccine, ect.. Keep it short and simple. Do not elaborate on your "faith" or denomination. Also, my son's school nurse told me that every appeal has been approved. I was told to just resubmit a new form, which i did yesterday and will let you know the outcome. I also talked to NVIC about starting a Vaccine informed organization here in NM. She said she needed a group of people willing to participate and that she would be willing to help us start one. Are any of you from NM interested? If so, let me know or go and sign up NVICadvocacy.org! Let's keep our right as parents!


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Thank you for your wonderful thinking, everyone! I am in NM - ABQ area - and just received a denial in the mail. First time receiving a denial. I have to say I felt instantly overtaken by a feelings of anger, dread and hopelessness. It made all the difference for me to have found this thread! I will resubmit using your suggestions!


Depending on how much time it could potentially take out of our busy lives, I am interested in the NM chapter of NVIC idea. I think it would take a dedicated team of at least 3 people so no one person is responsible on her own.


Thanks for pioneering!

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???  i guess you guys do things differently down there:  up here (canada), i file the form once and it remains in her student record until i rescind it.  i don't have to do it every year, in other words.


also, check your law:  the US govt has the right to rescind any and all of your constitutional rights in the interest of national security and that includes against disease.  if you're currently under threat of an outbreak, the govt can make vaccination mandatory.  if such should be the case, may i recommend home schooling?

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Has anyone's appeal been approved?

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I think maybe you need to add:  "it is against my religious belief..."  

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Still haven't heard back on my "resubmit" form. Another mom from our school did get her appeal approved. And this applies to even home school and private school children. Did any of you go to the NVIC and sign up?

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Yes, my exemp forms have been approved! Yay! :)

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Mine was finally approved.  I did not appeal, just re-applied as advised above, and stated, "My family adheres to a religious belief that does not permit the administration of vaccine agents to my child."  This could have been gleaned from my original full-page statement, but apparently the readers there are not using critical thinking skills; when they saw that I gave facts and figures and philosophical reasoning, they ignored the whole statement.  The saddest thing about all of this is that the United States of America will not respect intellectual reasoning, only religion.  When did that happen?

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