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Has anyone delivered at Wayne Memorial Hospital in NEPA/Honesdale?

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Im wondering if anyone has delivered at Wayne Memorial Hospital in Honesdale. I'd love to hear feedback from someone who has delivered there personally - please private message me if you can!


I have met the midwives that deliver there and they both say they are very natural birth friendly, but I'd like to hear of a first hand experience there. Besides homebirth, it seems like this is my next best option for a natural birth in a hospital setting in the Scranton area.



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I'm interested as well as someone has suggested Wayne memorial for my vba3c. Subbing to see the feedback you get smile.gif
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I actually just posted the same question on The Bump.com with no reply! Looking for the same thing, live in Scranton area and looking for options besides Moses Taylor!


There is an older post started in February with someone offering assistance. I will try and find!

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I am also interested in soliciting feedback about Wayne Memorial Hospital. I am particularly interested in there CNM's. Any experience? Recommendations. Need a new OB....about 9w along.

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If you can wait about 8 weeks or so I can let you know.  I am 33 weeks and due to deliver at WMH.  So far my interaction with both Sheela and Pat have been positive.  I know other women who have delivered there with good experiences.  I will try to remember to come back and post.

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My experience with them is limited, as I am a homebirth midwife, but I have had pretty good experiences with them when I have had to transport clients to their hospital. I have had a few conversations with Sheela and they have also been positive. I had a doula client a few years ago that used them and did not have a good experience, basically got a bit of a bait and switch at the end of her pregnancy when she was planning a vbac, but even she was pleased overall with her experience with them. I've also had moms transfer to me because they wanted something a little less medical, but I think if you are wanting to have a hospital birth with natural birth friendly providers Wayne is by far your best bet in the area to achieve that.

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Coming back to update.  I had a baby at WMH with Pat attending just 2 days ago.  I cannot say enough about Pat and Sheela and the nursing staff both at the office and in the hospital.  My birth experience was exceptional even though my actual labor was way outside the norm.  I arrived with ruptured membranes and at 8cms but with irregular but strong contractions.  My daughter wasn't born for another 5.5 hours, but there was no pressure for any augmentation or any interventions at all.  I was encouraged to try different positions in order to help my baby to drop, but everything was just a suggestion, if I was not comfortable trying a particular position that was no problem.  I was allowed to push in the position I wanted and was only told to lay down on my side when my daughter came out with the cord tightly around her neck.  I was asked to go on my side so Pat could better see what was going on.  She tried her best to get the cord off, but in the end had to clamp and cut before my daughter came out.  It definitely was the best decision and I am so pleased everything turned out well.  The nursing staff was outstanding during our stay in the hospital.  They never came in and demanded to do anything.  Every request of theirs was with "you let me know when this will be good for you."  There was never any attempt to take the baby to the nursery, in fact it was never even mentioned.  When it seemed my daughter might not be warm after her bath I suggested that we do skin to skin in order to warm her up and the nurse declared that that was the best way to warm her (of course, we all know this, but it seems that often HCP don't understand this).  After my daughter was born she had to get a little oxygen and once they got her in good shape she came right to me and no one attempted to take her away while she nursed even though she hadn't been weighed or measured.  All my wishes with regards to eye ointment, etc, were honored with no problem or comments.


In short, I wholeheartedly recommend the midwives at WMH.  I think that about covers everything.  If you have specific questions about any aspect of my experience please feel free to contact me.

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Does anyone know anything about the midwives at geisinger wv?
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