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Is anyone else super cold?

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This is my 3rd pregnancy and this has never happened to me! I am freezing all the time! goosebumps and all!! 


Anyone else?

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For me it's the opposite, I'm super hot!

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I go back and forth. There are moments when I am just freezing...and then at other times I suddenly feel really warm, and flushed!!  I have had the freezing feeling with a couple of my pregnancies..but just during the first few weeks or so, and then if anything, I am more uncomfortably hot!!

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I also go back and forth. I'll get really hot and ask DH to turn on the ceiling fan, then 20 minutes later I'm huddling under a blanket. Gotta love those hormones!!

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I seem to be a bit colder than normal, but not too bad yet.  I remember in my first pregnancy going to Mexico over Christmas at about 8-9 weeks and being freezing in the evening, when it was 70 degrees still and I would normally be fine wearing shorts and a tank top.  I would be shivering with my long pants on!  Hoping it's not like that this time around smile.gif

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Another going back and forth a bit. Once I settle in a bit, I'll be warm all the time I'm sure like last time, but yeah I go from being too cold one moment to too hot the next. Layers and blankets are a lifesaver!
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I've been using a blanket some in the evenings for sitting on the sofa too. Once my thermostat settles down I'll be too hot all the time, so I'm actually enjoying the opportunity to snuggle with a blanket for a few weeks.

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I'm freezing. last time, I was super hot. I am not sure which one I prefer!! Argh.. hate feeling cold

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