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34 weeks with complete previa

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I was diagnosed with complete placenta previa at 24 weeks in july 2012...i began my first bleed at 29 weeks after intercourse with my husband...the bleeding stopped after drs ordered I be put on pelvis rest so that meant no sex...no running...no exercisie straight bed rest I was so bummed out about it.I am now 34 weeks no more bleeding but the previa hasnt moved it completely blocks my baby exit point and the placenta is sitting on his head like a pillow...i am now prepared for csection at 36 weeks without complications due to them not wanting me to go in labor on my own...i am now receiving steroid injection to make sure baby lungs are marure then,amnio in a few days to check maturity lung status if its clear 36 weeks is the date I am so scared of the thought of a csection I pray all goes well any thoughts anyone?scared mommy of 6:(
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Due to the previa, a c/section is the safest way for your baby to enter this world.  Good luck with everything!

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My own mother had this with my brother, her 5th baby.  Her section went fine, though in her case they had to do it earlier because of a bleed they couldn't stop at 34 weeks.  He was smallish and had to go into an incubator for a few days until his breathing was stable, and it took a few weeks for him to learn to suck well, but afterwards he did great.  He is now 6'4" and his own boot is almost the same length he was at birth!  


I was also a csection, due to the lack of VBAC provision at that time (and possibly an additional cut on her uterus due to his smaller size though it was never really confirmed, more sort of suggested "oh your scar might not be entirely low-transverse either" as a reason not to VBAC).  Anyway, i was absolutely fine too, 8lbs8oz at 37+4 when they delivered me and healthy and fine despite my entry into the world.


The csection in your case is life-saving and necessary.  I'm sure it will give you a good outcome where otherwise your family would be facing almost certain tragedy.  Best of luck to you, try not to worry, you're doing the safest and best thing in your situation, no one can do more.  Best of luck for a smooth delivery and recovery and a lovely new babe to snuggle!

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My sister in law just had this same situation.  It was her 4th baby. The more babies you have the higher risk of having placenta previa.  As a doula and a natural birth advocate, I will tell you, this is one of the rare incidences of a c-section actually being necessary and life saving. Thank God it is available to you.  I would recommend getting as much help lined up as possible for after the baby is born. Also, think about things you would like to do during the birth to still feel involved and "there" for baby,  I suggested to my SIL that she play soft music. This will encourage the staff to speak in more hushed tones.  Also, ask to be able to see baby and give kisses right away.  Keep talking to baby while in the room so he hears your voice. If possible have 2 support people in there. One to go with baby and one to stay with you. I hope all goes well!

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I had placenta previa with my daughter, and delivered by emergency c/s almost three years ago.  I was terrified of the surgery, but it turned out to be very calm and peaceful, and even healing.


Have you had a chance to walk through the plan with your doctors?  Can you talk about what will happen (in only as much detail as you can stand - some people want to hear the nuts and bolts of the surgery, and some people don't even want to think about it), who will be with you, what will happen with the baby?  Can you bring an extra person, so you're not alone if your partner needs to go with the baby?

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I had complete placenta previa with this last pregnancy, and it ended up moving in the final weeks to the point where it was partial.  The placenta was 0 cm from the os, and I had a c/s when I was 38 weeks and 2 days.  They didn't want me to go into labor on my own because there were two maternal vessels that were right there at the cervix, so the risk of quick and excessive bleeding was very high.   Although I knew that the c/s was life saving for me and the baby, it was still really hard for me to come to terms with.  I had some other things going on throughout the pregnancy, and with the news I had to have a c/s... well, it was really overwhelming for me and I ended up spending much of the last 10 weeks feeling very depressed.  I did feel somewhat better in the two weeks before the c/s, however, because I had managed to switch to a different OB and hospital-- in doing so, I was able to have some things happen which really made a huge difference to us (delayed cord clamping, DH could stay overnight, etc.)  There are some things I wished I could have anticipated, though.  I wish someone could have had a conversation with me about things-- most of my friends, in their bid to try to make me feel better, just kind of glossed over things-- even those who had c/s.  Knowing what I know now, I definitely don't mind sharing what those things are with other women-- it may help others.  I guess what I'm saying is that there are some things that you can try to advocate for around the c/s itself, but, there are also some things that you can plan for... some things to specifically help with coping with the fear, and some things that are just plain warm and comforting and special.  So that once the c/s is over, you can still look back at the day your child was born and have fond memories of the things you did in anticipation of the arrival.  I didn't think to do much in the way of symbolic gestures or anything like that-- it would have been nice if DH and I had created some special moments around all of the previa/anxiety/fear/surgery.   PM me if you want to, I'd be happy to share more, if it is helpful to you.  Big hugs to you!

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